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Do you feel like it is difficult to wear jewellery in winters? With high necks, turtle necks, overcoats, gloves and adding more and more layers to protect yourself from the chilly winter wind, it definitely is difficult to show off your favourite accessory. Well, we have some good news for you, it’s beginning to look a lot like summer already! With summer on its way, you can easily flaunt any jewellery that you desire to wear. You can easily show off your favourite necklace and match it with a pair of earrings. Not a fan of matching statement jewellery? You can also add layering to your outfit. Mixing and matching pieces from our collection has never been more fun, especially because it proves over and again that you don’t need a whole new outfit to create a new look, all you need is some swanky TALISMAN jewellery and you have something sparkling brand new on your hands.

With TALISMAN’s wide range of jewellery collection, it has never been easier to shop Silver jewellery online. Looking for gifts to give to your loved ones? Checkout the new TALISMAN x Disney collection, perfect for gifting. When it comes to buying gifts, any day can be a gifting day, you don’t need to have a special occasion for sending gifts to your loved ones. Don’t let the thought of buying gifts send you into a panic spiral, when you can easily shop jewellery inspired by your favourite Disney icons from TALISMAN. You can shop from our wide range of rings, pendants, charms, earrings and bracelets and send cute adorable special Disney gifts to your loved ones. The best thing about shopping from TALISMAN? You can easily send jewellery to your loved ones with the click of a button. Shop jewellery online hassle free from TALISMAN. 

Our Disney collection is unique, playful and fascinating. We have designed the Disney Collection keeping in mind all the Disney fans and their fondness for their beloved Disney characters. Our Disney collection brings to you a fine jewellery collection in 925 Sterling Silver with semi-precious gemstones that will take you down the nostalgia lane. The TALISMAN x Disney collection shines with recognizable Disney themes and celebrates the various eras of Disney characters.

With each piece of Disney jewellery you will easily fall into the magical wonderland of your favourite Disney icons. Our Disney Jewellery Collection is handcrafted with attention to design and detail because we believe that each jewellery piece that you adorn has some special story behind it and with our Disney Jewellery, fun, magic and happiness will abound. There is truly something magical about flaunting jewellery inspired by your favourite Disney icons. Find out for yourself by exploring our wide range of Disney silver rings, charms, bracelets, necklaces and earrings across all collections for every demographic: kids, youth and adults. 

Add the Disney jewellery to your collection and spread the love by gifting these cute adorable pieces to your loved ones. It is perfect for any occasion and all age groups. Below is a list of our 10 most favourite Disney jewellery pieces from the Disney collection, each piece is created with the best of materials and features high-end precious gemstones to bring to you jewellery styles to be adorned and cherished forever. 

Checkout these amazing jewellery pieces below:

  1. Mickey Mouse Colour Me Red Earrings

    Earrings are the most functional piece of jewellery, it can easily be adapted with any outfit and instantly elevates your look. Earrings have the ability to give your face a lift to make it look more attractive and highlight your look. The best part is earrings can easily be given as a gift because you don’t have to worry about the size. They are fashionably functional as they sport a chic and versatile style perfect for an everyday look and they fit easily without any struggle! These Mickey Mouse colour me red earrings can be your perfect gift to give to your loved one. Simply pair it up with a chic shirt and denim or casually slip it on a dress and you’re ready to rock that style! Shop Silver Mickey Mouse earrings today!

  2. Colourful Mickey Mouse Silhouette Necklace

    It’s rightly said that Diamonds are a woman’s best friend and this sentence has never been truer when it comes to our colourful Mickey Mouse Silhouette Necklace. We all agree we have a plethora of jewellery options but as soon as we see something so pretty and colourful our heart instantly goes out to it and we eventually end up buying it. We know we all feel a little guilty every now and then while impulse buying. Well, now you can shop guilt free from TALISMAN. We offer high end luxurious jewellery at affordable prices so that it is easy on your pocket and you feel happier and more satiated than ever. Get your favourite necklace from TALISMAN now! Go shop Now!

  3. Mickey Mouse Black Onyx Ring

    Does your wardrobe reflect more monochromes than colours? Do you feel that black makes everything classier and more elegant? Then this Mickey Mouse Black Onyx Ring is perfect for you- it’s bold and beautiful with a touch of savage. It’s set in 925 Sterling Silver with intricately cut Black Onyx gemstones to give you that stylish look. While the flair for effortless, light yet luxurious jewellery is evident in this ring, the artisanal quality of the piece is what makes it timeless. You can easily pair this ring with any of your monochromes to complete the look!

