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Let’s be honest, 2021 hasn’t been the year we all thought it would be till date. 2021 bought a gut-wrenching déjà vu like no other and frequent worry turned all-consuming with no end in sight. The ongoings of a battered environment added a lot of mental load that demands to be shared and dissipated. With family holding down the fort and going full throttle into survival mode again, we’ve come a long way. The year of the pandemic saw lots of ups and downs, all our plans of traveling, making up for all the missed trips in 2020 haven’t come to fruition as of now. That being said, it’s time to reboot and recharge ourselves. As we reboot traditions this year, let’s reboot our jewellery collection as well. Who said you can’t look stylish at home? Just because you can’t go to the beach or step out, relax in the sun, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy summers this year! Voila! We got the summer vibes for you at home with just a click of a button! Enter our Tropical Jewellery Collection. You can keep yourself cool and enjoy the tropical summer vibes with our Tropical Collection. Take out your sunglasses and hop on the summer train coz tropical vibes coming your way!

It's time to wave goodbye to all the atrocities we faced and start afresh. To make summer more cheerful and exciting, we decided to create a whole new collection just for you! Our Tropical collection is made in 925 Sterling Silver with Italian Enamels to give you the summery chic vibe that will complement your style. And you know the best part, there are matching jewellery sets - each one offering a set of ring, pendant and earrings and we’ve pretty much covered the ultimate tropical vibes with this collection.

Summer just got a whole lot brighter. The Tropical collection is vibrant and features delightfully cheerful pieces inspired by the vivid colours of the season. This collection is inspired by nature and its forces. With jewellery pieces inspired by autumn leaves, thundering clouds, the magnificent sun and many more natural beauties, this collection is a way to symbolize hope and infuse colour into your lives.

Take a sneak-peak into our Tropical Collection below, you can fashion a new normal with our stunning Tropical Collection and add these jewellery pieces to your summer travel bag. Hurry, time to add these pieces to your shopping cart!

Sparkling Green Leaf Necklace

Let the warm breeze of summer fill you in with good vibes and positivity with our Sparkling Green Leaf Necklace. Inspired by the falling leaves in the autumn season, this necklace features the changing colour of the leaves. It shows us the beauty and magnificence that is nature. Who said you can’t look stylish while staying at home or on that zoom call? Your face is the first thing that appears in a zoom call, with this stunning necklace, you can easily charm your colleagues and your bosses. If you’re getting an early start and need a quick hack to look your best, put your hair back and show off this elegant and graceful piece of jewellery. Shop silver necklace online. 

Fluttering Red Butterfly Necklace

Inspired by one of the most beautiful creatures of nature, this fluttering butterfly necklace is as powerful as its beautiful. Butterflies are not only beautiful, but also have mystery, symbolism, meaning and are a metaphor representing spiritual rebirth, transformation, change, hope and life. The magnificent, yet short life of the butterfly closely mirrors the process of spiritual transformation and serves to remind us that life is short. It also represents a sense of innocence, love and gentleness. With its brilliant colours, grace and beauty, it truly is a reminder of how life should be. Shop this gorgeous necklace as a reminder of beauty and endurance that is life in its current state and to set goals for manifesting change.

Thundering Cloud Adjustable Ring

This ring is as mighty as its name. With the thundering cloud adjustable ring, you can feel the roar of the clouds as we enter the tropical season. Whether there’s a virus doing the rounds, you can’t ignore the impending summer season and its beachy tropical vibes. Holiday is in the air and it’s okay to have a little fun as long as we are being mindful about it. That being said we are so excited to introduce you to our Tropical jewellery collection, a silver lining on that grey corona cloud. Our tropical collection is created to bring you fun and joy, it can be one of the ways to keep yourself upbeat. So, what are you waiting for? Add this stunning ring to your shopping cart today!

