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There is a princess inside all of us and most of us have definitely been a Disney princess fan since childhood. The stories, the characters, their portrayal is what keeps us gripped throughout, although we can’t remember a time when we were not obsessed with princesses, so it’s safe to say that most of us have been a Disney Princess fan since forever. The storyline and theme of Disney Princess movies and stories has made a huge impact on many people. It shows us how to be stronger in times of uncertainty, how to take everything positively that comes in our stride and how to become a better version of yourself every single day. If you’ve always found love, kindness and courage in the face of a challenge then consider this a perfect opportunity to gift yourself some Disney Princess Jewellery.

Our Disney princess Collection celebrates the uniqueness of each princesses and gives you jewellery pieces to be cherished forever. It’s made with vibrant and vivid semi-precious gemstones to give you the classic shine and brilliance that you require for elevating your look. The canon of Disney Princesses consists of the female protagonists just like YOU! With our finest collection of Disney Princess Jewellery, you can feel much closer to your favourite princess.

We are pretty sure you will love each of our Disney Princess rings and bracelets, Shop Disney Jewellery online with TALISMAN. You can shop for yourself or your bestie and gift her the prettiest Disney Princess Jewellery. What makes it nicer and sweet is that your bestie will be super impressed by you, and she can’t say “No” to such delicate adorable ornaments! Planning gifts or any special occasions for your girl gang can be super easy now, you can easily shop jewellery for women from TALISMAN, jewellery that is unique, precious and obviously stylish. Maybe, you would want to consider a few things like the colour and qualities of the princess jewellery rings and bracelets as they are based on the personalities and styles of the beautiful Disney Princesses. You could match your style and personality and get a ring that fits all. With our Disney Princess collection you could go for something that is flashy like the princess rings, if she likes all things grand or go for simple yet classy bracelets to keep it minimalistic.

Giving a gift to your girl can be the most daunting task at times. There could be a time when you realise  she has everything possible, leaving you scratching your head and confused, with sleepless nights tossing and turning in bed thinking about the perfect gift to give to her. Don’t worry, we’re here to save you from this nightmare. You can always gift her jewellery from TALISMAN. No matter the overflowing collecting of jewellery she might have, a well thought gift straight from the heart from our Ultimate Disney Princess collection can be the perfect gift for her. It’ll be the best surprise for her and would help you gain her love even more!

Our main focus while designing and crafting this jewellery collection was to get you designer pieces that are affordable, easy to wear and imitates you and your style. We wanted to create jewellery that you can wear for any occasion and requires an easy accessible grab and go style. With the princess rings and bracelets, your all-time favourite characters come to life!

Below is our list of favourite Disney princess styles that you should immediately shop for, before they run out of stock!

  1. Princess Cinderella Ring

    Cinderella is quite possibly the most well-known fairy tale of all time. Every country and culture has its own version of the story and it has had more movie adaptions than any other fairy tale, which obviously says something about its timelessness and popularity. Cinderella was an all-time favourite for all of us. Now with our Princess Cinderella Ring and charm bracelet, your love for your favourite fairy tale will spiral. Made with Blue Topaz and American diamonds, this ring is a heart stealer. With all of us still working from home, you can easily adorn this ring to create a glam look. Even if you are running late for a zoom call, you can quickly wear this ring to create an instant elegant and stylish look.

  2. Princess Ariel Ring

    There have been a lot of movie adaptions of all Disney princess movies. Hence, all princess stories and movies are considered to be classics with each princess being a caricature of what is believed to be an ideal woman for that era. With Ariel being one of the classics, she was portrayed as free spirited and independent. Ariel’s passion, innocence and determination to chase after her dreams is what made us fall in love with her. With the same determination we have crafted this Princess Ariel Ring, it’s beauty and design will give you a tangible boost of confidence, even if you’re doing smaller tasks and no one is watching. Shop online this beautiful ring made in Sterling Silver and set with the gemstone Peridot to give you the glam look you desire. 

  3. Princess Snow White

    How many times have we heard and watched the fairytale of Snow White and the 7 dwarfs? We’re pretty sure you’ll say can’t put a finger on it. With such a gripping storyline and Snow White’s innocence, cheerfulness and kindness, she’s loved by girls of all age. Now you can feel much closer to your favourite princess by adorning jewellery inspired by her personality and uniqueness. Brighten up your look with our Princess Snow White Ring, it is a great way to lift your spirits and enhance your work-from-home motivation by adding a touch of sparkle to the jewellery. The ring is set with the gemstone Citrine which is believed to strengthen self-esteem and a positive, vibrant flow of energy in and around one’s body. Get this gorgeous Snow White ring for yourself and easily slip it on a dress to create a cute playful look!

