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Ever wondered what the year 2020 would have looked like had things been different? We would be travelling to myriad locations, enjoying summer breaks with our family, wearing our favourite jewellery and even flaunting it with style. But we can still make 2021 joyous and with that we present to you our Happiness Edit: The Disney Jewellery Collection for both women and kids! The Disney Collection is cute, stylish and will bring a lot of happiness to you while adorning your favourite childhood icons around your neck and face.

Jewellery is something that is loved by both kids and adults, since childhood we start decking up our kids with cute, adorable shiny sparkling jewellery and that is a never-ending cycle. There have been several references where children have been beautified with jewellery in our ancient mythology. Keeping up with our Indian tradition of wearing the sacred black thread to protect the children or to ward off any evil, making kids wear jewellery has been a part of our culture since a very long time. Infants are normally decked with tiny trinkets that they are made to wear around their ankles so when they walk or crawl, they create a sweet sound. Other common jewellery includes small charms that these little munchkins can wear in their hands. In many parts of our country, the ear piercing of a child is believed to be a big tradition and is celebrated in a grand manner with friends and family, keeping such traditions in mind we have created our Disney Jewellery to bring joy to you and your child.

Why should you wear boring and dull jewellery when you can wear cute adorable jewellery from our Disney Collection. Our Disney collection brings to life your beloved Mickey Mouse and Friends in the form of rings, bracelets, earrings and necklaces. The Disney collection also entails a unique selection of Princess Jewellery inspired by your favourite princesses. Our colourful play on gemstones and classic silver shine will bring you Mickey Mouse jewellery that will garner a lot of joy and happiness in your life.

A new set of bracelets, charms, pendants and earrings have been made, keeping in mind the Disney characters and their fun and happy moments to bring to you this happiness edit. The entire collection can make for unforgettable gifts this season that could be cherished forever and even passed as an heirloom later. The underlying theme of this collection is to bring you a lot of happiness and joy so you are delighted with each piece of jewellery that you wear and keep coming back for more and more. So, what are you waiting for? Shop Disney Jewellery from TALISMAN today!

Below is a list of 10 Disney Jewellery pieces that you should buy immediately and will surely become your new love. These classic pieces are seasonless and can be worn for any occasion and are perfect for all age groups.

  1. Mickey Mouse Charm Necklace

There are various ornaments that attract girls towards jewellery and when the trend is moving towards minimalistic jewellery, this necklace will automatically attract you towards itself. Sleek and graceful, this Mickey necklace comes attached with a mickey silhouette charm to add that glam quotient to your ever chic style! Easily slip it on a dress or pair it up with a denim and top and you are good to go. Create an easy breezy look with this necklace and it will take your glam quotient to the next level. Hurry shop silver necklaces before they’re gone!


  1. Mickey Mouse Heart Shaped Necklace

As we reboot activities this year, we decided to go ahead and give jewellery a bit of a makeover in our happiness edit, presenting the Silver Disney Jewellery. For the 21st century woman, it’s all about being effortless and timeless at the same time. Jewellery should be light, but statement-making, sparkly but versatile, adorable but stylish. This Mickey Mouse necklace is both stylish and elegant, the classic Silver shine and the embellished heart gives this necklace a divine charm. Be it office or be it a brunch, this necklace is your perfect go to option for anytime of the day! Get yours today.

  1. Colourful Mickey Mouse Silhouette Necklace

The underlying theme of 2020 has been non-traditional, no doubts about that. Hence, we created jewellery pieces that are unique and stylish to bring you that ultra-modern touch to go with every look you desire. This Mickey Mouse silhouette necklace is the perfect blend of beauty and glam. This necklace has the power to add personality and glamour to your look, it can easily perk up any outfit with its incredible and catchy style. Made in 925 sterling silver and platted will gold polish this necklace is the perfect jewellery for girls.

  1. Enchanted Red Heart Necklace

Heart is a symbol of love and this necklace is the perfect combination of love and cuteness with the Mickey Mouse charm. Gift this necklace to your loved ones to make them feel special. More than an added dose of cuteness this necklace can be used as a keepsake to be cherished forever, while also having the longevity to be passed down from one loved one to another. With its extra adorable charm this necklace is sure to melt some hearts. Buy Mickey Mouse charm necklace from TALISMAN to get your extra dose of sweetness.

