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Bridal jewellery is usually characterized by a distinctive blend of classic designs and a modern interpretation. It is something that everyone in the family is excited about – from the mothers and sisters of the bride and groom to the bridesmaids as well. Jewellery completes any outfit or look so it should really be a staple in everyone’s wardrobe.

Traditionally, bridal jewellery was mainly focused on investment value, but today’s brides gravitate towards a combination of aesthetics, value and wearability. So, how can brides make the decision on jewellery pieces that communicate their personality and charisma, and yet make them stand out in a crowded room?

Here are some tips to consider -

  1. Match metals: When you are starting to put together your collection of bridal jewellery, the simplest way to ensure you will get the most wear out of your beautiful pieces is to choose styles in the same metal colour. For instance, if you love yellow gold, choose diamond jewellery set in yellow gold each time you shop for a new piece. This will make it easy to mix and match your pieces for different outfits and occasions, so that your diamond jewellery always looks beautifully put-together.
  2. Incorporate heritage pieces that you can wear every day: Bridal jewellery doesn’t have to be put away and forgotten about post your big day. For instance, high-top earrings are the easiest way to incorporate a heritage piece into your daily life. In fact, you can flaunt them through the day and keep them on for a night out too.
  3. Include cocktail rings: We’ve seen cocktail rings make a comeback because they are bold and beautiful and can make a statement. They can be effortlessly carried off as street style trends and as bridal wear too. Consider getting these in precious metals such as silver or duo-toned metal in contemporary designs for maximum effect.
  4. Consider alternative metals: Modern brides are looking for jewellery that is personal, stylish, and not too heavy on the wallet. So, 925 Sterling Silver has come to the forefront. You often see Silver Chandballis and Jhumkis trending as some of the most fashionable wedding choices. Even when it comes to wedding bands and rings, couples opt for Sterling Silver customised bands or bands that they can carry across different occasions – including work, gym, etc. 
  5. Traditional vs. fancy: This is a question that comes to the mind of every bride-to-be. Should you go down the route of classic pieces or select pieces that are one of their kind? While it is always a great idea to stand out, let’s not forget wedding jewellery are sentimental buys that doesn’t have to be fashion statement. As the years go by, trends may come and go, but your wedding jewellery is something that needs to be ever green. 
  6. Incorporate gemstones: Any jewellery connoisseur appreciates the different tonalities and intensities of colors that gemstones add to any collection. Gemstones give you the ability to play with complementing hues and create a striking one-of-a-kind look. For instance, nothing is more scintillating than the combination of an ivory lehenga set and an emerald necklace. The best thing about gemstones is that it’s a great way to integrate an element of your own personality in your bridal jewellery and get creative with your designs. 
  7. Personalize to your heart’s content:Design today is getting more personal than ever before, with a multitude of options for customization. Every bride has her own thoughts on accessorizing and her own interpretation of wedding jewellery. Women have an extensive knowledge of design, fashion, and art, which is making them more confident of curating their own pieces. So, don’t be afraid to customize your jewellery, whether it is by incorporating your favorite gemstone or adding elements that reflect your personality.