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Love is such a magical feeling, it makes you happy, you get butterflies in your stomach, you feel like talking to that person all day long, those never-ending calls, texting each other throughout the day, such an amazing feeling, we feel like it gives us wings at times (LOL). But nevertheless, it is a magical time and an amazing feeling. With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, you can spruce up those lovely feelings by gifting! Buy jewellery online this valentine for your special someone. There is nothing more beautiful than gifting something straight from your heart. It is all about how much love we put into giving. We all know for a fact, how much women love jewellery. Stackable rings, trendy bracelets, charming pendants are everyone’s favourite. Loved by women of all ages, pure silver jewellery online available never go out of style. These can be used to compliment one’s outfit. Be it fancy or regular dress silver bracelets and rings are a woman’s best friend.

Rings, Bracelets and Earrings are such multipurpose accessories that never go out of style, be it during an office meeting or a casual lunch or a date night, these accessories will always uplift your style.

Want to give your lady love something special, but can’t figure out what to give, still confused? Don’t let Valentine’s Day gift shopping send you into a spiral, instead shop jewellery online, TALISMAN to the rescue! We have a special curated collection of jewellery that your lady will not stop drooling over. All our jewellery is made in 925 Sterling Silver with semi-precious gemstones. With intricate designs that are delicate and precisely handcrafted jewellery, TALISMAN is your one stop solution for buying pure silver jewellery online.

Most of us believe in celebrating Valentine’s Day by going on dates, exchanging gifts, celebrating it with our BFF’s while making some awesome memories. What can be better than gifting them jewellery for them to cherish forever. Be if your gf, wife, sister, mother, BFF or any important woman in your life, we at TALISMAN have the perfect gift to bring them joy this Valentines. We have the best silver jewellery, which is perfect to wear for any occasion and every age group.

So, this Valentine’s Day, pick up your mobile or ipad and shop Silver Jewellery online with TALISMAN and spread the love by gifting these beautiful pieces to your loved ones.

Below is a list of 10 jewellery pieces curated specially for you from our Amore’ Love Collection that you can gift to your special someone:

  1. Sparkling Heart Ring- Red

Valentine’s Day is celebrated all over the world on 14th Feb. This day gives all those people who wish to express their feelings a special opportunity to convey it to their special someone easily. So do not hasten while buying that gift for this special occasion. A well thought gift is the best gift. Our Amore’- Love jewellery collection is curated keeping all the lovers in mind. With intricate designs, delicate and precisely handcrafted jewellery with sparkling stone embellishments, it is an inspiring gift idea for yourself or your loved one. Simply catch the love with this glistening piece of jewellery that is sure to melt hearts. This ring is adjustable so do not worry about the size, just add to your cart and woo her with your love.

  1. Feather Heart Ring – Red

Nothing spells love better than heart shaped jewellery, this gorgeous adjustable heart shaped ring is the perfect gift to give to your lovelies. It is made with sparkling red stone embellishments to give it the perfect valentine touch! This Valentine’s Day flaunt this glamourous feather heart ring like this one to create a statement look. Hurry shop Valentine’s Day gifts online from TALISMAN.

  1. Red Pave’ Heart Moment Bracelet

For everybody love has a different meaning, for everybody love has a different feeling. Some express it with luxurious extravagant gifts, some express it with splendid dinner dates, some like to express it with music, while most believe in gifting jewellery to let her know how much they love her! As it is rightly said jewellery is a woman’s best friend and she might have an overflowing collection of silver jewellery but it always helps to gift her more jewellery to add to her collection. So, gift this gorgeous Red Pave’ heart bracelet to make her feel loved and extra special this valentine’s!

  1. Red Pave’ Sparkle Heart Earrings

Gifts are a great way to express your love for each other. TALISMAN’s Amore’- Love collection is bursting with love colours and inspiration, whether your one true love is your bff or you’re planning to surprise your special women in your life, this collection features jewellery with richly hued stones and gleaming silver chains. It all adds up to a selection of modern jewellery that all women will love. Explore pieces from our love jewellery collection, you are sure to find jewellery that will impress her. Shop these Red Pave’ sparkle drop earrings to lift up her mood instantly.

