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The season of festivities is the one time of year when jewelry sparkles the brightest. It truly serves as a marquee for these occasions. Everyone is enthralled and left wanting more by the stunning elegance and refinement of these captivating pieces of beauty. 

Jewelry and festivals move parallel; the latter is incomplete without the former. Jewelry enhances the festive mood and significance of the moment. The shine of metals and the vibrancy of the hues of the stones arranged to perfection are beautiful sights to be part of. It spreads a sense of delight and joy in the air and thus makes an ideal gift for the festive season. The time of the festival is even more special at Talisman because we get to share the beauty of jewelry with everyone. After all, it is so reasonably priced without sacrificing quality or style. 

Have A Look At Some Of Our Top Tips To For You This Diwali

1. An All-Gold Concept

Some things remain the same for good reason. The festival of Diwali is the ideal time of year to wear all of your gold jewelry. Gold hues warm up your appearance and go with practically every classic attire you can imagine. 

For a minimalistic look, we would recommend statement gold pieces like our LUMINOUS GREEN FLORET NECKLACE and FLORAL HOOP EARRINGS. The dangling necklace adds movement to the look, and when paired with gold hoops, it adds a modern touch.

A more glam look would call for a subtle statement like our SHIMMERING GREEN VINTAGE RING and FROM NOW TO INFINITY SYMBOL BRACELET. The matching color gold is all the drama you need!

2. A Cluster Of Crystals

They can be stacked on to give you that main character life, or they can be the subtle sparkle you need to brighten up a simple ensemble.

Keeping it simple with a kurta and jeans? A crystal necklace or pair of earrings will add luster to your outfit.

If your look is already eye-catching, all you'll need to top it off is something dainty like the RAINBOW CLOUD NECKLACE. 

3. Add Colour To The Festivities

For the celebrations, gemstone jewelry was created! We adore gemstones since they give our stacks a whole new feel: color, sparkle, and personality. A pop of rich green or red is a surefire way to take your look to the next level.

 Birthstones also show off your style. You can style one as your Diwali necklace and add a touch vibrant dash of color to your outfit. 

4. Adorn Yourself With Evil Eye  

Evil eye jewelry is now fashionable and a fantastic option for this auspicious occasion. It serves as a shield against harmful "Nazar" or evil intents and is also a very fashionable symbol with a significant meaning.

Our showstopper picks for Diwali would be the EVIL EYE HOOP EARRINGS and EVIL EYE HAMSA TWIN CHARM NECKLACE to finish the look!

5. Diwali Outfit Must-Have: Royally Gorgeous BOHO CHANDELIER PENDANT

The best-looking pendant style out of practically all jewelry is the pendant. They have a soft sheen and beauty that one must complement with their traditional Indian attire. A Boho Chandelier Pendant can be worn with any formal attire. For our stunning ladies, we bring the most exquisite and captivating items so they may enjoy and be satisfied with our exotic jewelry assortment.

6. Traditional Diwali Sparkle: Add a Hint of Heritage with REGAL FLORET EARRINGS

These elaborate ear danglers portray beautiful flower designs in embroidered stones with an antique look and natural gemstone; these are special must-have trinkets to be bagged before the festive season. Perfect to pair with traditional outfits for Diwali, flaunt a royal look this Diwali night with these eccentric earrings to brighten up your face and add to your beauty.

Love for earrings never ends when it is a festival that is so dear, and you have to look as pretty as a picture.

7. Stylishly Elegant: Diwali Bangles

You will rarely see women without something wrapped around their wrists, and Diwali is no exception. When they take out the new silk saree or lehenga to wear on Diwali 2023, they will also show off their unique gifts from you. The serpent jewelry symbolizes purification. Wearing the serpent bracelet shows the snake is wrapped in a full circle. Like the saying "the circle of life," snakes show us endings and beginnings. Flaunt this gorgeous serpentine Bracelet and all that it stands for.

8. Red Carpet Glamour Drop Earrings

All the jewelry you have is less when it is a festival, and the craving for more never ends!

Buy the RED CARPET GLAMOUR DROP EARRINGS. A pretty intricate hanging in the middle of the crescent makes it the absolute Diwali outfit accessory.

Wear it with your dark-hued kurta or salwar suit and red lipstick to dazzle with the perfectly curated traditional outfit for Diwali. A blue saree and these earrings with You are a match made in heaven!

This Diwali, let your jewelry reflect your inner light. Dress to impress with TALISMAN's exclusive Diwali jewelry collection. Embrace the festivities with elegance, style, and a touch of sparkle. Happy Diwali, and may your Diwali be as bright as the jewels you adorn!