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The "Heart of the Ocean" a rare pendant from the movie Titanic is something that all us still have fresh in our memories. While the pendant went away into the ocean and probably nobody ever found (we hope that it's true). If you can relate to that and you want to buy something similar then go ahead and buy pendants online from our rare, unique gem collection.

A classy pendant is a real eye-catcher. You can play with different styles and enhance your look by choosing the right pendant to go with it. Pendants have the ability to complement one's OOTD (Outfit Of The Day) and get a lot of attention, the reason being that there are no special requirements to wear pendants, like matching earrings or rings. However, we suggest you follow this rule when it comes to diamonds and pearls. You can go for a simple yet elegant pendant to go with both formal and casual outfits.

Although we believe pendants are sufficient to up your style quotient, you would need a chain, necklet, or a string to wear them. We recommend you remember the following points before shopping.

  • Do not mix match the color of the pendant and chain. This makes your jewelry to look very cheap and spoil the look. Instead, choose the same color chain and pendant as shown in the picture below. Shop for silver pendants online from Talisman now!

  • Ensure that the pendant isn’t too heavy and weighs more than the chain. In case you do then the chain might break and you may have to say goodbye to your favorite chain. Rather, stick to something that is light in weight making it easier for you to wear and carry off in style.
  • Avoid buying flashy and jazzy chains or necklets, to avoid pulling all the eyes on the chain rather than the pendant. It is always better to stick to something elegant and stylish.

Now that you know how to be wise while choosing a pendant let’s look at the most common types of pendants that’ll enhance your beauty.

Rose Gold Pendant

This has a modern and elegant look and one can never go wrong with a rose gold pendant. You can go with plain one or with a semi-precious stone embedded on the pendant. This type of pendant suits almost all skin tones.

Precious Gemstones Pendant

Although Sapphire and Ruby are the king and queen of gemstones, other gemstones such as Guava Quartz, Red Crystal, Amethyst, Black Onyx add a style of uniqueness and richness to the pendant. Make sure to get the right size, too big or too small can spoil the overall look.

Diamond Pendant

A classic diamond pendant is something that can never go out of style. It symbolizes eternal love, determination and promise. You can wear it with almost everything and look stunning.

Apart from these types, you can also opt for party wear silver pendants that adds a little sparkle or something playful by adding different colored gemstones.

If you are looking for an exclusive collection of pendant online, then Talisman is the best place to shop from. Our every jewelry piece is uniquely designed and handcrafted just for you.

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