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It's been 77 years since independence, and we have achieved and evolved so much! Whether we say it or not, we are always proud of our incredible country  INDIA! Yes, we want a few changes to occur, but that doesn't make us less patriotic. As Independence Day approaches, preparations throughout India are ongoing to make the day more memorable and special! But is this only done for just one day or two? No, right? We want to wear our honourable pride more often than just Republic and Independence Day.

This Independence Day, Talisman brings you jewellery you can easily flaunt any day! Wear them with casual, formal, and ethnic attire, as they'll blend well with anything.

The flare of nationalism could be sensed in the air the civilians of a free nation breathed in. After facing years of struggle & resistance in terms of tons of bloodshed & rebellion, the unity of a nation's forces and its undeterred belief in patriotism wins independence for its nation and its people. This priceless moment brings immense joy and pride to every citizen of a democratic country.

The 15th of August every year is a public holiday in India for a reason all of us feel blessed and secure, commemorating the nation's independence from the United Kingdom on the 15th of August 1947. 

Since then, this national day has been celebrated with utmost zeal and sincerity throughout the nation by people of all ages and beliefs to pay tributes to the legends who sacrificed their lives while earning freedom for the nation from British forces. There are concerts, carnivals, fairs, parades, barbecues, etc., organised as public and private events with huge fireworks displays and political speeches given by leaders. 

Celebrating the National Unity with Timeless Jewelry

National Independence not only preaches us the relevance of unity and freedom in our lives but also teaches how essential it is for each individual to follow personal goals while respecting others' preferences and beliefs. 

So, are you also excited to join the national celebrations and festivities on the 15th of August? Have you been planning your outfit and accessories for the day? Then below are a few trendiest jewellery accessories that could make you stand tall and proud as you greet your nation's pride, your national flag.

1. Ruby Jewelry

Red crystals of ruby resonate with the red stripes of the "Old Glory" and hence could be opted to grab the eyeballs at the Independence Day carnival. When matched with a flawless white gown, a ruby necklace will give a more elegant and crystalline look. Rubies would give you the perfect glam-up for a barbecue party, so amp up your look with either minimal-sized stones or massive ones to steal the show. 

2. Green Gemstones Jewelry

The natural greens of the all-time favourite gemstones are a privilege the royalties and high profilers enjoy. Gemstones could gather undivided attraction for their ability to blend well with all the metal colours and cut settings. The intricate design of a tennis bracelet or the eternal charm of a solitaire ring would make your greens stand out in the crowd at the Independence Day fair. So, complement your jewellery with the classic orange and white striped top and dark blue pants to dazzle every eye.

3. Zirconia Jewelry

Blue Zirconia represent the royal blues flowing through the wheel placed on the Indian national flag; pairing a blue Zirconia ring with dainty diamonds aligned close to it will give you an effortless look for the Independence Day concert. So, if you already have your tri-coloured inspired attire ready, curate all the blues out of your sapphire collection to tag along with your style and confidence. 

4. Silver Jewelry

Silver is a natural colour with inherent shine, making it suitable for any occasion. The best part of wearing silver jewellery is that it complements all colours in your dress and doubles the grace of any augmented gemstone. A huge silver pendant slipped into a link chain could make you the centre of attraction at any gathering. Pairing it with dangling silver earrings & a glowing silver ring would complete your party look for the Independence Day fireworks show. 

5. Indian Flag-Inspired Jewelry

While traditional style jewellery has millions and could grace any event with its timeless elegance and ceaseless charm, the best jewellery you could ever wear on Independence Day is influenced by the national colours of our flag. The market is brimming with pendants, earrings, bracelets, etc., drenched with the hues and patterns of the tri-colour and the wheel, and the best occasion to wear them would be while attending the Independence Day parade. So select your pick from the ones available in ceramics, enamel, and beaded styles apart from the regular gemstone jewellery.

Why Talisman World Jewelry?

As we approach another glorious Independence Day, what better way to celebrate our hard-earned freedom than with the finest jewels that symbolise our cherished values? TALISMAN, known for its exquisite craftsmanship and timeless designs, is delighted to announce its exclusive Freedom Jewellery Sale Offer in honour of this significant occasion. Let's dive into the world of fine jewels and discover how we make this Independence Day even more special.

In the true spirit of freedom, TALISMAN offers exciting discounts and special offers during our Independence Day sale. Avail of exclusive deals on selected pieces and maximise this opportunity to own a treasure that will remain close to your heart forever.

The 15th of August isn't just any day for us Indians. It is a day of immense pride and joy for the entire nation. The celebrations on such a special day call for special jewellery. Don't hold back; wear your favourite jewels, and feel your best on this auspicious day. Please wear your best attire and embellish your face with a gorgeous grin; it is the day for Mother India! Completion of every attire lies in the right jewellery. Today's most commonly worn colours are saffron, white and green; the best part is that all these colours look fabulous with diamond jewellery. You are in the right place if you want to appear subtle and elegant on this day. We have handpicked the best Independence Day Jewellery to pair up with your outfits.

As we prepare to raise our flags and celebrate the day of freedom, TALISMAN's Independence Day - Freedom Jewellery Sale offers an unforgettable opportunity to wear jewels that resonate with the essence of independence. Our exclusive designs, dedication to quality, and commitment to giving back to society make this a sale not to be missed.

So, mark your calendars and head to TALISMAN's store to explore a mesmerising collection that celebrates the spirit of freedom in style. Let the sparkle of TALISMAN's jewels illuminate your path towards a future filled with hope, unity, and prosperity. Happy Independence Day!

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