Here at Talisman, we have embarked on a journey to change the way we perceive jewelry. TO MAKE JEWELRY PERSONAL. We are thinkers, makers, designers, storytellers – driven by the idea to transform jewelry as a mainstream fashion accessory filled with fun. Those who wear Talisman jewelry, wear it to make a personal statement, and so do those who work with us. Our team understands, analyses and brainstorms what is essential; and designs, builds and sells the perfect experiences. At Talisman, instead of telling you what you can do, we like to say that there is nothing that you cannot do. After all, we are a unique company, trying to defy the Indian stereotypes of what it means to own a piece of jewelry.

We have an open and a dynamic working culture, where the professional growth rests on team performance and ethical culture. With us, you are never limited by your position in the company. If you are a passionate team player with a can-do attitude, and if you think you fit the bill, we would love to hear from you. Drop us an e-mail at

Current Openings-


  • Senior Software Developer with 3-6 years of experience
  • Search Engine Optimizer (SEO) with 3-6 years of experience

Creative Team

  • Graphic Designer with 1-3 years of experience in graphic designing
  • Social Media Manager with 1-3 years of experience in jewelry digital marketing
  • Creative Coordinator with 3-6 years of experience in creative photoshoot


  • Director Design with 8-10 years of experience in jewelry designing
  • Manuel Sketcher with 3-6 years of experience in jewelry sketching & CORAL
  • Sr. Manager Private Sales with 5+ years of experience in sales from lifestyle industry
  • Sr. Manager – Logistics with 5+ years of experience in logistics. 


  • Customer Service/Support Associates
  • QA in Customer Support Department
  • Senior Operations Manager (Warehouse & Logistics)
  • Operations Manager (Third Party Services)
  • Customer Service Associate (Delivery & Logistics)
  • Photo Processing Associate (Image Editing)
  • Operations Associate (Database Entry & Excel)
  • Operations Associate (Packaging)
  • Operations Associate (Quality Check)
  • Operations Associate (Inward & Tagging)
  • Operations Associate (Inward & Product Measurement)