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Festivals are all about glitter and shine. Perhaps one can do away with anything but not the shine and glitter. Other than lights, lamps, and lanterns, jewelry aids in brightness and is a crucial part of festivals.

Diwali is popularly known as the festival of lights. Thus this festival needs to be complemented with all sparkle and jewelry that can set the tone perfectly to celebrate this festival. Diwali is the most awaited festival and is an equally exciting opportunity for masses of all ages to dress up to their best. Jewelry supplements the look and makes this day even more special and memorable. Thus seek the best and most diverse set of jewelry to don your appearance and this most prominent festival of the year with perfection. 

With Talisman, you can add the necessary fervor to the occasion. The diversity and sheer collection of necklaces, brackets, earrings, and many more can sparkle their way through the celebration and glisten your time even more than silver.

Jewelry to get from Talisman to shine this Diwali even more.

Talisman boosts a portfolio with an overwhelming collection of unique and exclusive jewelry that defines personality and passion to perfection. Occasions such as Diwali are the moment when everyone gathers together to have the time of the year. With jewelry from Talisman, you can put yourself right there in your best form, excluding confidence and the sheen of the festival. 

The jewelry collection at our online shop would sneak in the much-needed luxury on the eve of Diwali with unique designs, and sterling silver donned with exceptional stones engraved on it. The assortment of jewels caters to the needs of everyone, depending upon taste and style, with a long list to choose from. 

The range of jewelry you would find from the long list is made to complement the festivity. These are handmade and designed by experts to give some taste of exclusive, unique, but same time affordable jewelry items. So that you can freely buy these spellbinding items not just for personal use but also to give as a gift this Diwali. 

    • Red Carpet Glamor Drop Earrings

      In every possible sense, these beauties are worthy of donning a red carpet-event. With these, you can rather own the moment and unfold a red carpet for yourself. The earrings shine dazzling silver and are engraved with exquisite semi-precious Black Onyx gemstones. Diwali can't get more dramatic than this!

    • Dancing Diva Drop Earrings

      With layers graciously flowing down from the stone, these earrings are a drama in the making. The dazzling silver adds glimmer to this piece of jewelry and is sure to attract much-deserved attention this Diwali. The semi-precious Black Onyx gemstones etched into the center part of the earrings make it a sight to behold, filled with festive fervor.

    • Luscious Luxe Ring

      This piece can help you make a statement about this festival. The ring adorns the finger in the best way possible, and all its elements enhance the festive look. The silver Sterling makes the ring's frame, and the center is engraved with obsidian and surrounded with white cubic zirconia completing the luxurious look of the jewelry, making it festive and ready to add glam to the moment and your face. 

    • All Eyes on you gold ring

      The name perfectly sets the character of this ring as adoring it on your fingers on this special eve is bound to make you a center of attraction. It is a glistening ring ready to sparkle through to make you feel special. The jewelry has a unique shape with shades of tiger eye, giving it an exclusive look. The ever-twinkling Zirconia embedded in the ring enhances the jewelry game and luxuriously celebrates Diwali.  

    • Life of a party drop necklace

      The celebration of the festival of light is nothing less than a party. It is the time of the year to make memories and be happy. The life of a part necklace can help you make this moment memorable. The blue color of the lapis highlights the chain, and the Zirconia augments the glitter. Wear this dazzling party blue drop necklace and make your outfit look stylish and classy. 

    • Sands of time pendant

      You don't necessarily need to go all out on festive occasions to get ready. Things can be simple yet classic, provided you know the right place to look for them. This sands of time pendant sets the description perfectly. The charm is part of our White topaz collection. It shines ardently on your neck with beauty and simplicity yet pouring classiness of magnitude. The pendant is replenished with semi-precious stones surrounded by silver. Now, what else do you need!!

    • Boho Chandelier Pendant

      This piece of jewelry is, in the true sense, a fantastic concoction of tradition with beauty. The intricate design of the pendant drops down with a chain around the neck to flicker the moment for you. With its mesmerizing white and red hues, Zirconia paints the necklace with much-needed vibrancy. The sterling silver carves a structure for the stones to get together, bringing luxury to your bay to showcase style on the eve of Diwali.

    • Boho Color Cluster Ring

      Get down to the business this Diwali and own the moment with this boho color cluster ring. It is a fine piece of jewelry, giving a hint of the diversity of hues of Zirconia and making a masterpiece. In addition, it dons the elegance of peridot, garnet, and blue topaz. The bohemian-inspired ring drapes the better part of the finger creating a drama everyone would want to watch. 

    • Regal Rhodolite Necklace

      Rhodolite is never short of dazzle and blaze. The red shade of the stone sits flawlessly in the hub, making it a statement piece of this festive season. The sophisticated design of the necklace with smooth arches heralds a sense of royalty which sits fine alone but can be used with other jewelry pieces to enhance the overall look. With sterling silver making headways glitter and shine, the necklace breathes a regal aura and elegance.