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Ornaments and precious stones go hand in hand. Gemstones bring out the best in an ornament. They not only embellish ornaments but also give them a character. Ornaments, especially stud jewellery, such as stud earrings, rings, etc. look the best when we use them with natural gemstones. 

There is a huge variety of precious and semi gemstones that can be found in nature. They come in a range of colours and can be cut and polished in any shape one wants. Set on a beautifully crafted earring, ring or pendant, these natural gemstones tend to turn heads and lift any look. You go from looking drab to all glammed up in just a matter of minutes if you wear natural gemstones. 

TALISMAN uses several natural gemstones on many of their ornaments. These exquisitely crafted ornaments are made up of 925 sterling silver and are encrusted with semi-precious stones. Sometimes they are richly lacquered in Italian enamel that gives them a rich look. TALISMAN has a whole range of stud jewellery on offer — from stud earrings to rings — for you to choose from. 

Types of stud jewellery

TALISMAN has a range of stud jewellery on offer. Pretty rings, exquisite pendants and versatile earrings are just some of the ornaments that heavily use natural gemstones. Rings encrusted with white cubic zirconias, pendants with stones like the Tiger Eye and earrings studded with Black Onyx are just a few of the pieces of the ornament that use natural gemstones as a mode of embellishment. These pieces can be worn with any garment and can perk up even the dullest of dresses.

How to wear stud jewellery

Stud jewellery like earrings and rings use single pieces of gemstones to enhance the look of the ornament. When it comes to wearing natural gemstones you should keep it simple. It is best to select ornaments that use a single piece of stone that is highlighted in all its glory. You can wear these pieces with any outfit you want – from a simple pair of jeans and a t-shirt to an elaborate evening gown, from an ethic saree to daily officewear. These pieces are extremely versatile and can boost your style quotient many times over. 

How to choose your stud jewellery

Stud jewellery like rings, pendants and earrings are smaller in size than danglers and other elaborate pieces. Yet, don’t be fooled by their size. These smaller pieces go very well if you have a short neck or a small round face. Rings and pendants are also versatile pieces that can be used. TALISMAN has a fabulous collection of statement pieces using natural gemstones, such as Tiger Eye, Black Onyx, Lapiz, White Zirconias, Black Spinel and suchlike. Elegantly designed and superbly crafted, these pieces can bring to life even the simplest of dresses.

Exquisite Stud Earrings

TALISMAN has a range of stud earrings that use natural gemstones, 925 sterling silver and enamel coating. These come in both contemporary and classic designs and can be worn during both daytime and at night. Choose from TALISMAN’s Umrao range, which has an exquisite array of timeless pieces, using natural gemstones. For a simple and classy look go for Black Moon Earrings, which uses Black Onyx stone effectively to create a pair of stunning earrings that complements both day and nightwear. Equally alluring is Purple Moon Earrings, which use Amethyst beautifully. For a dramatic look, you can opt for Quiet Moon Earrings, which come in an 18-carat rose gold finish and use Rose Quartz stones.

Statement Rings

A ring is perhaps the only piece of ornament that uses gemstones in abundance and with great effect. The true beauty of natural gemstones comes to life with a ring. A versatile piece, a ring is truly a reflection of your personality and is the perfect accessory to your outfit. A single piece of the ring with a beautiful gemstone can truly lift an outfit and give it the boost it deserves. TALISMAN offers and range of beautiful rings made out of gemstones and silver. Our recommendation includes Celebration Night Cocktail Ring, which is uniquely handcrafted in 925 sterling silver, and is encrusted with Guava Quartz and Red Crystals; Festive Delight Cocktail Ring, which comes with Black Onyx and the Exotic Isnad Ring, which is entirely made up of White Topaz stones.

Pretty Pendants

Natural gemstones can also be found on pendants. TALISMAN’s necklaces are adorned with beautiful natural gemstones that make quite an impact on the beholder. Extremely versatile and stylish, these pendants can be worn with neck chains or can be stacked together to make a statement piece. They are handcrafted and bear TALISMAN seal of guarantee. TALISMAN has plenty of options to select from. How about the Dainty Luminous Royal Necklace or a Luscious Luxe Drop Necklace. If you are feeling more adventurous, you can also go for One of a Kind Drop Necklace or a Feast for Your Eyes Necklace. For something more simple and classy, give TALISMAN’s One of a Kind Drop Necklace or Rising Phoenix Necklace a try. 


Natural precious and semi-precious stones are the perfect embellishment for ornaments. Pieces made of silver or gold can effectively use natural gemstones to add more value. There are a wide variety of natural gemstones that can be used in ornaments to make them look more beautiful and your daily wear more attractive.

Natural gemstones not only have healing power but they make for the perfect embellishments for ornaments. They come in a staggering array of colours, including pink, black, yellow, purple, etc. They look the best when they are used on stud jewellery, such as stud rings, earrings, etc. These pieces can be worn at offices, at cocktail parties or on a simple night out with friends. You would be able to mix and match the gemstones with the colour of the outfit you are wearing. Not just that, you can also opt for the perfect stud jewellery as per the design. 

TALISMAN has a range of gem stone-inspired collections that can give you both a classy and a contemporary look as per your choice. You would be missing out if you don’t check out these gemstone-inspired pieces of TALISMAN world.