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Online shopping can get hectic at times, while we are almost hooked to our desktop and mobile screens continually and almost every thing concerned with our lives has occupied an online mode of conduct, many of us are skeptical about shopping certain things online. Although, many people are gradually getting used to buying things such as jewelry and other precious stone articles Online as well, jewelry is a forever evolving fashion accessory- one that has undergone epic changes over the years and rings are a certain breed of accessory that have lasted the wrath of time and are sure to do so in the near future.

While more and more women are treating themselves with a great collection of rings, it does signify a sense of belonging, empowerment, freedom and self sufficiency. A perfect ring still remains the best token of expression of love and appreciation that will lift anyone's mood on any day, the modern women no more needs to wait for her perfect partner to treat her with that special adornment on her fingers and is filling her fingers and wardrobe with the most beautiful rings in the market.

A good ring can accompany you wherever you go- a casual Friday or a hectic Monday Conference, Saturday dates or Sunday outings with your girl gang or special occasions like marriages and family gatherings, the ring complements every occasion like no other accessory.

Rings are just more than a piece of jewelry, it's a personality statement, as a naked wrist is a big no no for a man, naked fingers are not a good statement for a woman either. No one wants to overdo with a flamboyant ring that spoils the entire look of yours, a proportionate piece is all you need.

TALISMAN thus brings you an exquisite collection of some of the most pristine rings in the best available prices on the internet. TALISMAN's perfectly handcrafted rings are not only a wear for the season but will embellish the beautiful you all throughout the year. Check out the best rings online from our collection below.


For the ones who wish to make way through an unconventional bohemian look that sets aside the regular, TALISMAN brings you a unique set of Evil Eye rings. This is a perfect piece of accessory for the masters of their own fates who are aiming for certain grandeur in their life and those who need to cast away all the negative vibes around them, this is a perfect piece to remind you of the positive spirit that you can bring along in your life and can change your fate according to your own wish. Made with 925 sterling silver these durable rings are plated meticulously to prevent the tarnish and are available in Blue Cubic Zirconia , White Cubic Zirconia stones. You can also check out other shades and designs of the same on TALISMAN's website for buying the best rings online.


For the casual and precise look that compliments your fingers at every occasion and attire, TALISMAN brings you an exquisite collection of dazzling sterling rings that shed over with a brilliant blend of shades of colourful Italian enamel in 925 Sterling Silver. Handcrafted uniquely for a sober look and embedded with precious stones in an ombre mix, these rings are skin friendly and look great on fingers of all kinds. The rings are available in a wide array of shades from Silver, Green and Red and are perfect for your next shopping for rings online.


This is a beautiful customized heart shaped ring from TALISMAN is a cool and bold statement ring that will radiate the charm of your heart through the tap of your fingers. These sparkling heart shaped rings are available in an array of delightful colors including white, red and purple and are delicate, refined, and meticulously crafted bands. The ring won’t get tarnished as it is coated with premium platinum plating and embellished with statement pieces of genuine quality stones of Green Cubic Zirconia, Red Cubic Zirconia and authentic enamel. You can buy these rings online at TALISMAN's website.


Be it Anna (Julia Roberts) from Notting Hill or Holly (Audrey Hepburn) from Breakfast at Tiffany's, over the decades if something has lasted the forever evolving fashion trends and buzz thoroughly and continues to do so in a similar fashion it is ought to be the Classic Black Spinel Ring, a ring that is a beautiful combination of simple and unique this ring is blended with the traditional and modern exquisite look to keep track with the moving and fast paced world. Uniquely handcrafted in 925 sterling silver, the classic ring is embedded with a beautiful genuine black spinel stone and has been premium plated to prevent the tarnish. Buy these rings online exclusive at TALISMAN'S website for best shopping experience.


One of the most enthralling pieces from our exquisite collection, this Feather Heart Ring is definitely a show stealer. A band that is light as feather, this ring celebrates the free and young spirited woman and is authentic, pure, and opulent, the ring has a premium plating to prevent it from getting tarnished. The ring comes in a great variety of bright hues from pink, purple, white, green and more, this is sure to render every woman drooling. Buy these rings online exclusively at TALISMAN'S website for best shopping experience.


If you are in search of the cutest things that leaves everyone awww...struck, this tiny and beautiful heart shaped ring from TALISMAN is the accessory you are looking for. A ring of finesse quality embedded with bright sparkling stones and comes in an array of vibrant colors such as green, purple, red, and black. The shape of the ring is not only resonant of the beautiful and warm heart that beats inside you but also reminds of the close and hearty people and their presence around you who are entrenched in you like nothing else. Buy these rings online exclusively at TALISMAN'S website for best shopping experience.


This magnificent collection of Heart-Shaped Garnet Rings from TALISMAN is nothing short of perfect, from the beautiful rose gold color that symbolizes avid freshness to the overall appeal of the ring that is adorned with tiny pieces of fine stones meticulously protecting and guarding the central heart, this ring is a repository of bliss and beauty. The ring bustles with a jovial pop-art inspiration, giving it a replenishing style. The Heart-Shaped Garnet rings come in various forms and styles, all emitting an unparalleled shine, lusture and beauty. Buy these rings online exclusively at TALISMAN'S website for best shopping experience.


Your wardrobe and stack are incomplete without these glitzy pop art inspired stack rings. The beautiful butterflies are a manifestation of freedom and vibrance and TALISMAN's exquisite Butterfly rings are meant to celebrate this spirit to compliment the unique and free you that make for a great option for the skeptical on some random outing. Uniquely handcrafted with meticulous precision these statement rings are premiumly plated to prevent tarnish and are available in white and blue. Buy these rings online exclusively at TALISMAN'S website for best shopping experience.


Inspired by the energy of the cosmos to empower the powerful you, TALISMAN brings its evergreen collection of band rings precisely embedded with layers of genuine tiny stones in 925 sterling silver, premium plated to prevent tarnish. This ring is meant to work for every fashion season and all kinds of fingers to graciously compliment your look and the occasion substantially. One of the best statement pieces this ring is available in 18 kt yellow gold, sliver, rose pink and a wide variety of stones from multicolored rainbow to zirconia white and etc. grab these rings online at TALISMAN'S website for the best shopping experience.


Ever since Thanos popularized the 'Infinity stones' in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, everyone has at least once dreamt of holding those multicolored stones in their fingers, while we at TALISMAN couldn't manage to bring the Gauntlet, what we could do best was to adore your fingers with this beautiful Rainbow Infinity Ring crafted with utmost precision on 925 Sterling silver and embedded with genuine Zirconia Blue, Zirconia Brown, Zirconia Pink, Zirconia Red stones on an 18 kt rose gold band. With infinite possibilities of styling and pairing this Rainbow ring will glorify every look stately. Available exclusively at TALISMAN'S website for the best online shopping experience.


Enantiosis is an integral part of life and the discordia concors is that force which exists for most obvious reality, TALISMAN's unique set of Yin and Yang Stack Rings are manifesting this integral spirit to signify the sense of all kinds of paradoxes that is within and around us, the most heterogeneous thoughts are sought to be brought together in this uniquely handcrafted 925 sterling silver ring embedded with genuine quality Black Spinel, Zirconia White stones in an 18 kt yellow gold premiumly plated to prevent tarnish. Buy these rings online exclusively at TALISMAN's website, grab it now to provide your fingers a unique piece of complement.