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Talisman is a renowned jewellery brand that unfolds fine exquisite jewellery, whether ethnic, timeless, or trendy. Talisman has something to offer, from traditional to modern designs for every occasion and style. Here are some of the popular ethnic jewellery pieces available from Talisman:


Get festive ready with our dazzling silver pieces studded with exquisite semi-precious Black Onyx gemstones designed for a modern woman's every special occasion.

You have reasons to grab this aesthetic piece among all the jewellery accessories. A regal dangler with equally royal motifs is a go-to ornament to match your sarees, ethnic lehengas, and even traditional Kurtis. What's more? These danglers look likely to stay in style. So, don't wait and make way for this stunning earring studded in gemstones. This piece is also one of the best jewelry gifts for any occasion.

Earrings are a classic piece of Indian jewellery loved by women of all ages, and they are a traditional form of earrings usually worn on special occasions. Talisman offers a range of earrings in different designs, materials, and colors. From simple gold earrings to intricately designed earrings, Talisman has something for everyone.


Our range of Bohemian-inspired jewellery is designed to combine the traditional with the beautiful. We leave you to create your own BoHo style with pendants, rings, and earrings to layer and love.  

This piece is part of Talisman's Love collection, which features limited edition hexagon semi-precious stones. Pendants are a popular trend in the world of Indian jewellery. They are pendants that sit snugly around the neck, creating a dramatic and elegant look. Talisman offers a range of pendants in different styles, including Boho pendants and modern oxidized silver pendants.


The serpent jewellery symbolizes purification. Wearing the serpent bracelet shows the snake is wrapped in a full circle. Like the saying "the circle of life," snakes show endings and beginnings. Flaunt this gorgeous serpentine bracelet and all that it stands for. This bracelet is eye-catching to go with all kinds of ethnic outfits. So, girls! Rock this distinct ethnic jewellery at your mehndi, sangeet event, or your friend's wedding ceremony. This bracelet goes well with Western outfits as well. Bracelets are an essential part of Indian jewellery, and they are usually worn in pairs and symbolize femininity and grace. We offer a range of bracelets in different materials and styles, including boho and silver bracelets.


With this elegant sparkling ring, your ring game will be very solid. This dainty luminous ring will surely be a head-turner; wear it with the matching necklace from the same collection to complete your look! Fashionable, functional, and cute; this ring is here to make noise. You can accentuate your ethnic or bridal look with this traditional finger ring without thinking twice. You can use different color and material combinations to take the fashion quotient up with this classic bauble.

Talisman offers a wide range of ethnic jewellery pieces in India. From earrings to pendants, Talisman has something for everyone. With its authentic materials, up-to-date craftsmanship, and great customer service, Talisman is a trusted name in Indian jewellery. So, add a touch of Indian tradition and culture to your jewellery collection with Talisman's ethnic jewellery pieces. If you are looking for the best jewelry gift for her, look no further than Talisman.

Why Choose Talisman?

We add a unique style to your styling with meaningful pieces to your jewellery collection. Look for reasons to consider choosing Talisman here:

  1. High Quality: Talisman believes that quality service is the best service, and that’s why we ensure that we use high-quality materials such as sterling silver, precious gemstones, and natural materials in our jewellery. These materials make pieces long-lasting and durable, thus making a good investment.
  1. Unique & meaningful designs: Our artisans make designs that showcase symbols and motifs with significant meaning, such as evil eye pendants and earrings. Each piece is carefully crafted with intricate details and symbolism that make them stand out from other jewellery. Our unique designs are one of the best jewelry gifts online.
  1. Spiritual connection: Some jewellery pieces are designed to connect with specific energies or beliefs. The brand offers jewellery from various traditions, such as Buddhist, Hindu, and Celtic, easily finding a piece that resonates with your spiritual beliefs. You can also check out charms on our website associated with human body chakras.
  1. Personal intention: We design jewellery with specific intentions, such as love, success, or protection. Wearing jewellery with your intended purpose can remind you of your daily goals and intentions. 
  1. Handcrafted pieces: Talisman pieces are handcrafted with love and thus making each piece unique. Our brand works with skilled artisans who bring their unique creativity and skill to each piece of jewellery.

Choosing Talisman jewellery can be an excellent way to reflect your aura and style statement while adding unique, colorful, and meaningful pieces to your collection. If you want to dazzle the floor with the minimal approach, buy it now and enjoy it later!