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With Friendship Day right around the corner, have you decided what to give to your best friend? If you still haven’t thought of any gifts, we can make your life easier by suggesting silver jewellery gifts for your girl gang. Friendship is one of the strongest bonds a person has in their lifetime and that stays for a lifetime. Friendship Day is celebrated on the first Sunday of August and with friendship day falling on the 1st August, literally the beginning of the month, you got yourself very little time to buy gifts for your bff. Only a few things have such a positive impact in our lives and on our happiness and enjoyment, as friendships have. From being our constant support and our confidant to being there for us during all ups and downs, a friend is someone who knows us in and out. From celebrating all our victories together to cheering us during any losses, a friend is someone who is always by your side. From posting the best friend status to making us happy by tagging us on different best friend quotes, they have left no stone unturned to make us the happiest. To celebrate such friendship and to know the real and true meaning of friendship, we are here with some amazing silver jewellery that you can gift to your friends on this coming Friendship Day that falls on August 1 in India.

It is very nice and amazing to learn about how important friends are in your lives, how your buddy impacts your life and makes you a better person each day. The gift of friendship is the feeling you get when you have to share something with someone else, where there is endless love, care and respect. You don’t feel the distance in friendship or feel the years go by as you grow up, you can’t see colour, age or class with this gift called friendship. It is truly said that distance makes the heart grow fonder and the fondness that you and your bff have for each other will only multiply when she sees the beautiful jewellery gift that you get for her! 

Below is a list of jewellery styles under 1999/- that you can gift to your girl gang and express gratitude and love for your biggest support system. Celebrate your friends this friendship day by gifting them silver jewellery from TALISMAN. 

Boho Feather Pendant

Who doesn’t love a colourful piece of jewellery? Our Boho Feather Pendant is cut out in the shape of a feather with colourful enameling and yellow gold plating which makes it one of the most loved jewellery piece to add to your jewellery collection. You can simply express your love for your bestie with this gorgeous pendant, it makes up for the perfect gift. You can also add matching Boho feather drop earrings for her from the same collection. Shop silver jewellery online today!

Boho Dream Pendant

Every woman’s desire is to dress up in the most glam and chic way. To get noticed by their loved ones and obviously to get more and more compliments. However, when a workplace is obsessed with design and appearance, dressing becomes a difficult job. Nearly every woman considers it a task to pick out jewellery for office wear. Well, you can make your bestie’s life easier by gifting her this Boho Dream Pendant. Sleek, subtle and stylish, this pendant is trendy and will serve as a perfect way to enhance your look in the workplace. 

Shooting Star Adjustable Ring 

One of the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about gifting jewellery is a trendy ring. The advantage of gifting TALISMAN rings is that they are adjustable, so you never have to worry about the size again. Rings are not only flexible; they are easy to wear and these tiny pieces fit well while dreaming about what jewellery to wear on a night in with friends. This Shooting Star Adjustable Ring is inspired by the magic of the night sky and its shining stars. Wear this sparkling ring and dazzle the world with your style! Hurry add this stylish ring to your cart now!

Happy Flower Drop Earrings

Earrings are one of the most versatile pieces of jewellery. They go with every outfit, enhances your look and makes your overall style more glamorous. Without wearing a pair of earrings, most women find it difficult to walk out the door. These tiny accessories offer a huge rush when it comes to style and they help you make a discreet fashion statement at your workplace or any brunch or a night out with friends. Gift your best friend this happy flower drop earrings and make up for the perfect friendship day gift. You and your bestie can twin together in matching earrings necklace and ring from the same collection. 

Steal Your Heart Pearl Drop Necklace

A classic love symbol that gets a contemporary twist with the addition of the timeless pearl! Pearls are the latest fad, they are sleek, they are elegant, and you can never look too flashy in them. If you want to create a simple yet stunning avatar, pearls are your go to jewellery style. Get your hands on this Steal your Heart Pearl Drop Necklace and flaunt that elegant look! Are you ready to shine? Shop this beautiful necklace for yourself and your bff and rock that glam look together. 

Evil Eye Hamsa Twin Charm Bracelet

Channel your inner positive energies with this Evil Eye Hamsa Twin Charm Bracelet. Featuring the all seeing Eye and Hamsa hand together for some extra good vibes and positivity! Both these simple yet elegant jewellery pieces portray strength and supremacy. When paired together, they have a unique style and chemistry altogether while taking up your look to another level. Perfect gift to uplift the mood and style of your girls this friendship day. Made in Sterling Silver with American diamonds, these stylish pieces you will love!

Disney | TALISMAN Colour Me Red Heart Bracelet 

Big and overworked bracelets obstruct your hand motions when you have to do any typing at work or when you do any work that requires a lot of hand movement. It is therefore best to skip a bracelet that is too big and chunky or of tinkling bells as it causes a lot of disruption for you and your peers. Go for a sleek, trendy bracelet like the one shown and let this bracelet be your new best friend. It goes well with every outfit – be it an office look or a lunch date with bae, this elegant bracelet will make you look super!

Intertwined Heart Earrings

If you want to create a simple avatar then these Intertwined Heart Earrings are your perfect match. Stud earrings never go over the top, they are sleek and elegant. With any attire basic stud earrings create a very graceful look and make your style very lady-like. A stunning piece of earrings gives you a very sleek, sophisticated and captivating look, which is important for any outing. Earrings also enhance your facial features while elevating your entire look. These stud earrings are the best gift for your girlies who cannot do without earrings. Set in 925 Sterling Silver and plated with 18K rose gold polish, these earrings will add the elegant and classy look to your outfit and create a perfect style for an everyday look! 

This Friendship Day, reach out to that long-lost friend that you haven’t spoken to in ages with a silver jewellery gift from TALISMAN. With so many styles and colourful designs to choose from, you can shop gifts for all your girls. But remember to pick a hue that fits best according to your best friend’s taste. 

Enjoy your unique bond with your friends!