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You may have a collection of pretty jewelry but nothing beats an appealing bracelet. What makes these charming ornament special and at the same time fun, is that these can be worn and enjoyed in completely different styles and still look perfect on the attire and your look. TALISMAN has unique, stylish, and modern bracelets for women designed exclusively keeping the modern-day women with their unconventional fashion choices in mind.

Today you will find a variety of bracelets, some adorned with stones while some are embellished with pearls, gemstones, different types of metals, birthstones, and much more. Charm bracelets and sterling silver bracelets for women are everybody’s favorite and they are designed to fit all lifestyles and occasions. With so many bracelet options to choose from, it becomes difficult to find the right bracelet for your personality type.

There are many things to consider when you are shopping for the perfect bracelet style, including the activities you do throughout the day, where you are going and what you’ll be wearing. While most of us have a variety of bracelets to choose from our jewelry wardrobe, it is important to select the right bracelet for your personality type.

Fear not! We have come up with some amazing types of bracelet and a few tips and tricks to style your bracelet every day.

Here are some of them. Read on!

  • Braided leather ones

These are one of the easiest to wear and carry off bracelets available. You can wear these with any casual top and jeans and still create a stunning appearance to your outfit. Leather bracelets are chic, comfortable and you can add up to 6 charms for a perfect look or wear it solo. The neatly braided strap with a charm in the middle should be your pick. These bracelets look ultra-cool and work best for a night out, a trip with your friends or just any other day shopping!

A quick tip: Keep the leather bracelet away from water, as too much water or moisture will spoil the bracelet and probably won’t be in a condition for you to wear it again.

  • Chain and link bracelets

This type of bracelet is usually made out of metal either sterling silver or glittery gold and made by connecting links or chains to form a band or a bracelet. You can find a variety of bracelets available in precious metals, paired with your favorite charms and gemstones. These are flexible and work well for both casual as well as any formal occasions. Ideal for a party and also fun outings with your family or friends.

A quick tip: Not only are these bracelets suitable for enhancing your look, but they can also be layered to glam up the look. While you do that, do keep in mind the fitting of the bracelet. You don’t want to look clumsy by stacking multiple ill-fitted bracelets.

  • Charm bracelets

As charming as their name, these bracelets bring uniqueness and creates a style statement. What makes it special is the ability to add your favorite lucky charms to the bracelet and give a personal touch. Many of them also like to add charm elements of prosperity, health, wealth, zodiac signs and of course good luck by including it in the bracelet. Some also prefer to wear their favorite animal charms, gemstones or anything simple yet quirky to bring positivity and fun. You can just have one charm or dozens, it is your personal choice.

charm bracelet online

A quick tip: Mix up metals. Try experimenting by mixing up different metals along with charms to add a personal touch and making it unique. These are also great for gifting, not only are you wishing them luck and sending them good wishes but also giving something that is uniquely handcrafted only for them.

TALISMAN has a plethora of charms and metals to choose from. Don’t wait. Shop now!!

  • Just Bead it!

This type of bracelet is one of our favorites. We always recommend our readers to have at least a pair of beaded bracelets in your jewelry collection. These are arranged in a single or in a multi-row design and can have multiple beads or charms. Gemstones, colorful charms or beads can be arranged to make your own beaded bracelets.

If you are a person who loves vibrant colors and likes to resonate with a fresh and stylish look, then beaded bracelets are a must-have. To make things easier, we have brought to you a simple way of making your own beaded bracelet. You can flaunt your beaded bracelets by simply adding a few charming elements as shown below.

A quick tip: Embrace colors while buying beaded bracelets, these look extremely cool and stylish at the same time.

  • Say Hey to Handmade

Something handmade is so much more meaningful and extraordinary. Not only does it make the jewelry piece special but also holds many sentimental values. Handmade bracelets are one such, perfect for gifting it to someone making them feel special and unique as the bracelet.

Customize it as per your choice and style, it could simply be your zodiac sign charm bracelet, or pairing your favorite animal charm along with colorful beads, or those sparkly gemstones or a solitaire to ace the look.

A quick tip: While customized bracelets are a trend, but remember not to overdo it during certain events or occasions. You must avoid wearing a vibrant multi-charm bracelet while attending an interview and save these funky bracelets for a fun outing or a trip.

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