  4. Princess Jasmine Ring

    As we ‘face’ the world remotely or virtually these days for virtual meetings, it’s great to be able to turn to an accessory to help us lift up the frame and our fashion game. Dressing up for virtual meetings and socializing can be a bit challenging, coz’ who wants to leave the comfort of the sweats into something dressy. With our stylish Princess Jasmine ring you can be a little adventurous by staying in your pj’s while styling this glamorous and ultra-modern ring. Set with the stones Blue Topaz and Amethyst, you can always turn to the staple ring when you can be in your sweat pants from top to bottom, no one will get to know, it can be our little secret! Shop Princess Jasmine Ring online, handcrafted to perfection with the best quality of stones.

  5. Princess Pocahontas Ring

    We love it when fashion and apparel brands imitates our famous icons or characters. But what about when jewellery imitates our favourite Disney characters? That’s when things get more happening and exciting. We love how our stunning ring emulates the famous Disney Princess Pocahontas, with intricate designs handset to perfection and meticulous craftsmanship, this ring is designed for the woman who loves to standout and celebrate her individuality. Set in Sterling Silver with Black Onyx stones and American diamonds, this ring is set to make a startling impression on anyone who looks at it. Easily slip it on a dress to create a bold glamorous look! Shop Silver Rings online today!

  6. Princess Rapunzel Ring

    Bold bejewelled pieces are the fastest way to elevate any outfit, no matter how casual it is. With our Princess Rapunzel ring you can easily dress to the nines with jewellery that is affordable, easy to layer and impressively fashion forward. You can easily brighten up your look with this elegant glistening ring, it is believed that jewellery is a great way to lift your spirits and enhance your motivation to work. Colour therapy (via jewellery, among other things) is actually a valid way to wake up your senses and even inspire some creativity! It is believed that bright colours also instil a sense of confidence and help others connect to you more easily, great isn’t it? The colourful gemstones Amethyst and Rhodolite give a flamboyant look with their super sparkle and lustre, you will never be washed out at a party or any celebration. This ring is a perfect fit for any outfit, wear in day in day out to get a stellar look. 

  7. Princess Belle Ring

    Have you ever wondered how many rings do you have looking at your jewellery collection and still end up buying one more ring to add to your collection? Rings are a great piece of jewellery and requires an easy accessible grab and go style. It has the ability to transform a not-so-good outfit into a stellar appealing party wear. Naturally, one of our favourite techniques is wearing the right ring! We have just the right ring to bring you joy, be the belle of the ball with this beautiful Princess belle Ring. It’s set with the gemstone Citrine to give you the sparkle and shine required to make you the centre of attention. Revamp your ring collection and add some shimmering glam pieces from the TALISMAN x Disney Princess collection. 

  8. Princess Aurora Bracelet

    Charm bracelets have been our favourite since the inception of the concept. You will find a variety of bracelets with beads, studs, stones and others embellishments with pearls, gemstones, different types of metals, charms and much more. They go with all outfits and look fun and can be worn and enjoyed with completely different styles and still look perfect on your attire and your look. With so many options to choose from it can be a little tricky to find the charm bracelet that matches your style and personality. Enter the Disney princess charm bracelets. We have create different bracelets inspired by the famous Disney princesses style and personalities so that you can easily shop silver bracelet online. With Princess Aurora bracelet you can feel your romantic and dreamy side and feel a lot more cheerful by wearing this bracelet for any celebration.

    With an ever-evolving situation on our hands, with things beyond our control, we have quite fairly adapted to the new rules of work and virtual parties and are doing our best to keep our energy and confidence levels high. With that said, we can help you elevate your look and feel your best even while you’re working and celebrating remotely. With brighter colours and bold styles our jewellery is the perfect go to option for any time of the day. Be it a brunch, a date night with bae or a night out with friends, our Disney Princess Collection will instantly add a touch of elegance to you look. With minimal effort you can capture a glam look that will pop out anywhere you go!

    Go hurry add these gorgeous pieces to your cart before they get sold out!