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From trendy earring styles to everyday jewelry staples, like classic studs, no look is complete without the perfect pair of earrings. Whether you prefer hoops, dangles or studs, there’s a wide array of earring types to suit your style and help you look put together, no matter what you’re wearing. 

Stud earrings are considered to be a symbol of fashion and are elegant and stylish. When you add different designs to stud earrings, they become even more attractive. The simple design that complements the brilliance of the creativity is an excellent combination. Diamond stud earrings that contain single large carat diamonds have always been popular. However, recently, diamond stud earrings that contain many smaller carat diamonds have increased in popularity. 

Within the stud category, we saw a dizzying array of uniquely shaped studs that are great for everyday wear. While the trending studs of the past few years were more minimalistic, we’re seeing graphic statement earrings trend lately. 

Among uniquely shaped studs, starbursts (the somewhat retro, graphic eight point star shape) are a big hit. Some other trending shapes include dramatic triangular shapes and romantic, abstract shapes (especially abstract shapes that are a bit floral inspired). 

Studs are a great way to add a touch of bold, unique style (and brilliant shimmer!) to an ensemble. Uniquely shaped studs are also versatile. They look great with a going out look but are also understated enough to be right at home when running errands or heading into the office. 

Diamond stud earrings never go out of style. And while we did see many graphic hoops and drop earring styles gracing the ears this season, Diamond studs were just as much of a hit. Going with a pair of chic solitaire diamond studs is the perfect way to compliment your look. 

Round diamonds have been the most popular diamond shape for decades. But in the last few years, the dominance of round diamonds has started to wane and more and more modern women are going for uniquely shaped diamonds for their studs. 

So, fancy shaped diamonds are dramatically rising in popularity at the moment. And there’s one fancy diamond shape that is edging out the competition for the most popular diamond shape: the oval shaped diamond. Oval shaped diamonds are currently the most popular fancy diamond shape among studs, thanks to their unique, yet still timeless look. Some other top trending fancy diamond shapes include pear shaped diamonds and cushion cut diamonds. 

Lately we’ve seen a big rise in colorful studs. In particular, we’ve seen a ton of gemstone and colored diamond stud styles trending. All types of gemstone and colored diamond jewelry are trending lately. But one of our favorite trends within this category is the gemstone stud trend. Gemstone studs are a great way to add a bit of vibrant color to any ensemble. They’re beautiful and timeless, and also extremely wearable. 

So what types of gemstones are the most popular? Among precious gemstones, blue sapphires are enormously popular, as are rubies. We’ve seen a major rise in blue sapphire popularity in recent years. Then, rubies have likely become more popular due to the antique-inspired jewelry trend, since rubies are a staple of antique pieces. Among semi-precious gemstones, we’re seeing a big uptake in semi-precious gemstones that are also used in crystal healing (such as amethyst, quartz, or opal), which is likely due to the ever-increasing popularity of crystals. 

If you find yourself drawn to blue sapphire or ruby studs, know that while these styles are trending at the moment, they’re also timeless. Blue sapphires and rubies have been some of the most popular gemstones for thousands of years. They are two of the four major precious gemstones, alongside diamonds and emeralds. (They’re always popular in birthstone jewelry, as sapphire is the birthstone for September and ruby is the birthstone for July.) So blue sapphires and rubies are right on trend, but they’re also timeless options that you’ll be able to wear for decades to come.

They’re a subtle, versatile, yet incredibly effective piece of jewelry that can enhance any outfit. If you’re going for a classy and dressy work look, a pair of dainty stud earrings can definitely accessorize your outfit, while keeping it business appropriate. 

If you’re the typical girly girl, stud earrings will honestly be your best friend. Nothing adds quite the feminine touch a pair of sparkly, elegant stud earrings do. Combine a lace flowing dress with a pair of flats and your favorite stud earrings for an effortlessly chic, timeless look.

And if you’re feeling bold, a pair of statement stud earrings can elevate your party outfit to the next level. Most people tend to associate stud earrings with subtleness, but swapping the dainty pair for a more statement, chunky set of earrings can lend you a more hipster or glam look. 

With their versatility and so many options to choose from, stud earrings make the perfect gift to give to your loved ones. What's even better, diamond stud earrings can cater for almost any budget.  Simply adjust the size of the diamonds (carat) and / or the quality of the diamonds (color and clarity).  Diamond studs can also come in different shapes with round brilliant cut and princess cut being the most popular.  Four-Claw earrings are the most classic but rubover earrings are a great gift too.

Stud earrings are not just a feminine accessory—not today and certainly not historically. The first stud earrings were actually predominantly worn by men and even during the Renaissance, many boys would wear a stud earring in their right ear.

Men's earrings are regaining popularity and can be a bold way to refresh your everyday look even in the workplace. A good tip for gifting (or treating yourself to) male stud earrings is finding a style that fits the recipient’s features.  White gold and platinum stud earrings typically compliment pale complexions and yellow gold makes for a nice contrast. To emphasize fair skin, opt for white gold and for darker skin yellow gold is by far the best choice. For the olive-skinned guys out there, rejoice as this complexion looks spectacular with almost any color of stud earrings. Men can also opt for black diamond earrings for something a little different.