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There are no perfect expressions for love, despite love being all we need, sometimes even a lifetime is futile to reflect, radiate or absorb this beautiful feeling. Although, love needs to be commemorated every second of our lives, the romantic idea of love sketches the skies everywhere as we step into the sophomore month of the year- the occasion of Valentine's is not only a moment to celebrate love between beings but also rears a special occasion to confess your feelings for your loved ones or elevate the bars of your relationship.

With a host of possibilities and an equally wide array of options available to be your specific token of love, somethings are common and yet unique in their own proportions. While chocolates, stuffed toys and flowers have been designated with specific days, perhaps jewelry and classic accessories are the best options to gift your valentine this 14th February.

In such uncertain times where circumstances kept many of us away from our loved ones, we want every moment to be memorable and thus TALISMAN's exquisite set of gracious Silver earrings are the perfect article for you, available for Online Shopping.

Earrings are never out of style and our classic collection of silver earrings keeps everyone trending with the latest styles. TALISMAN earrings are crafted with exquisite precision to add value to your sentiments and are made with the finest quality and technique.

Our large collection of earrings are a perfect addition to your or your partner's ears and will definitely adorn their face like emerald on the Crown of goddess Ishtar. Our earrings fit perfectly in your partners ears just like you do in her life.

Here is a detailed insight into some of your best earrings that you might consider this Valentine's for Online Shopping.

Evil Eye Drop Earrings


If you want to make way through a bohemian look that sets aside the conventional, TALISMAN brings you a unique set of Evil Eye earrings. For the masters of their own fates who are ambitious in their life, for those who need to cast away all negative vibes, this is a perfect piece to remind your partner of the positive spirit that you bring along in her life and the optimism she instills in you.

Made with 925 sterling silver these durable earrings are finely plated to prevent tarnish and are available in white silver and yellow gold as well.

You can also check out the circular designs of the same on TALISMAN's website and Shop them Online.

Shaded Sterling Silver Earrings

For a precise look that compliment your partner's ears for every occasion and attire, TALISMAN brings you an exquisite collection of dazzling sterling rings that shed over the ears with a brilliant blend of shades of colourful Italian enamel in 925 Sterling Silver. Handcrafted uniquely for a sober look and embedded with precious stones in an ombre mix. The earrings are skin friendly and light on ears but heavy for looks. Available in a wide array of shades from Blue, Green, Lavender and Red, add these in your list for the next Online Shopping for your partner soon.

Boho Clover Studs

Inspired by the Bohemian spirit of energy these clover studs are a beautiful combination of simple and unique, blended with the traditional and modern exquisite look to keep track with the moving and fast paced world. The Shade most resonant with the spirit of Valentine provides a lovely look that is a smooth and sober token of love for this Valentine's. Authentic, pure, and opulent, the earrings have a premium plating that prevents it from getting tarnished. Available in Rose Gold with Red, Green and Blue cubic Zirconia the clover shape gives it an attractive look. If you are looking for something more profound then the drops alternative of the Boho Clover Studs might make a great choice as well.

Boho Chandelier Earrings

These precisely crafted silver earrings and embedded with genuine enamel stones are a winner at any party or occasion. Inspired by a free Bohemian spirit and moulded in perfect symmetry of elegance and design, the Boho Chandelier Earrings will make your loved ones burst into tears of joy with a radiance so graceful and patterns so fresh. These layered pieces of stones are metaphorical with your shells of love, care and affection.

Such pieces of jewelry are a cherished dream of every girl and coming it from you will increase the value exponentially.

Queen of Heart Earrings

The heart is an beating box of love and bliss, so this Valentine’s day give your love a piece that resembles your beating heart. With Talismans beautiful Heart shaped earrings, express your love like never before! This Valentine Day’s earring is embedded with sparkling stones and comes in a beautiful rose pink and white shade with a complimentary crown for the queen of your hearts.

Date Night Studs

We all want our lady to stand out in every meeting be it an official meeting or casual night outs and parties, TALISMAN this brings you this exquisite piece of studs that will win her hearts. A stark resemblence of A confident and empowered woman, these studs are perfect for your date nights and so why not start it with this Valentine's Date? A fresh and dynamic accessory that can ace with every outfit. Add them for your next online shopping list.

Sparkling Sun Earrings

The Sun is the ultimate source of energy and your love is your source of energy, happiness, comfort and positivity, to manifest this spirit of energy and love, TALISMAN's Sparkling Sun Stud Silver earrings are a must to enshrine the relevance that she has in your life. Inspired by the integrity of the heavenly bodies the collection is filled with many similar studs that resonate the earth, the sun, the moon, the trees and water. Available in a splash of shades from Green, Bright and Light yellow, Red, Pink and White, let your love flow this Valentine with blessings of nature. Available for Online Shopping.

Spread your wings! Earrings

There are hardly anything that matches the vibrance, enthusiasm and freedom of the beautiful butterflies and to manifest this freedom and vibrance TALISMAN's exquisite Spread Your Wings Stud are a great option for the skeptical you to gift your loved ones this Valentine's Day. Uniquely handcrafted with meticulous precision the zirconia white stones are embedded with a gracious touch that shines beautifully just like your love. Available for online shopping.