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Jewellery is one of the most versatile pieces of accessory that can be adorned at any-time of the day. It is something that can easily uplift your look and enhance your style. Let’s all agree we have an overflowing collection of jewellery but the moment we see any stylish fashionable Silver jewellery, our hands quickly go at adorning it and we end up adding it to our ultimate jewellery collection. But the paramount question is where should you shop jewellery from? Or why should you Shop TALISMAN Jewellery, you may ask yourself? We can give you a lot of reasons of why you should shop Sterling Silver jewellery from TALISMAN.

Every TALISMAN piece is handcrafted with love, passion and creativity. We conceptualise pieces that can unfold memories and help you express yourself in a fun and distinctive way. Every piece is handcrafted in 925 Sterling Silver with genuinely sourced ethical gemstones and is designed to suit the personality of the modern woman who is fierce and headstrong with unconventional fashion choices and looks for a touch of her culture in every jewellery piece she adorns. Buy silver jewellery online from a wide range of designs available on our website and elevate your everyday look with our minimalistic fashion jewellery. Be it a festival, work look, lunch date, bae night or a night out with friends, our designer handcrafted jewellery will make you light, shine and style throughout the day. With fresh, elegant and playful designs you’re sure to fall in love with our silver jewellery. Our jewellery design is such that it can help you create your own sense of style and elevate your overall look.

We take great pride in bringing to you the best possible features, like a few mentioned below:


At TALISMAN, every stone is unique and stylish because we only use genuine, naturally sourced gemstones. Each gem-stone is different and flamboyant just like the UNIQUE you!


At TALISMAN, we are dedicated to delivering luxurious jewellery pieces through exceptional craftsmanship, which is why all our stones are HAND SET using the best of the tools and techniques.


Hand selecting gemstones is just one of the many ways we commit to incredible quality. All our pieces are handcrafted and set in intricate designs with the best of the materials there are and feature high-end precious gemstones (versus crystals) which is usually the case!


All jewellery pieces at TALISMAN are made from high-quality materials making them resistant to breakage or rust over time. With little bit of extra care you can keep your Silver jewellery as new for a lifetime.


All our jewellery pieces are made using ultra fine precious metals (pure silver and gold) giving them a life-long durability. We use the best of the metal alloys to assure perfect quality & products that are Skin Friendly, because of which our Silver jewellery can be worn by people of any age including children.


Made from the heart. Made with perfection. At TALISMAN, we strive to present rare ethically sourced gemstones masterfully combining them with our design philosophy to offer YOU with statement silver jewellery pieces to be adorned forever.


At TALISMAN, we work closely with our skilled stone-cutters to develop proprietary cuts- bringing unique & beautiful designs for our buyers. You will find a wide range of designs to choose from easily at your disposal.

With more than 1000+ designs, our collection gives you endless opportunities to create combinations unique to you. The main aspect of TALISMAN is personalization; our diverse designs for charms, bracelets, bangles, earrings, pendants and rings are all harmonized and can be combined perfectly with one another. You can easily create your own chic fashion style with any piece of TALISMAN jewellery.

Below is a list of must-have jewellery pieces from the amazing TALISMAN jewellery collection, add them to your stack of jewellery and create your very own beautiful avatars!
  1. Sparkling Lights Drop Earrings

    As an extension of our most loved party collection, these Sparkling lights drop earrings are designed to get you the perfect look for that celebration night. Earrings have the ability to complement one's Outfit Of The Day and get a lot of attention, the reason being that there are no special requirements to wear earrings, like matching pendants or rings. It can easily be paired with any outfit and your look will get enhanced instantly. We only use genuine, ethically sourced gemstones in our Glam Essentials Collection to get you jewellery which is unique, just like you! Your wardrobe will get a whole lot sparkier with these sparkling light drop earrings.

  2. Date Night Drop Earrings

    What is a date night without some sparkling jewellery? These earrings are your perfect go to option for accessorizing on a date night. Made with Black Onyx stones, perfect to add that edgy look to your outfit. The Black Onyx stone comes with other benefits too, it is supposed to be a very powerful and soothing stone and is good for wearing, especially during times of emotional turmoil or stress. It is also believed to relieve negativity and helps in preventing the drain of personal energy. With such amazing benefits, it is your perfect jewellery to wear on a date night or for any special occasion. Shop stylish jewellery online and up your jewellery game with TALISMAN.

  3. Red Carpet Glamour Drop Earrings

    Feel what it is like to walk on the red carpet with our glamour drop earrings. For the 21st century woman, it’s all about convenience and being effortless and timeless at the same time. Jewellery should be light but statement making, shiny but versatile. Enter Glam Essentials, our modern take on evergreen sparkly jewellery. Our glam essentials collection is handcrafted with intricate designs as we are dedicated to delivering luxurious jewellery pieces through exceptional craftsmanship, which is why all our jewellery pieces are handset and using the best of gemstones and techniques. Adorn these gorgeous earrings and double up your stellar look.