  4. Colour Me Red Heart Bracelet

    There is nothing better that stacking your favourite bracelets. The stacking bracelets trend has been our favourite since the inception. It untaps a new wave of energy and excitement with layering experimentation with jewellery. With our Disney collection, mixing and matching as well as layering took a whole new level. We introduced charms that you can keep close for years to come and even hand down to generations. These Mickey Mouse charms are your perfect heirloom to pass on for generations and can be cherished forever. 

  5. Princess Cinderella Ring

    There is a princess inside all of us, it is all about embracing that princess and reflecting it in your awesome personality. You too can be a Disney Princess if you want to be! Our Disney Princess Jewellery is for every woman out there who has shown strength, courage and kindness in the face of a challenge. Consider this as a perfect opportunity and gift yourself some princess inspired jewellery. Our princess collection is inspired by the modern age woman who takes on challenges in stride and comes out stronger. The canon of Disney princesses consists of female protagonists like YOU! Gift this Princess Cinderella inspired tiara ring to yourself and feel the magic inside you. 

  6. Enchanting Mickey Mouse Ring

    Stacking your fingers with your favourite jewellery can spark so much joy as you can create so many styles without altering the entire look. Handcrafted with bold and colourful Semi-Precious Gemstones, our Disney rings are for the headstrong and independent women. Gifting rings can be a challenge if you are not sure about the ring size but with TALISMAN’s adjustable rings, shopping for rings cannot be easier. With our adjustable rings you will never have to think about the size again, so quickly get your gift shopping underway. With our wide range of stackable rings, make your hands do all the talking!

  7. Mickey Mouse Colour Me Red Necklace

    Inherently feminine, this necklace is for the glam women who loves to dazzle in every celebration. With exquisite gemstones so shimmering, this necklace is an ode to women with myriad moods and personalities, it is the perfect gift for women with unconventional fashion choices, who loves to takes the world by storm. Our Disney Collection is famous for its intricate, statement and glistening jewellery pieces, perfect for any celebration with each jewellery piece having an enchanting story to tell. Get this gorgeous Mickey Mouse Colour Me Red Necklace for yourself and paint the town red!

  8. Bejewelled Bear Necklace

    Finding a worthwhile gift for your bestie can be a task at times. There can be times when you realize she has every possible thing that you could buy, leaving you with scratching your head. Well, you could always give her a thoughtful gift straight from your heart but you would require our help to solve this dilemma. There is always room for more jewellery, you can easily gift your bestie this cute bejewelled bear necklace from our Disney Collection. What makes it nicer is your bestie would be super impressed by you and this gift could be a perfect keepsake for her to cherish your bond forever.

  9. Mickey in Mickey Dangling Earrings

    I have too many earrings said no one ever. The best accessory to adorn are earrings, it can easily become your new best friend. Earrings are the easiest to pull off, goes with every outfit and instantly elevates your look. Whatever the occasion is earrings can be paired with almost every outfit, simply slip it on a dress or pair it up with a loose shirt and denims and you got yourself a very chic and fashionable outfit. Stepping out for a brunch? Pull up vibrant and sparkling earrings to amp up your look. Looking for a date night, simply put on elegant and delicate earrings just like our Mickey in Mickey Dangling Earrings. These are great to spice up your outfit!

  10. Princess Rapunzel Bracelet

    There are two types of people in this world- the minimalists who love to adorn their thin delicate bracelets and the maximalists who like flashy, vibrant lots of stackable bracelets to make a statement. At TALISMAN, you can easily get both. We have a wide range of bracelets that can be used to make a statement whether you want to look minimal and or add layers to get that bold and edgy look you desire. Make a dazzling impression with this Princess Rapunzel inspired Bracelet. Wear this bracelet alone or add more layers (depending on your mood) and make it a party on your wrist. Get this gorgeous charm bracelet online for yourself and shine right on!

At TALISMAN, our Disney Jewellery is such that you can easily make a statement with any pair of earrings, bracelets, rings and necklaces. We are a firm believer of more is better than one which is why all our jewellery pieces are so affordable yet so luxurious. Now you can easily shop silver jewellery guilt free without burning a hole in your pocket. With such attractive prices, you can buy jewellery now and wear it forever. Thinking of gifting? With TALISMAN’s range of silver jewellery, gifting jewellery online is like a piece of cake. Easily select your favourite pieces of jewellery, add them to cart and Voila! Your gift is sent!

PS: All our jewellery pieces are selling out super-fast, so make sure to get your favourites soon!