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When you buy any gold or silver jewelry in-store, it’s a best practice to check for its purity. The same applies to buying jewelry online. It is advisable to check for quality, authenticity, metal type as well as other factors when purchasing precious metal jewelry online. This article looks particularly at considerations to bear in mind when shopping online for silver pendants.

The do’s

  1. Do check for purity

This is the top priority, of course. Sometimes, while buying silver or gold jewelry from unauthentic online sources, the metal may not be original or just not be in the purest form. They are only cheap imitations. Always invest in quality and ensure that to read the fine print. At Talisman, we offer certified, statement pieces uniquely handcrafted just for you.

  1. Do know your style

The next step is to ascertain the style of pendant you are looking for. Styling your clothes with accessories also play an important role in acing the look. Choose something that can go both with your formal or casual outfit, if you don’t like to wear anything fancy. A small chain and a pendant can definitely make you look stunning.

  1. Do buy pendants that don’t hurt your wallet

Jewelry doesn’t have to be really expensive for it to glam up the outfit and your overall look. Rather than splurging on something that is out of your budget, invest in everyday minimalistic pieces that are affordable and stylish.

The don’ts

  1. Don’t buy something that doesn’t symbolize your personality

Jewelry is a reflection of our personality and should be personalized. So, don’t buy a pendant – or any jewelry for that matter – that isn’t meaningful to you. From colors and metallic tones to shapes and symbols, every element of a jewelry piece symbolizes something.

  1. Don’t overdo the bling

Stay away from bright, shiny and extra glossy metals. Often metal alloys are either polished, painted or made of plastic material making it look extra shiny and spoiling the whole idea of enhancing the look. Rather, while buying silver pendants online opt for metal colors that compliment your skin tone.  

  1. Don’t layer when not required

You have your favorite necklaces and pendant chains, you want to pair them with your outfit. One of the biggest mistakes is to layer multiple necklaces, pendants, chains at a time. Always go with minimal statement jewelry, adding a touch of richness and elegance.

So, these are few tips that will help you when shopping for pendants online. Follow these simple yet effective steps and get shopping.

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