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TALISMAN has curated a world of jewelry like no other. We have strived to bring a jewelry collection to its lovers that they have never witnessed before. Each pack of jewelry is exclusive and unique from the other. Indeed it is a treat for those who know their jewelry well and seek to enhance their collection even more. However, the assortment also allows novices to fall in love with the jewelry and experience its graceful world.

Bohemian is one such collection that stands apart for all good reasons. Boho jewelry is the epitome of creativity and art, with freshness to bring out individual characteristics. There is so much that BoHo jewelry offers, and on TALISMAN, you can get one the best online collection of Bohemian jewelry in India.

Make Bohemian your new best friend.

Bohemian traces its history long back to Central Europe. It has evolved over centuries to become a marquee of romance and love today. As Bohemian gets adapted to jewelry, it has extended the facets of self-expression, individuality, and creativity to jewelry to make a spell bounding masterpiece.  

So is the significance of bohemian jewelry, and this is what is offered if you seek the impressive BoHo collection. At TALISMAN, we have more than incorporated the essence of what Bohemian jewelry stands for and have supplemented it with a tint of our own. Undoubtedly, this collection is as good as any other, if not better, and demands your attention if you strive for something unique and mesmerizing to add to your collection or are looking for extraordinary jewelry gift ideas. Either way, you're in for a treat. 

The collection of Bohemian available online at TALISMAN is chic and luxurious. Indeed, they are some of the best statement pieces in our diverse collection, where every cluster is distinctive. A simple glimpse at them is enough to fall in love with them and might even become your next favorite thing. Explore the Bohemian jewelry online medley, find the best jewelry, and view it from a new perspective.


Add wings with this BoHo feather pendant and embrace your personality. With the essence of free spirit and freedom, this pendant adorns the look of hues that complement each other to perfection. The Zirconia stones make the pendant shine even brighter at night. The feather pendant is funky yet neat and luxurious at the same time. Indeed, it is one of the best Bohemian jewelry that one could find online. 


It's so intricate, complex, and yet so perfect. The virtue of citrine, the fortune of peridot, and the utmost beauty of zirconia make the BoHo Hamsa pendant spell-bounding. The pendant is made to make people feel special on any occasion, thus becoming a leading choice to commemorate their importance. Buy this Bohemian jewelry, and believe us, you won't ever regret it.


It shines and instead shines bright as a chandelier would and hence the name. What emerges from the shine is the ultimate beauty of the pendant illuminated with vibrant hues. BoHo chandelier earrings are well-suited for an ever-important event that needs you to be your best. While all you need is your confidence to do so, this pendant will also bring out much-needed self-love and make that confidence genuine.


It is unquestionably a statement ring and demands immediate attention from people. The style is chic, yet the hues make it graceful and elegant. The alternative arrangement of colorful stones engraved to perfection adds a bit of excitement and fervor to the ring. And it does all of this without losing its warmth. Feeling happy and just delighted with life? The BoHo Amulet ring can be the best companion.


The pendant is gracious, like a dream, and is quite pleasant to look at. BoHo's dream pendant has a sleek and modest yet very thoughtful design. The charm will go well with the look where you don't want the accessories to overwhelm or overshadow the outfit but rather enhance the overall posture. The concoction of stones offers a mesmerizing look to the pendant that one needs to look closer to decipher.


Not all jewelry pieces need the bling and twinkle to become a masterpiece. Sometimes simplicity can do the trick, and the ring is a testament to this. The BoHo grain ring is adequate for any event and can be worn on a regular day too. Thus, this makes the grain ring one of the most suitable jewelry gift ideas to make that person remember you every day.


It is everything royalty stands for. The stud is sleek, elegant, luxurious, and absolutely gorgeous. The brown cubic zirconia gives the royal studs a unique look duly complemented by the white zirconia stones without losing their identity. Indeed a great way to remind yourself of self-worth and self-love and how significant it is to be the way you are even if it makes you stand apart.


They are made for a party night. The glitter of the stones offers an ever-lasting glow not just to your outfit but to your personality as well. So much is happening with engraved designs and rocks, but the ultimate result is captivating. Feeling extra joyful today? Then, might as well go ahead and give this as a gift to someone special and make their day all more memorable. 


Don't wait to bring out your funky and fun personality to make the world a brighter place. And make the BoHo tender ring your partner in crime, as it is equally fun and beautiful. The stones engraved in the ring add a meaning of serenity, grace, and peace to the Bohemian jewelry, making it more than just a piece of metal but a source of strength and confidence.

Bohemian jewelry is here to stay. Having lasted centuries, this has become one of the most desired jewelry pieces over time. With TALISMAN at your bay, you can scroll and select from this historical goodness online anywhere in India.