Sunny Side Drop Necklace

Inspired by the mighty sun, this Sunny Side Drop Necklace will brighten up the darkest of days. The sun is believed to be a symbol of power, growth, health, passion and the cycle of life in many cultures and religions since centuries. Some believe it as a representation of the higher self while other see the sun as a god to be worshipped. This necklace is as fierce as its name. You can feel the sun and its power while adorning this necklace. With its dangling double drop, it will elevate your look and will be a perfect match for any outfit. 

Pink Butterfly Wings Stud Earrings

To match the vibrance, beauty and enthusiasm of the butterfly, shop butterfly earrings online from TALISMAN. These earrings are a perfect gift for the independent and go getter woman who reflects what she wears. These earrings are inspired by the butterfly, that is another stoic force of nature. These earrings are uniquely crafted in 925 sterling silver with Italian enamels to give you the plush shine and infuse colour into your outfits and your life. Invest in these cute butterfly earrings and pair them up with any outfit to get that stunning look. 

Shooting Star Adjustable Ring

As we face the world remotely or virtually these days, one of the few ways of keeping ourselves upbeat is via dressing to the nines. We know it is difficult to get out the comfort of your pj’s and into something dressier. But it is always easier to turn to a little accessory to lift up the frame and your mood. Since we’re spending a whole lot of time on our laptop screens and constant gawking at our hands, we can definitely add a ring or two to make it more interesting. So, without further ado let us bring your attention to our Shooting Star Adjustable Ring. This ring is made in sterling silver and plated with 18k rose gold to inspire you with the magic of the night sky and its shining stars. The star jewellery never goes out of style and will be cherished for years to come. So, keep hustling and keep your energy levels high by shining in this pretty ring. 

Fluttering Red Butterfly Drop earrings

It is believed that colour therapy is actually a valid way to wake up your senses and inspire some creativity while at the same time boosting your confidence. It is a great way to lit up your spirits and your motivation to work. These earrings will uplift your face and your mood. If you’re running late for a zoom call and need a quick hack, just put your hair back and show off a bold pair of earrings like the one shown above to pop on the screen, with minimal efforts you can capture a stunning boss-worthy look. With these gorgeous earrings, you will never be washed out during team check-ins. So quickly add these Fluttering Red Butterfly Drop Earrings to your online shopping cart.

Happy Flower Necklace

What is that one piece of ornament that can add style to any outfit? Yes, you got that right, it’s the Happy Flower Necklace. Necklace is one of the most versatile pieces of jewellery, it goes with every outfit and has the power to rock your outfit and ultimately your look. Minimalistic is the new trend, these dainty pieces of jewellery can capture a glam worthy look with minimal efforts. Our newest Tropical collection comes with a bevy of summer styles that can help you with the wanderlust for the traveler in you. Add this wonderful necklace to your summer travel bag.

Twin Butterfly Wings Open Ring

Rings make up for the perfect gift to give to your bae or your girl gang. Not sure of the size? Enter TALISMAN’s adjustable silver rings. We have created the perfect gift for you by making rings that are adjustable so that you never have to worry about the size again while shopping online. Let’s face it, sometime you have to go that extra mile to figure out the perfect gift. Rings never go out of style and is a pure expression of your love for that special someone. Dress her hand with this colourful twin butterfly wings open ring. It will definitely make her think about you and bring a smile on her face while she glances down at her fingers between work sessions as they dance around the keyboard. 

Summer is the best time to wear jewellery, although the year has been quite daunting for a lot of us. This is not the ideal summer vacation that we imagined last year, but nevertheless, since you could not go out for beachy tropical vacation, we got the vacay jewellery for you at home. Go bold and stylish with TALISMAN’s Tropical collection. Enjoy your summer break at home with the tropical vibes that this jewellery collection will flood you with. Once you are satisfied with your tropical bling, you can leave the rest to us! We will sanitize, pack and deliver them straight to your door – no need to leave your house. Amazing right? 

Hurry up and add these stunning pieces to your summer shopping cart, before they sell out!