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2022 is full of trends, from Instagram reels to makeups and clothes, so why should jewellery be left anywhere behind. What’s hot and what’s not is what we are going to tell you. How to style your jewellery and what jewellery will create a stir, we’ve got you covered. Let us walk you through the beautiful trends of 2022

  1. A refreshing take on stone cut jewellery is bound to take the lead this year: Since the jewellery market keeps evolving, new shapes and designs are taking the lead. Some of the shapes are briolettes, trilliant, trapeze and asscher. 

  2. This is the year of layering your jewellery: The art of layering is a much practiced skill, and if you master it in 2022 you are sure to make a playful statement and add drama to any ensemble. You can surely add your own unique style making it customised by playing with different lengths, textures and seemingly mismatched designs.

  3. Gorgeous Emerald still rules this year: We say royalty, we think the beautiful colour Emerald. Oozing with panache and style, this beautiful stone can never go out of style.

  4. Silent luxury to lead in 2022: For Spring/Summer 2022, a glittery sensibility prevails in pushing brands to reconsider their foundations and redefines them. As our preferences for luxury change with the pandemic, the new value will be given to craftsmanship and sustainability.

  5. Vintage is the new trendsetter, bringing old back with style: With everything making a comeback, how can our beloved jewellery take a backseat. Coin earrings were such a hoot in the earlier times and now are making a full comeback with a more modern outlook.

  6. Vintage designs and Summer Bridal Look: India is oozing with its rich culture and heritage and using these in the bridal looks makes it much more royal and eye-catching. The jewellery creates a much loved and appreciated drama and makes you look like royalty. Jewellery made of precious gemstones like rubies, natural pearls, emeralds, and spinels, has also witnessed a revival as bridal must-haves.

  7. Summer and vintage go hand in hand: Adding a little retro jewellery to your lighter shades of summer clothes is what 2022 is all about. Look uber chic with a look that's not only cool but speaks volumes of style. 

  8. Be-jewelled Watches: With gorgeous designs and exquisite gem-setting, jewelled watches are a perfect amalgamation of sensibilities of precise timekeeping and jewellery. A perfect accessory for any casual or formal occasion, be-jewelled watches can take even the most casual or drab outfit up by several notches.

  9.  Bling It On: Shine your way into 2022 with all things bling and bright. Gone are the days when bling meant looking like a disco ball. 2022 brings with it the trend of bold, statement pieces. Chandelier earrings make a comeback while strikingly big rings, heavy pendants, and drop-dead gorgeous danglers will continue to increase in popularity.

  10.  Stack and Layer: Stacking is the way to go. Layer your statement pieces together to create a look like never before. Forget the idea of less is more and go big. Layer to your heart's content.  Multiple neck chains of varying lengths will come together in an artistic medley. Stackable rings are likely to be worn together on a single finger or apart on every finger of the hand. More than one bracelet will grace even the most delicate of wrists as they shine hypnotically in the light.

  11. Colour Me Sparkle: All that glitters isn’t gold, sometimes it's rubies, sapphires, emeralds etc. Why choose one when you can go crazy and have it all. It's the year to be royal so go big and have it all.  Colourful gems will be the perfect statement piece that adds panache to your monochrome outfits. Enamel too will gain popularity in 2022 and bring vivacity to even the simplest of designs

  12. Un-Chained Melody: Chains are making it big this year and we mean that literally and figuratively. We’re seeing bigger gold links and diamond-studded T-bar chokers being paired with delicate Y-shaped long chains. Textured gold adds character to the piece with diamonds making it stand out. One is never enough and two is not too much either.

  13. Hoop For The Best: Hoops were the biggest trend back in the 90s but everything making a comeback, how can our beloved hoops be any less behind. Hoop earrings are making their way into our wardrobe and making us look a lot more modern with it changed designs and styling. We’re seeing the hoops get bigger in size as they make their statement with a mix of fancy and round cut diamonds and gemstones of varied sizes. Here white and rose gold will also find their voice too.

  14. Bold statement jewellery: Statement jewellery has always been a trending artificial jewellery style! Statement jewellery makes you look confident and bold. It makes an impact that you know what you want and you can achieve it! They look beautiful as well as cliché!

  15. Art Jewellery: If being quirky is your thing then art jewellery is perfect for you. With a bit of funk in it, it's perfect to lighten your style without making you look over the top. They pair well with kurtas and casual summer dresses!

  16. Chain Necklaces: Chain necklaces have been trending for a while now. They look bold yet pretty! They can be paired with casuals and formals. They look the best when paired with a black outfit! If you want to look stylish and make a bold statement, chain necklaces are for you!

  17. Minimal Jewellery: Less is more is no longer the motto. Less is beautiful is what we believe in 2022. For those who dont like to wear a lot but create a fashion state, minimal jewellery is the way to go. With fewer pieces to style, this trend is more popular with office goers and professionals. 

  18. Chandbalis: Silver jewellery will always remain in style no matter what the year is. Chandbalis look beautiful when paired with kurtas or suits. They are available in thousands of colours and styles! You can surely find some latest artificial jewellery to pair with your traditional outfit.

  19. Embellished jewellery: If you want to look stunning and stylish, go for some studded artificial jewellery! Pair them with your dress or a fancy top for your dinner date! Add some bling and glamour to your style!