  1. Mickey Mouse Heart Shaped Earrings

Earrings are the most versatile piece of jewellery. It goes with all outfits, works for any occasion and makes your look more glamorous. Statement earrings are a must-have jewellery piece to accessorize and make the best out of a simple outfit. They can single-handedly elevate your style which adding glamour and elegance to your look. Show off your style with this Mickey Mouse drop earrings that are made in sterling silver with red American diamonds. These surely are a head turner, wear it with a lot of sass and style, coz’ compliments coming your way.

  1. Colourful Silhouette Mickey Mouse Earrings

In keeping with our Indian tradition of having pierced ears, we have designed these stud earrings from our Disney collection for your baby. You can reminisce your own childhood while dressing your child in these cute colourful Mickey Mouse silhouette earrings. The best part about earrings is there is never an issue with the size or chances of your baby growing out of it, she can always wear it even when she is a grown up. So quickly add these adorable earrings to your cart before they are sold out!

  1. Enchanting Mickey Mouse Ring

Let’s agree we all have an overflowing jewellery collection but the moment we see a cute adorable ring, we add it to our stack collection. With TALISMAN’s happiness edit of Disney collection your fondness to stack will spiral. Rings are the secret ingredient that can add flavour to your simple palate of clothing and it also brings out the best in you. While every woman has a personal choice when it comes to rings, some like to stack others like to wear statement pieces that can be worn alone, there are classics that never go out of style, just like our enchanting Mickey Mouse ring. It comes with both choices of wearing it alone or stacking it with other rings from our stackable rings collection. This ring will add the perfect amount of bling and glam to your attire when you want to go stylish yet minimal at any affair.

  1. Princess Cinderella Ring

We all believe in fairytales, the magical characters, the majestic castles, the handsome prince, how it ends in a happy ever after are few things that make these Disney princess stories so captivating. Well now you can create your own fairy tale with this Princess Cinderella ring. It is as magical as it looks. With the intricate design and the blue topaz in the crown, it makes the ring a perfect princess accessory to adorn this season. It will surely make you look more poised and graceful and add style to your personality! You can shop your other favourite princess rings from our Disney Princess Jewellery Collection. Shop princess rings online with TALISMAN.

  1. Shine like a Star Bracelet

Unlike necklaces that can be paired with only certain necklines, bracelets go with every outfit, be it a dress, denims, ethnic or even winter wear. Bracelets are the most flexible piece of jewellery, it can be worn with any outfit and instantly make your look more dapper. Bracelets are more noticeable when you are making a presentation or talking and catches the attention of the audience immediately. So accentuate your wrists with pretty and designer bracelets from TALISMAN. Be it a statement piece or a fashion jewellery bracelets make you look bold and beautiful. Our bracelets come in adjustable sizes to make it easy to wear and can be worn by both kids and adults. Shop pure silver bracelets online today!

  1. Charming Minnie Bracelet

It is okay to be obsessed with bracelets. You can easily wear a bracelet with any outfit and it will instantly elevate your look. Bracelets are a style-defining jewellery for all women. At TALISMAN, you can find a wide range of bracelets that are elegant, quirky yet unique in every way. By wearing a simple yet stylish bracelet you can instantly make a fashion statement, be it at your workplace, a get together with friends or on a date night, you can never go wrong with a stylish bracelet. Stacking bracelets is in! It is one of the most trending styles. With our range of Disney bracelets, you can easily stack and slay, you will find such elegant and intricate designs that are classy and are suitable for all age groups. Wear a symbol of eternal cuteness with this charming Minnie Mouse bracelet! It is made in Sterling silver with Italian enamels to give you that extra chic style. Layer it with our other bracelets from the Disney collection to amp up that look! Get this bracelet for yourself or gift it to your bff, buy gifts online with us.

Start the new year on a happy note with our Happiness Edit: The Disney Jewellery Collection. What’s better than buying jewellery in the new year? As they say what you do in January defines your year, so buy jewellery online with TALISMAN. Investing in silver jewellery can never go wrong, it is trendy and affordable. Add the Disney jewellery to your collection and spread the love by gifting these cute adorable pieces to your loved ones. It is perfect for any occasion and all age groups. So, which one will you be wearing today? And which one will you be gifting to your loved ones? Discover all there is from TALISMAN’s wide range of rings, pendants, bracelets and earrings from the Disney collection. Shop the Disney Collection here!