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As we reboot seasons and festivities this year, we decided to go ahead and give jewellery a bit of a makeover as well. With traditional styles ready to conquer and win the modern woman, we have launched a new collection do give you the uniqueness you deserve with the Iconic Demi Jewellery Collection. As an extension of our most loved gemstones, we bring to you a collection full of beautiful shimmering naturally occurring gemstones to give you statement pieces that you can easily flaunt. Inspired by the colours of nature, our Iconic Demi collection features vibrant coloured genuine gemstones set in sterling silver. While the flair for effortless, light yet luxurious jewellery is evident, the artisanal quality of the pieces is what makes them timeless. The jewellery is a celebration of nature in the form of intricate designs that are set with naturally occurring flamboyant gemstones that boasts versatility and is crafted to leave behind everyday statement looks. The modern take on traditional styles and the vivid and vibrant colours of the gemstones is what makes this collection so unique but at the same time stylish. Each piece is handcrafted with attention to design and detail. While the entire collection can be personalised for yourself by donning jewellery pieces that reflect your style, or by wearing gemstones that match your level of energy, these jewellery pieces can make for a perfect thoughtful gift as well. With such exquisite gemstones, you can easily gift these brilliant and dazzling pieces of jewellery to your loved ones to make up for an unforgettable gift.

The Iconic Demi collection metamorphizes glam and style quotient in a beautiful wearable format that is dainty - yet so powerful. Every piece of our Iconic Demi jewellery is made with such intricate detailing and craftsmanship along with the perfect gemstones to get you jewellery pieces that you can easily wear at any-time of the day and for any occasion.

The Iconic Demi collection is made with attention to design and detail for the modern woman who wants an appealing piece of jewellery but requires an easy accessible grab and go style. Below is a list of 10 handpicked pieces from the Iconic Demi Collection for you to adorn and feel like a Greek Goddess. Get your hands on these dainty yet stylish ornaments to stand out in the crowd or make an impact.

1. Demi Blue Bracelet

Ever since inception, we have been the biggest fans of layering jewellery. Wearing mix and match jewellery pieces from different collections sparks so much joy, especially because it proves over and over again that you don’t need a whole new outfit to create a sparkly stellar look, all you need to do is layer jewellery from different collections and voila you have a new style at your hand. The best pieces of jewellery for layering are bracelets, they go with every style and all outfits and make your overall look very glam. With our Demi Blue Bracelet, you will feel the nature and its force of energy all around you. Made with Swiss Blue topaz, the topaz stone is believed to soothe, recharge, heal the wearer and redirect the energies of the body to where they are required most. It is known as the gemstone of love, affection and good fortune. So get ready to shop online and adorn the Demi Blue Bracelet to enhance your look.

2. Round Sparkle Dangle Earrings

Consider yourself a goddess while dressing up in our Iconic Demi Collection, with the world being your oyster. This collection is all about how to look like a royalty in every jewellery piece that you adorn. With these perfect pair of Round Sparkle Dangle earrings, you would look like a queen ready to conquer the world. Made with Peridot stone and platted with gold polish these earrings are your perfect go to option for any celebration or a cocktail night. The stone Peridot is believed to have a calming effect on its wearer and is known to increase strength and reduce anxiety. Wear these drop earrings and be the life of the party.

3. Luminous Lavender Floret Necklace

Are you a fan of intricate jewellery designs that looks like a flower silhouette? Do you like to wear luminous extravagant pieces that shine brighter than the stars? Then this luminous lavender floret necklace is just for you. The detailing on this necklace is quite exquisite making it understandably delicate and dreamy. Made with the stone Amethyst and American diamonds, this necklace is your perfect ornament to style at a party or for any celebration. The stone Amethyst is believed to be a stress reliver. Astrologically, it is believed to calm the mind and provide peace. With such incredible properties and vibrant colour, get your hands on this gorgeous necklace today!

4. Demi Red Necklace

Red being a symbol of love is also a very ferocious colour. It’s the confidence the colour instils in you that makes it the most sought after. For the new age modern women it’s all about looking effortless but at the same time chic and stylish, enter our Iconic Demi Collection. With this gorgeous Demi Red Necklace all eyes will be on you and you will be the belle of all the balls you attend. This necklace is set with Rhodolite stone that is believed to nurture love. It stimulates, clears and activate the heart making it the perfect gift for your special someone. Get this necklace for your special someone and express your love with the beautiful stone of love.