  1. Sparkling Heart Ring- Purple

Valentine’s Day does not necessarily have to be a celebration of love between lovers, it could also be a celebration of love between friends, love that we share with our family or a special bond that we cherish with someone special in our life. Simply catch the love with our sparkling heart ring and make them feel special with this ring that is sure to tug on some heartstrings. Be it date night or a Sunday brunch with your friends, we have jewellery that is perfect for all your moods and every occasion. So, hurry shop rings online with TALISMAN.

  1. Sparkling Heart Ring- White

Whoever said that Diamonds are a girl’s best friend has very rightly said so. It goes without saying that women love jewellery, no matter if they have an overflowing collection of jewellery they would still shop for more. Jewellery is a perfect gift to give to your lady love this Valentine’s Day. At TALISMAN we create pieces that won’t pinch your pocket but at the same time will give you jewellery that is luxurious and stylish. A gift like this is a perfect keepsake to be cherished forever, it will show your love and care for her and at the same time make her feel wonderful with this sparkling white heart ring.

  1. Purple Pave’ Heart Moment Bracelet

Well, one cannot deviate from the fact that bracelets are a versatile piece of jewellery and is something that fits with all outfits. But yes of course you don’t want to style them by being boring and usual. You can buy bracelets online from TALISMAN which are uniquely handcrafted in 925 sterling silver and bedazzling American diamonds. The good news is that we have a pair of stunning bracelet to amp up your style. Pair this glittering purple pave’ heart moment bracelet for a magical date night or for an office video call and you are good to go! It is a timeless piece full of charm! Gift it to your lovelies and flaunt it with style! Shop your favourite jewellery hassle free with TALISMAN.

  1. Feather Heart Ring- White

There are few statements as elegant and timeless as rings, they are also the perfect gift to give to your loved ones. This Feather Heart ring is the perfect gift for your valentine, with its beautiful intricate design and elegance anyone will fall in love with it. Wait wait, there are more benefits of buying this ring, you don’t need to worry about the size, coz’ this is an adjustable ring, perfect to fit in any finger and this ring will not burn a hole in your pocket but at the same time it will win her heart. Voila! Problem solved; the best valentine gift ever is yours. Shop Silver rings online with TALISMAN.

  1. Purple Pave’ Sparkle Heart Drops

We found the perfect Valentine gift to give to your bff or any special women in your life…. and we won’t tell if you gift it to yourself! These purple pave’ sparkle heart drops are perfect for the jewellery lovers. We know gift shopping can be stressful specially if you are not sure what to buy. If you are shopping for your friends this valentine’s day, we have just the right jewellery to gift to your squad. These earrings are perfect to light up her face and complement her style! TALISMAN offers these earrings in different colours so you can even twin with your squad. Hurry Shop Pure Silver Earrings before they’re sold out!!

  1. Hearts Ring- Red

Are you a fan of basic minimal jewellery? Do you prefer wearing small stackable rings rather than statement pieces? Well, we have just the right jewellery for you! This red heart ring is a classic ring sure to add elegance and make your look more dapper! Have fun, experiment and wear this ring alone or stack it up with other rings from our amazing stackable rings collection, that is all you need to create a stellar look this valentine’s.

Let us help you build your stack with our wide-ranging ring collection that includes everything from glitzy gemstone options to playful pop-art inspired selections. Go on, layer them up! Easily slip it on to create a classy look!

There is nothing better than gifting jewellery to your loved ones on Valentine’s Day. But what do you gift to a jewellery lover who already has it all? Trick Question! Because you can never have too many stunning earrings, bracelets, rings or pendants. TALISMAN is your one stop solution for gifting jewellery to your lovelies, you can gift it to yourself also! We provide you with jewellery that will deliver an instant dose of sparkle and shine to get you that glamourous look you desire. Feel the love, shop valentine’s day jewellery online from TALISMAN and fall in love with it. Be sure to grab one for yourself before they’re all gone!