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Welcome to Summers. Heat is on the rise and after the chilled and frozen winters, there is no question that we’ll be having a well-lit summer.

Your clothing will alter significantly, and elegant dresses will flourish - volume, textures, layers will be in style trumped by “It’s too damn hot.”

Beach parties, weekends away or month-long vacations; whatever you’re doing this summer - there is a high chance that you’ll be wondering how to style yourself this season. The same goes for your jewelry.

As much as you love wearing designer dresses, trendy hats, casual footwear; why should you miss out on accessorizing?

If jewelry is essential for your wardrobe, here’s your guide for wearing jewelry in summers.

Bright Colors

Summers are crazy, filled with beaches, bright sun and long vacations. With all the fun comes the different hues and your jewelry should also have vibrant and bright colors. Gen-Z yellow, varsity red, orange peel all these colors signify the true spirit of the season. Not only these, cobalt blue and sage green can also work during the season.

You want your colors to be bright and jewelry designs to be bold. Find quirky and eccentric designs for your jewelry.

Select stones with bright colors like amethyst and turquoise to signify the fun of summers.

Layering is Good

You’ll be showing off your summer body for which you have been working out a lot. The skin you used to cover up with turtle-necks and long sleeves, you can now cover it with your latest jewelry.

Layer your necklaces and show off your neckline. For layering, you should have multiple chains and necklaces of different sizes and lengths. Just ensure they have similar designs and fall into the same category in terms of styling so it never ruins your look.

We suggest that you layer your necklace with 3-4 pieces of different lengths.

Go Floral

This is the season to connect with nature too. Floral designs will help you do that and bring about cheerfulness, excitement and happiness.

The best thing about these designs; they are available in every section of jewelry - rings, bracelets, as well as bracelets.

Floral designs will go amazingly well with your summer dresses too.

Designs inspired by leaves, flowers, and animals are always in trend and can add a little panache to any of your outfits. You can wear them to work, at home or to parties and weddings.

Sleek floral and nature-themed jewelry is trending in 2020 and will make a great addition to your collection.

Experiment with Different Styles

Summers give you a lot of fashion freedom when it comes to accessories, and this can be the time where you can experiment with different styles.
You can try out different combinations and styles and can also create your unique personal style of wearing jewelry.

A few styles we’d suggest are:

  • Wear thread or needle earrings but one in one ear
  • Beaded jewelry with your gemstone pieces to add more colors
  • Combine two different styles of jewelry (modern with cultural)

There are tons of things you can do while experimenting with your look.

Invest in Quality

It goes without saying that investing in quality accessories should be the first priority. Poor quality jewelry made from plated brass or copper will not only flake and fade in the heat but it can irritate your skin too.

It doesn’t mean that quality products are always expensive; sterling silver is pretty economic and it suits the skin during the summers.

So, always pay attention to the jewelry material that you’re wearing and your skin will always thank you for it.

Care for your Jewelry

You should always learn how to take care of your jewelry. Cleaning jewelry is important to make sure that your piece remains beautiful and can be worn at any point in time.

Your jewelry should be stored in a clean and dry area, like a fabric-lined jewelry box. You can create spacing between each piece to prevent scratches.
Visit a jeweler every six months to have prongs, settings, and mountings checked. This will ensure that the piece remains structurally sound.

Are You Ready for Summer Jewelry?

Summer is filled with sunshine, tan lines, and cool drinks. While making beautiful memories, you now also know how to look your best this summer.
Enjoy this exciting time of the year with our latest jewelry collection.