Giving Back

Here’s how we are giving back…

Even though we’re a small company, we realize the importance of giving back. From our suppliers to employees, we try to work with people that share our values of social responsibility.

When we curated brand Talisman, we wanted to add something that would contribute towards the betterment of the society – and more importantly, something that, YOU, our valued customers could be part of.

After a lot of travelling, researching and soul-searching, we found ourselves in a remote village of Karnataka completely in awe of the exquisite local technique of Lac turnery. Working together with our team, we decided to use this age-old handicraft method to create our packaging boxes.

The Talisman packaging boxes are made of the native dhoodi wood, which are seasoned for a long time in medium sun exposure of Karnataka. These are semi hardwood with many natural qualities; with the use of non-toxic colors on the bottom to signify the brand identity. From its locking mechanism and velvet lining to its wooden finish and minimalistic look, the wholesome view represents the essence of Indian handicrafts.

What really appealed to us is that these boxes are a complete natural solution to the jewelry industry, as we were told by a local craftsman Rashid bhai. A third-generation craftsman with unparalleled creative skills, he told us about the journey of this beautiful art form.

“I work with 7 team members in a 600 square feet workshop. Each product made is in itself a masterpiece; curated in terms of dimensions in MM and the color gradient. The turned boxes are produced with intricate detail and accuracy due to the level of hand movement involved by the artisans. This craft has been alive through the local families, who continue these practices in the ups and downs of the present market situation. Their zeal to work and the uniqueness of the craft has earned them long over-due recognition.”

With every box that we buy, we let these local craftsmen live their dream, which is to them valuable beyond measure.

The best part is that YOU are helping us make this happen. When you buy Talisman jewelry, you are buying a story, you are unlocking the years of history behind an Indian art form, and you are ensuring that this rich heritage stays alive for years to come.