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It’s no secret that everyone loves Disney. The characters, the magic and the ability for any age to find their inner child are just one of the few thousands of reasons that Disney is the most loved. It takes us to the magical wonderland of our beloved Mickey Mouse and other Disney characters and leaves us in awe and admiration.

Now you can celebrate your love for Disney with the Disney inspired jewellery by TALISMAN. The Disney Classic Jewellery Collection features charms, bracelets, rings, necklaces and earrings inspired by our beloved Mickey Mouse, while our Mickey Mouse and Friends Jewellery Collection features jewellery made in Italian Enamels which is our fun take on the Disney characters. The jewellery speaks of famous Disney icons celebration introduced in beautiful flushes of enamel colours. We also have something for all the Disney princess fans, our Disney Princess Jewellery Collection features rings and bracelets unique to each of the princesses. The entire collection is suitable to wear for any occasion and every age group which makes it the perfect gift or a keepsake for any Disney fan. They are a perfect accessory as we enter the winter season. Add these to your list of must-haves before the year ends!

As we reboot festivities this season, we decided to go ahead and give jewellery a bit of a makeover as well, presenting the Silver Disney Jewellery. For the 21st century woman, it’s all about being effortless and timeless at the same time. Jewellery should be light, but statement-making, sparkly but versatile, adorable but stylish. Enter Disney Jewellery Collection, a fun take on traditional jewellery.

The collection features signature Disney icons that are understandably adorable and strikingly dreamy. Each jewellery piece is handcrafted with attention to design and detail. It is a celebration of the Disney characters in the form of colourful gemstones and Italian enamels, all brought to reality in the hands of fine craftsmanship.  

We are pretty sure you will love each of these bracelets, necklaces, rings and earrings, Shop Disney Jewellery online with TALISMAN. What makes it nicer is that your bae will be super impressed by you, and she can’t say “No” to such delicate adorable ornaments! Every woman is unique and hence you would want to consider a few things like the colour, style and shape of the jewellery. You could go for something that is flashy if she likes all things grand or go for a simple design to keep it minimalistic.

The Disney Jewellery Collection commemorates kids, youth and millennials. It is fashioned in 925 Sterling Silver with genuine stones and enamel. Now you can easily buy silver jewellery online. You can check out some of the awesome Disney necklaces below to up your jewellery game: 

1. Well, one cannot deviate from the fact that necklace is a versatile piece of jewellery and is something that goes with all outfits. So get ready this winters with our bejewelled bear necklace and dazzle the crowd with your stunning looks. Our dazzling silver studded bear comes with an exquisite Mickey Mouse charm that will surely remind you of your own childhood and fill your heart with joy! You can also wear this necklace to brighten up your work day, it might help you smile when you glance down in between work sessions. This necklace is set in 925 Sterling Silver and fashioned in blue American diamonds. Get yours today!

2. Nothing spells love like heart shaped necklace! With heart being an expression of love, it is easier to express your love with our Enchanted Red Heart Necklace. Whether it’s an important meeting, a night out with friends or a date night with bae, we have you covered, this necklace is a perfect jewellery option for any occasion. What’s better, it comes with a cute adorable Mickey Mouse Charm, ready to take you to the magical land of Disney. Gift these to your special someone and express your love to them. With this necklace it will be a way of preserving those special moments with your loved one. Get your hands on this beautiful Enchanted Red Heart Necklace made in 925 sterling silver with red American diamonds. 

3. Bring out the superstar in you with our super stylish star shaped necklace in colourful gem stones. Discover what it’s like to walk on the red carpet! You can also prove your love knows no bounds with our superstar necklace. Gift this star necklace to someone special to show how much you care. With this star necklace you can actually prove your loved one that you ‘love them to stars’.  It’s perfect for adding an out-of-this-world spin to any magical occasion. Shop star necklace online!

4. Our Disney collection is for today’s fierce, beautiful, young and modern women. The collection boasts versatility and is crafted to leave behind every-day chic looks. Our beautiful necklace is inspired by the hues of nature and with nature being a force of energy and freshness, you are sure to feel more vibrant with this necklace. With our bell dangling charm necklace you will surely untap a wave of energy and freshness. Set in 925 Sterling Silver and fashioned in Green American Diamonds.

