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Updating your wardrobe? 

These are the need-to-know trends for the festive season

  1. As we ‘face’ the world remotely or virtually for virtual meetings, weddings, and even day-to-day socializing, it’s great to be able to turn to an accessory to help us lift up the frame, our fashion game and our mood! Colour therapy is definitely not a new ‘trend’ as it has been part of the fashion culture for decades, but it has recently been making its way into the jewellery sphere. There’s nothing like adding a pop of colour to your outfit through a pair of earrings or a stack of rings to awaken your senses and inspire some creativity! It is believed that bright colours also instil a sense of confidence and help others connect to you more easily. It is a great way to lift your spirits and enhance your work-from-home motivation by adding a touch of colour to the jewellery. We are personally quite looking forward to this trend and it has been something that has been on our mood board when designing our diwali jewellery collection
  2. One trend that lives on year after year is layered jewellery. There is nothing better than stacking up your favourite jewellery pieces. The reason this trend continues to dominate the fashion world is because it allows for experimentation with jewellery and screams individuality. Currently, one of our favourite layering techniques is creating a combination of metal finishes. From an oxidised silver finish to a traditional matt-gold finish, don’t be afraid to create any striking combinations. Earrings, rings, and bracelets have been layering favourites and this year we think it’s all about dainty pendants and chunky chains. Style your favourite wedding look not one but a layered mix of neck pieces. More is more!
  3. This one is our absolute 2021 favourite – hoops! Hoops are definitely the new ‘hot’ thing (or should we say bling?) and have been dominating the fashion world from runway looks to airport looks. What we love about hoops is that they come in a range of sizes from a mini-hoop or midi-hoop to a larger full-sized hoop. A lot of designers have also introduced fresh styles that are chunky, playful and embedded with pearls or other embellishments opening the door to unlimited styling possibilities. We truly believe that this is a type of trend that is easy to get tied to and will be taking over jewellery boxes this season. If you are jet-setting this fall to a holiday destination or for a wedding getaway, style your swimwear or beach kaftan with a pair of chunky hoops to achieve an effortlessly chic #ootd.