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As famously quoted by Douglas Coupland - “A ring is a halo on your finger”. Stacking rings is the newest trend that has started gaining some popularity among women and girls. This trend has become fashion culture not just for girls trying to get the modern yet classy look, but also for those looking to achieve a quirky, rebellious look.

One of the reasons that stackable rings are gaining traction is because the possibilities to style your rings are endless. You can mix and match them to accessorize your outfit. Rings are an easy way to experiment with your look, express yourself and have fun.

The team at Talisman has put together some tips and tricks to help you ace the stackable rings trend and get the most out of your jewellery!

  • Balance the stacked rings

Stacking lets you wear more rings but that doesn’t mean it has to come in the way of your comfort. Create negative spaces to give a cleaner and a balanced look, by not stacking up on all the fingers. We just love the idea of styling this slightly V contoured ring with your diamond ring to create magic. Also, start with thin bands and to add visual interest you can add thick band rings as well. Lastly, remember not to forget your thumb and little finger. Let them join the squad and compliment the rest of the rings.

  • Mix and match

Put your creativity to work. You can combine several delicate stackable rings in order to glam up your look for your formal events. On days when you have to let yourself loose, stackable rings let you create a vibe of your own. Don’t hesitate to mix colours, metals and gemstones. In fact, metals play a very crucial role while styling your outfit. You can buy silver rings online or mix them with gold rings. Bring out the funky side, mix and match your stackable rings with your outfit – and be certain to get compliments.

  • Add a splash of colour

Some people hesitate to colour coordinate their accessories with their outfits. Style trends increasingly showcase a mix of metals, colours as well as a contrast of warm and cool tones. In fact, the latest trend we see is coloured gemstones along with diamond studded rings. This adds elegance as well as some colour, thereby grabbing attention and all eyes on you!

Finally, remember that your hands are the next thing a person notices after your face – mostly through your body language and handshakes. Stackable rings are a great addition to well-groomed hands and will enhance your overall look. 

At Talisman, we’re obsessed with stackable rings and offer them in different varieties – from gemstone studded to petite promise rings, we have something to match every occasion. 

So, whether you decide to them single or stacked, choose what suits you best, and get shopping now!