5. How’s that work-from-home life going, ladies? With an ever-evolving situation on our hands, we have fairly quickly adapted to the new rules of work and are doing our best to keep our energy and confidence levels high. That said, we can help you elevate your look and feel your best while you’re working remotely. Naturally, one of our favourite techniques is wearing the right jewellery! We have just the right set of jewellery to bring you joy. Sleek and graceful, this Mickey Mouse dangling necklace comes attached with a mickey silhouette charm to add that glam quotient to your ever chic style! Make your zoom call more happening with this ever stylish necklace! Set in 925 Sterling Silver and fashioned in Black Onyx gemstones.

6. Studies have shown that dressing to the nines gives us a tangible boost of confidence, even if we’re doing smaller tasks and no one is watching. Be it a video call with your colleagues or working on that excel sheet offline throughout the day, this necklace is a perfect go to option for any time of the day. Wear it with a lot of sass and style but don't forget to smile coz' compliments coming your way! This chic necklace is your perfect accessory to add that glam touch to your outfit for any occasion. Go ultra-modern in the Mickey Mouse heart necklace, set in 925 Sterling Silver and fashioned in red American diamonds. Shop silver necklace online!

7. Brighten up your look with our colour me Red Mickey Mouse necklace. It is a great way to lift your spirits and enhance your work-from-home motivation by adding a touch of red colour to the jewellery. Colour therapy (via jewellery, among other things) is actually a valid way to wake up your senses and even inspire some creativity! It is believed that bright colours also instil a sense of confidence and help others connect to you more easily, great isn’t it? The Mickey Mouse design gives the pendant a flamboyant look and with its super sparkly red stones, you will never be washed out during video check ins with the team. This necklace is a perfect fit for any outfit, wear in day in day out to get a stellar look. 

8. Running late for a zoom call? Hurry quickly wear this pendant to create an instant elegant look. Even when you cut out commute time, working from home can get hectic. Pulling longer hours or having back-to-back virtual meetings sometimes means you have less time to spruce up for the day which would lead to getting ready in a haste. If you’re getting an early start and need a quick hack to look your best, put your hair back and show off this elegant and graceful piece of jewellery. This necklace will instantly add a touch of elegance to your look. With minimal effort, you can capture a boss-worthy look that will pop on screen. An added bonus? You can wear this necklace for any occasion, be it a Sunday Brunch or a night out with friends. Going for a date night with bae, adorn this necklace to get a stylish look. 

9. One of the ways we’re keeping things upbeat right now is by dressing up even if it’s at home only. After all staying home doesn’t mean staying in yoga pants all day, it can be much more happening. One of the best activities to do is to dress up and have a girls night in virtually, we can dress up exactly the way we used to while going out with the girls in the pre-lockdown era. If you’ve been eager to get dolled up, treat yourself to this adorable necklace. Bring the party to girl’s night in with our Mickey in Mickey Dangling Necklace. It’s guaranteed to amp up the glam factor, whether in the sunlight or on your LCD monitor light.

10. We love it when art imitates our famous icons or characters. But what about when jewellery imitates our favourite Disney characters? That’s when things get more happening and exciting. We love how our necklace mimics the ever famous Disney’s Minnie Mouse, being handcrafted in Sterling Silver with Italian Enamels. Make a startling impression with this playful yet stylish charming Minnie Mouse Necklace! This necklace is a part of our Mickey Mouse and Friends collection, which is our playful take on enamels. Easily slip it on a dress to create a cute playful look! Shop Minnie Mouse Necklace today!

As we ‘face’ the world remotely or virtually these days for virtual meetings and socializing, it’s great to be able to turn to an accessory to help us lift up the frame and our fashion game. Dressing up for virtual socializing can be a bit challenging, coz’ who wants to leave the comfort of the pj’s into something dressy. You can always turn to the staple necklace when you can be in your sweat pants from top to bottom, no one will get to know, it can be our little secret! 

Our Silver Disney Necklaces are your safest bet, goes will all outfits, easy to wear, they match with pretty much everything and in turn can totally turn up your face game instantly. 

All we need is a little bit of magic and some cute adorable jewellery to keep us going in these challenging times. Each of our Disney Jewellery pieces weave an enchanting story to keep you dazzled. Be sure to add these glistening Disney pieces to your jewellery collection and you will automatically feel a part of the magical Disney World. Discover all there is from TALISMAN’s wide range of rings, pendants, bracelets and earrings from the Disney collection designed for kids, youth and millennials. 

Shop your Disney Jewellery today!