  4. Celebration Night Drop Earrings

    Is Pink your favourite colour? Then these gorgeous Guava Quartz studded celebration night drop earrings are perfect for you to flaunt your style. With its elegant design and subtle colour, it will make you look more graceful than ever. It is believed that Guava quartz is associated with the heart chakra, it has the ability to amplify intentions of love, gratitude, generosity and radiate them outwards. So, get ready to dazzle the world in these beautiful silver earrings studded with exquisite semi-precious guava quartz gemstones for a modern woman’s every special occasion.

  5. Belle of the Ball Drop Pendant

    Be the belle of the ball with this Guava quartz pendant, sure to turn some heads and garner you a lot of compliments. Studies have shown that dressing to the nines gives us a tangible boost of confidence, even if we’re doing smaller tasks and no one is watching. This elegant necklace is your perfect accessory to add that glam touch to your outfit for any occasion. With minimal effort, you can capture a fashion-worthy look that will easily pop out and make you look oh so glam. An added bonus? You can wear this necklace for any occasion, be it a Sunday Brunch or a night out with friends. Going for a date night with bae, adorn this necklace to get a stylish look.

  6. Passionate Love Pendant

    This pendant is part of our limited-edition hexagon semi-precious stones. Handcrafted in Sterling Silver with Swiss Blue Topaz stone, this pendant is ready to dazzle you with its glorious style. Swiss Blue topaz is famous for its clarity, beauty and affordability, with its luminous colour, this pendant can be worn and enjoyed in completely different styles and still look perfect on the attire and your look. Flaunt this necklace with a lot of glam and elegance and you will light up any party. Buy semi-precious silver necklace from TALISMAN to elevate your style. It will make you look beautiful without burning in a hole in your pocket.

  7. Harmony in Love Earrings

    Your answer to looking like royalty this season is here with TALISMAN’s Glam Essentials Collection. Get these gorgeous Harmony in Love Earrings, it features the stunning Amethyst stone, to give you the style and even more statement. Every piece of jewellery from our Glam Essentials Collection is ideal for festive season, weddings and any kind of celebrations- whether you want to stand out in the crowd or make an impact, this jewellery is the perfect fit for you! Get these earrings today for an extra dose of confidence, these glamorous earrings will make you the talk of the town. Get ready to stomp around the town!

  8. Harmony in Love Ring

    Let’s agree that rings are the easiest accessory to style when it comes to jewellery. You can wear one statement ring or multiple stack rings and still look like a diva. Stacking rings is one of the most trending styles these days, the best thing is they can be mixed and matched and paired with any outfit to complete your look. With this Amethyst studded love ring, you can easily style any outfit. If you’re also looking for a well-rounded healing stone that will benefit you mentally, physically and spiritually, then Amethyst is the stone for you. Astrologically, it is believed to calm the mind and provide peace. With such incredible properties and vibrant colour, get your hands on this gorgeous Harmony in Love Ring today!

  9. Evergreen Love Earrings

    Consider yourself a royal while dressing up with our Glam Essentials Jewellery Collection, with the world being your kingdom and you, its self-declared queen. It’s the confidence the collection instils in you as soon as you put on some gorgeous stone studded jewellery. With each piece handcrafted with love and perfection, we bring to you the best of the materials and feature high-end precious gemstones. These earrings feature our delightful Mint Quartz stone. The Mint Quartz stone is believed to attract positive energy and improves one’s sense of wholeness. It is also believed to attract prosperity and success and stimulate creativity. Easily slip on these earrings with any dress and you are ready to create a stellar look!

  10. Rising Phoenix Pendant

    Ever since inception, we have been the biggest fans of wearing statement necklaces that can easily be layered. Wearing matching pieces from the same collection sparks so much joy, especially because it proves over and over again that you can create a sparkly stellar look by layering jewellery. We are firm believers of more is better than one, that’s why our Rising Phoenix pendant can easily be paired with matching earrings and rings from the same collection. The great thing about our jewellery is that it is delicate and minimal and can easily be stacked with more to make a statement!

At TALISMAN, we constantly strive to create products that are made with high-end precious gemstones and materials that are skin friendly, wearable and apt for all occasions. With incredible properties and vibrant colours of all these semi-precious gemstones, it makes them the perfect jewellery to be adorned. We are your one stop solution to shop semi-precious jewellery online!

If you are looking for an exclusive collection of silver jewellery online, then TALISMAN is the best place to shop from. Our every jewellery piece is uniquely designed and handcrafted just for you!