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When was the last time you were wondering what jewelry to wear to your office? Probably everyday. That's what happens with me. Choosing the apt jewellery for office isn't an easy affair. In an office set-up our jewelry cannot be flashy and neither can it be too colourful. At the same time we don't have to wear very heavy jewelry as we have to sit for long meetings with the jewlery on. Ye office and professional couture jewelry is a bg thing and a good choice for office appropriate rings online and stud earrings is TALISMAN. TALISMAN speciales in dainty and elegant professional jewelry wear and has some tips for all your jewelry aficionados out there. 

Classic silver studs for a dressy outfit

When going or your important presentation or meeting and have put on your favourite lucky top to visit the client office you can opt for plain silver classy studs. These will mellow down the ‘dressing’ of your outfit and at the same time will make your attire lok more corporate. Check my favorite go-tos from TALISMAN. I always keep them in my wallet to put them on immediately when I need to dress up. Check TALISMAN’s rings online and dangler earrings for dressy corporate looks. 

Add a bit of glitter

Silver earrings and rings online look beautiful when worn with white precious stones or even diamonds. If you don't have the budget for diamonds then opt for some glittering silver earrings to make any old office top come alive. Let the earrings shine on by tying your hair in a high ponytail. An office party or a festival celebration in the office can be celebrated with these tiny dazzlers on. Draw some inspiration from the earrings below. These diamond encrusted butterflies can go with any outfit, super feminine and cute. 

Color is allowed in office 

Yes, colour is allowed in office. Perhaps long danglers or colourful hps might look inappropriate for office wear but small silver earrings with a dash of color cannot be wrong. If you're planning to wear coloured earrings then team them up with a simple solid coloured shirt and trousers. A bit of colour will add some freshness to your look. You could also wear rings online if you want to dress up more. Check out these earrings below,a little lime in the middle can change the entire look of your attire. 

On a bad day

On a bad day when you don't have the time to dress up or when your hair just isn't what you would like to invest in, a pair of good silver earrings could do magic. On such days when dressing can be a chore wear slightly dressy earrings, a little more than what you would on a normal day. Like these below, they look gorgeous especially with hair tied up and bare neck. The idea to go slightly dressier than usual is done to compensate for the plain jane outfit. If you are not into earrings you could also opt for rings online to add some character to your look for the day. 

Merge more

If you are someone who loves to wear more jewelry than just simple plain silver earrings then you can opt for simple band rings or stone rings to go along with your professional wear. Most women love to wear at least a pair of stunning earrings and a couple of rings on each hand. You could also throw in a bracelet if you don't wear a watch or if you would prefer both your hands occupied. Look at our perfect look below from TALISMAN’s range of office jewelry. This mix and match is a perfect when worn together, elegancy, beauty and sophistication are in the intricate craftsmanship of each piece and in their.


No we are not talking about the geometry we learnt in school. Geometrical designs have been in vogue for office jewelry since a while and the trend has not faded as yet. They offer a clean and crisp look as office accessories. Geometrical sets are an easy go-to for office presentation, outings and parties. Check out these stunning littles from TALISMAN, I love them. 


The best look can be attained when awesome clothing is effectively accentuated with stylish jewelry, whether silver earring or stunning neck choker. The best way to do that is to stay in tune with the latest trends that dominate the fashion scene. Of course you can go beyond what's in vogue if you are a true trend setter. Stylish statement rings online and modern earring designs with an electric twist have been the stagers off late. What's your style? 

Pearls and Silver- The Classic Combo

Do you know that pearls can be fitted best only in silver metal? True that, if you did not know that. TALISMAN has a stunning few pearl pieces which I personally love. Pearls are a top favourite for office wear. Starting from simple pearl studs to simple pearl rings online. A string of pearls can never go wrong, no matter what! The beauty about choosing pearls as an office jewelry staple is that it often comes in colours and textures, in faux and original forms. So binge on them. Check my favourites here below, they are so affordable and wearable and coloured gold. 

Statement Necklaces

If you are someone who enjoys wearing stunning and rather large neck pieces, even to office then the perfect option for add on is nothing but simple small ear studs. Even rings online, small single rings or band rings online should do the trick. But remember, if you are wearing anything very large in your neck your earrings should be very small. Nothing larger than the earrings in the image below as going too loud in an office set-up looks obnoxiously inappropriate. 

Well Maintained Jewelry

Silver jewelry looks good but it is not very easy to maintain. Unlike Gold jewelry, silver jewelry is notorious for blackening. This spoils the look and sometimes also leads to allergies and rash. Hence, maintain the jewelry well. Quick tip: Soak your silvers in any toothpaste solution and scrub it well to regain the shine. Of course, yes there is a trend of oxidised jewellery as well but it depends on what your style is. If you'd like to keep your silver clean and shining then maintain them well storing them well with silicon gel sachets in your jewelry box. 

So, the next time you are finding it hard to choose some good jewelry for your day at the office , read this and know that your simple silver earrings and rings online are enough to fill your palate with fashion and glamour. Just strategize your look and you should be good to go. If your jewelry trunk lacks such pieces then check TALISMAN for sure.