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All of us agree that jewellery makes up for a fantastic item to gift for any occasion. Gifting can be a bit of a struggle specially when you’re thinking about gifting for birthdays or anniversary, because honestly, it’s a task to find the perfect gift for your girlfriend or any special friend or women in your life. Shopping for women can be a bit of a task, especially since most women have an overflowing collection of jewellery and they still want more and more jewellery gifts. So, are you up to the task sailor? Find the perfect gift for your girlfriend at TALISMAN. We have curated a list of jewellery items suited according to different zodiac signs so you don’t have to hassle for a gift, you can just buy jewellery according to her zodiac sign. 

Thinking of gifting ring to girlfriend? Don’t worry, we have the perfect list of jewellery for you to choose from. From customizing necklaces to creating tailor-made rings, we got you covered. The best part about TALISMAN jewellery is versatility, you can choose from a wide variety of necklaces, rings, bracelets and rings and create the perfect gift. Amazing girlfriend jewellery gift ideas, right? 

You can find magical, meaningful jewellery gifts at TALISMAN. Zodiac jewellery is full of charm and can be the perfect gift for the month that belongs to her, be her guarding angel and is a personalized and meaningful gift. 

Below are a few jewellery gift recommendations that cater to each zodiac sign, after all it’s in the stars!

1. Jewellery Gift for Gemini

Gemini’s have a very active and lively personality. They’re always curious but very adaptable. Gemini’s are such a social butterfly and can make friends with literally everyone due to their bubbly personality. They love to make statements where ever they go and mostly always like to be the center of attention. If you have a Gemini birthday coming up, we definitely recommend you to gift this stunning and stylish statement making Emblem of Luxury Drop Necklace. It’s as blingy as it can get and at the same time can be the perfect statement making jewellery gift. Gemini is witty and communicative and likes to communicate through her jewellery as well. This necklace can be the perfect silver jewellery gift for that Gemini friend. 

2. Jewellery Gift for Cancer

Cancers are extremely sentimental and emotional people. Their loving nature is their biggest asset. So, forget about the budget while thinking of a gift for Cancerians, they love gifts that can be cherished forever and something they can cling on to. These stunning earrings can be the perfect well thought and meaningful gift for them that can be a perfect keepsake for years to come. We would recommend gemstone jewellery like the one below for the best caregiver in any group and someone who is naturally loved by everyone. 

3. Jewellery Gift for Leo

Roll out the red carpet because Leo has arrived. Leos are born to be stars so gift them anything shiny or sparkly. Leo is represented by the lion and these spirited fire signs are the kings and queens of the celestial jungle. Leos love to bask in spotlight and celebrate themselves. So, gift your Leo friend some chunky jewellery piece that they will adore. These stunning earrings made with the gemstone Tiger Eye are the perfect gift for any Leo. Gleaming like a cat’s eye, the stone came to its name, Tiger Eye. Well these earrings are pretty synonymous with a Leos personality. 

4. Jewellery Gift for Virgo

Virgos are one of the most practical, diligent and considerate people. They simply believe in subtle gifts and honestly, for them only knowing that you thought of them is enough for a gift. They have a very simple and subtle taste when it comes to jewellery, so anything that is light yet classy and effortless works for them. You can give them this stunning gold-plated ring from our Tropical Collection. 

5. Jewellery Gift for Libra

Libras are simply the most stylish sign of the zodiac. They are really social and wear things according to the latest fad and trends. They already know what’s in fashion and what’s not, most of the times a Libra has an overflowing collection of jewellery. They wear jewellery according to different occasions so you can gift them anything pretty. Shop silver earrings for girlfriend as it is one of the oldest forms of jewellery anyone has cherished. It goes with every outfit and is perfect for any occasion. 

6. Jewellery Gift for Scorpio

Scorpios are extremely ambitious and know exactly what they want. But it is one of the most difficult signs to read. You can’t go guessing around with a Scorpio. They are extremely particular and hide their true emotions from the world. They stay in their own cocoon and hardly express their true self to others. It can be a bit of a puzzle to shop for a Scorpio. You can play it safe by gifting them something minimal and light. Save yourself from going overboard while shopping for a Scorpio!

7. Jewellery Gift for Sagittarius

Sagittarius are one of the most fun loving and adventurous zodiac signs. They love to travel and take up any adventure possible. They are incredibly witty and are always on the go. Perhaps a souvenir from your past holiday or something blue can be a perfect gift for them. We would recommend you something from our Blue Topaz gemstone jewellery, since blue is the colour of a Sagittarius. You can gift them this beautiful Demi Blue bracelet, made from Swizz Blue Topaz. 

8. Jewellery Gift for Capricorn

Capricorns are highly ambitious and usually go for jewellery that is high-end as they see jewellery as an investment. They have an eye for quality and loves something that screams class and style. For gifting a Capricorn, choose from our range of gemstone jewellery as they always consider jewellery as an asset and would go for something that has artisanal value and good craftsmanship.  

9. Jewellery Gift for Aquarius 

Aquarius usually are very unique; they love to stand out as they have very varied and different hobbies than other usual zodiac signs. They are definitely the dreamer and creative thinker in a group of friends. They are original and love to invent things. Gift them something that is unusual or cater to their creative mind and their happiness will know no bounds. Gift your Aquarius friend a jewellery piece from our Disney collection. It is as unique as her and she would absolutely adore it!

10. Jewellery Gift for Pisces

Pisces love anything that is sweet and cozy. They are really kind and creative and have deep passionate relationships with everyone they are close to. But Pisces are highly moody, they impeccably move from one fashion trend to another. So, you really cannot predict what they will like. It is always better to give them jewellery that is timeless. Well, we do have the perfect earrings for you that are as timeless and classy as it can get. Shop these gorgeous drop earrings for your Piscean friend.

11. Jewellery Gift for Aries

Aries are literally the star sign in all of the zodiac signs. They have great ideas, a creative mind and are a born leader. They are known to be the pioneers in their field and therefore love to make an impact. The same goes for their jewellery style as well, Aries love to make an impact when it comes to jewellery. Aries love jewellery with different shapes and styles, so why not gift this star sign a star shaped ring? Keep them hustling and keep their energy levels high by making them shine in this pretty ring. 

12. Jewellery Gift for Taurus 

Taurus are believed to be highly ambitious. They are extremely dependable and love to maintain intimate relationships with others. They are also believed to be extremists who can opt for either delicate jewellery or bold styles depending on their mood. As Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty, it is best to gift them some pretty jewellery. You can gift your girlfriend some trendy pretty necklace like the one shown below from our Tropical collection.

Is your girlfriend or best friend constantly sending you astrology related memes, quoting you passages from the daily newspaper horoscope, talking about your zodiac compatibility every-day? Take the hint! It’s time for some zodiac themed gifting!

Looking for the perfect gift for your BFF or GF who is into horoscopes? We’ve got the perfect zodiac themed jewellery gifts for any astrology lover. Quickly select the best gift as per her zodiac sign and add to cart. We really hope these tips and ideas work for you in choosing the perfect gift for your special friend!