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Brides often get very adventurous when it comes to their wedding lehenga and jewelry. Make sure that their game is on point when it comes to matching jewelry for lehenga. So whether it is a piece of contrasting jewelry for a lehenga or the same color jewelry at Talisman, you can get a massive range of special bride's jewelry. So now, don't compromise on your ‘Big Day’ and make sure everybody goes gaga over your jewelry that ends up complimenting your lehenga in the best way possible.

How to Pick the Right Kind of Lehenga Jewellery?

Picking out the perfect jewelry that compliments your lehenga is not a cakewalk. Choosing the right jewelry plays a significant role in making or breaking your entire look. So whenever you have to choose jewelry, make sure it is as per your lehenga type. The most common and best type of jewelry that matches all the lehenga styles are the gold-toned and traditional Kundan ones. You can also be different from the crowd by choosing some unique and quirky jewelry from the Talisman lehenga jewelry collection.

Always Pick Matching Jewellery For Your Lehenga

Whether it's a bridal event or a casual setting, lehengas are the most delightful outfits, and the right jewelry on it can either glam up your look, or it can degrade it. This is why it is imperative to choose jewelry that matches your lehenga. When looking for a lehenga with jewelry, you should keep in mind that the color and type of jewelry also play an essential role. At Talisman, we offer a different variety of lehenga jewelry that will surely complement your ethnic look in the best way so that you quickly catch everyone’s attention.

Buy The Jewellery According To The Type Of Lehenga

While choosing the lehenga jewelry, keep in mind that the texture and type of your lehenga determine which kind of jewelry will suit you more. You might already know that matching jewelry for a lehenga is essential but not just as per color. It should also focus on the work of your lehenga. You can browse through various earrings collections for lehengas, necklaces, or a complete set of lehenga jewelry at Talisman.

Contrasting Jewellery for Lehengas

Contrasting jewelry makes you look traditional but in a unique way and brings out the best possible looks, whether it is about the wedding or some conventional function. Contrasting jewelry always brings a win-win situation for everyone's looks. Find the contrasting color of your lehenga, and then look out for the jewelry pieces that will give a contrasting look in a sparkling way. Pearls are always the best and safest choice, no matter which contrasting jewelry you have been looking for.

Reddish Pink with a Pop of Blue

If you have a reddish-pink-colored lehenga with a slight pop of blue color, then you can go for gorgeous golden and blue color jewelry with lehenga. Golden-toned jewelry with blue-colored gems will indeed look super beautiful with your reddish-pink lehenga. You might think it won't suit you when you see both separately, but after wearing the necklace and lehenga together, you will notice how enhanced the outfit looks.

Bright Contrasting Colours: Violet and Green

Many women prefer wearing bright colors like violet and green, and there is nothing wrong with that. You can choose contrasting color jewelry for your lehenga from the Talisman jewelry collection. If you have violet or green colored lehenga, you have the right contrasting colors to choose any of the lehenga jewelry between these two colors to match up with your lehenga.

Pink with Red and Green

The best thing all the brides with contrasting color lehenga can do is wear not just one but two-colored jewelry. A two-color combination lehenga can complement two colored pieces of jewelry; it will also give you a unique and stunning look if you go for three colors. The three colors you choose should be contrasting with the lehenga.

Bright Contrasting Colours: Saffron and Green

Suppose you are planning to purchase lehengas in bright contrasting colors like saffron and green. In that case, you can go for green matching jewelry for lehenga in saffron color. On the other hand, if you have a green-colored lehenga, you can go for saffron-colored emerald jewelry. As both saffron and green are bright contrasting colors, they complement each other in the best way.

Contrasting Jewel tones: Maroon and Emerald Green

To make your bridal look more quirky and unique, you should go for contrasting deep jewel tones. If you plan to wear a deep-colored lehenga, something like maroon color, green emerald jewelry will look amazing. As both the colors have contrasting styles, they match up in the best way and offer you a unique look from the ordinary bride look.

Multicolour Jewellery with Simple Pearl Lehenga

Many brides prefer simple lehengas but go for heavy jewelry. It is a unique way to dress up and has its charm. If you are wearing a light and simple red and silver-colored lehenga, you can buy jewelry for a lehenga with loads of pearl or stonework. As the lehenga is light, your jewelry can be as heavy or bright it can be. Brides can also go for colorful or multicolor jewelry that will go well according to your wedding theme. At Talisman, you can choose from the quirkiest to the most authentic colorful jewelry that can level up your lehenga looks for sure.