5. Serene Green Bracelet

Do you believe in stacking or making a statement? Whether you like to stack or like making a bold statement, this bracelet is your perfect go to ornament for all occasions. This bracelet is made with the dazzling Lemon Quartz, the stone’s pale yellow lustre is what makes it a very adorned gemstone. Just like its name, the properties of this stone are also very serene. It is used in meditation, and is supposed to help filter out distractions, aid concentration and open memory. What are you waiting for? With such amazing qualities in one single bracelet, shop silver bracelet online today!

6. Demi Black Ring

There are two types of people in this world, one whose style reflects colours and the other who likes everything black. Does your wardrobe reflect more monochromes than colours? Then this Demi Black Ring is perfect for you. While the flair for effortless, light yet luxurious jewellery is evident in this ring, the artisanal quality of the piece is what makes it timeless. It’s set with Black Onyx stone to give you the perfect edgy look you desire. Black Onyx is believed to be a protection stone. Its purpose is believed to help prevent the drain of personal energy while at the same time absorbing and transforming negative energy. Get this powerful ring for yourself and get ready to conquer the world.

7. Demi Red Love Bracelet

You don’t need a specific month or a special occasion to express your love to bae. Any day could be made special with our TALISMAN jewellery. All you gotta do is shop online and you have yourself some epic stylish beautiful jewellery. With red being the colour of love, this bracelet automatically becomes the first choice for gifting. Our Demi Red Love bracelet comes with a deep hue of red and is set with Garnet stones and gleaming silver chain. Red Garnet is believed to ignite love and passion, all the more reason to shop for bae right? It is also believed to promote joy and strengthen one’s energy levels. Well, we have all the great reasons for why you should shop this magnificent bracelet, so hurry shop now before it gets sold out.

8. Blue Sparkling Earrings

Earrings are one of the most versatile pieces of jewellery. You can pair them up with anything to create a stunning avatar. Bring out your best pair of denims and a shirt and you can create a perfect look for yourself for that Sunday brunch. Planning to wear a dress for a date night, easily slip on these earrings to elevate your look. These Blue Sparkling Earrings are a way to keep yourself upbeat even if you’re partying at home. Set with London Blue Topaz which is believed to improve communication and self-expression in people. London Blue Topaz is also supposed to be very calming, it helps in providing inner peace and mental stability. With such plethora of benefits, these blue sparkling earrings are your best accessory to show off without burning a hole in your pocket.

9. Feisty Green Necklace

The underlying theme for jewellery this year so far has been modern jewellery with a mix of traditional and cultural style. Timeless pieces that as versatile as they are effortless. With this feisty green necklace, your search for all ends here. This necklace is studded with the stone Peridot making it all the more beautiful. With minimal effort, you can capture a fashion-worthy look that will pop out and make you look extra glamorous. The necklace is made in Sterling Silver and platted with gold polish to give you that extra style and shine. Dress to the nines with this dazzling necklace, perfect to wear for any celebrations or a party! Hurry shop silver jewellery online with TALISMAN.

10. Regal Amethyst Necklace

Your chance to looking like a royalty is here with the Regal Amethyst Necklace. This necklace is set with the gemstone Amethyst and American diamonds to give you the sparkling shine you require to ignite a party. This elegant necklace can be your perfect gift to shop online for the modern Indian jewellery lovers, because you can never have too much shimmer and shine in any piece of jewellery. This stunningly subtle necklace can catch light and brighten up your entire look. So get your hands on this stellar piece of jewellery and rock that party in style, with its elegance and beauty it can truly make a statement at any occasion.

Jewellery is the best accessory for anyone to wear, it complements your style and is a great way of expressing yourself and speaking your mind. We picked the perfect pieces for you to start the new year looking on point. With our Iconic Demi collection your jewellery will speak for itself, with such stunning pieces and dazzling gemstones you will easily become the talk of the town. Need more inspiration? Do you think your summer wardrobe needs a little extra something? Go browse through our Iconic Demi Collection and checkout our other sparkling statement pieces of jewellery to adorn and flaunt this summer.

Hurry order for someone you adore, but be sure to grab one for yourself, too!