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You don’t simply buy jewellery; you invest in them – emotionally, financially and giving it all your time. As much as we love to indulge in occasional silver jewellery shopping to keep up with the trends, it’s important to own some jewellery styles that you can throw in with your attire when you just can’t go wrong with your outfit or when you are out of options. Jewellery is something that differentiates us from others, it is a unique way to say who we are without having to speak anything. It comes out in the way we think, act, speak and present ourselves. Jewellery is something that reflects our personality. Choosing attires and matching suitable jewellery to go with it is one of the easiest and most prominent ways of gauging someone’s personality. The same person might give out different vibes in different situations based on the kind of jewellery they wear. Like dressing up for a wedding or a festive occasion will be completely different from dressing up for a vacation or a business meeting. But the innate personality of the person can shine in all get-ups if they own certain jewellery pieces that are a must-have in every woman’s collection. 

When it comes to accessorizing, it is very interesting to style based on your personality, preference and current trends but there are times when we are out of options, that’s when classic styles that are timeless come into picture. There are certain styles that never go out of trend, below are few jewellery styles that every woman should own and classic jewellery trends that we definitely recommend buying:

Gold-Plated Necklaces

A gold-plated pendant is such a wonderfully versatile piece of jewellery that you can never get enough of. You can wear it just like that or convert it into a layered piece in seconds. It can go with your evening gowns, formal party look, an office attire or even complete a vacation look – the possibilities are endless. Every woman's desire is to dress up in the most glamorous and chic way. With a classic gold-plated pendant that desire can be fulfilled. With our wide variety of pendants crafted in sterling silver and plated with 18k gold polish you can look like a diva, add to cart your favorite gold pieces ranging from tropical, floral designs to some chunky bold pieces that are perfectly suited for any party look. 

Many professional women prefer to wear gold-plated necklaces not just to enhance their necklines but also to quickly complete their ensemble and garner compliments. However, when a work-place is obsessed with design and appearance, dressing up becomes a difficult task.  To choose something trendy but at the same time work-place appropriate jewellery, you can pick up several type of silver necklaces online from TALISMAN.

Stackable Rings

Of the first things to come to mind while dreaming about must-have jewellery for woman is a trendy ring. Yes yes, we all love solitaires and is definitely our first choice but stackable rings are no less. A stack of rings gives a more power-packed appearance. Rings are not only flexible; they are easy to wear and these tiny pieces fit very well while dreaming about what jewellery to wear to work. They are discrete and goes well with any attire. You can go with a bunch of dainty silver rings or can add an eternity ring to your solitaire to have a more intense effect. Our rings come in different styles to serve all your purposes, be it a wedding or any evening party where you want to flaunt a chunky glam ring or be it for office wear, you can flaunt a different ring every-day to work. We would recommend for you not to wear big, bold flashy pieces to office, rather wear a couple of stack rings so as to perfectly fit your office attire.

Chain Bracelets

Chain bracelets are those that have a flexible chain instead of any stiff bangle. They are delicate and dainty and look super cute and are a go to piece in every woman’s closet. It can be coupled both with date night looks as well as board room looks. When in a business meeting, your exuding confidence and the charisma to capture the attention of the entire board room can be accentuated using fine bracelets. Big and overworked bracelets obstruct your hand motions when you have to do all the typing or while working at the keyboard, which gets very challenging. Your hand movements and gestures are very important while showcasing a presentation or a seminar. It is therefore best to skip a bold chunky bracelet or any bell charm as it might cause a lot of disruption for you and your peers.

As the individual on the dais, go for a classy, trendy bracelet, all the teammates eyes will stay on you. Your stylish bracelet will give you a lot of confidence and all your peers will be amazed by your fashion sense. You can also explore our range of bolo bracelets. Bolo style bracelets have a clasp in which both ends of the chain is inserted. The clasp helps to adjust the size of the bracelet so that it fits perfectly on your arm. Bolo bracelets certainly draw a lot of attention and have become a very prominent fashion accessory. They help in securing your charms so you don’t have to worry about them falling off. Try our wide range of simple yet eye catching sober chain bracelets that are light and can be adorned perfectly for office wear. Shop jewellery charms with striking geometric patterns, a perfect option to wear for any occasion. 

Drop Earrings

A pair of drop earrings are the ultimate accessory that every women should have in her jewellery collection. Without a pair of earrings, most women find it difficult to walk out the door. These tiny accessories offer a huge punch when it comes to styling and help you make your own fashion statement when worn according to the occasion. Just a single pair of drop earrings and your look can go from drab to fab within seconds. We would definitely recommend gemstone studded drop earrings as you will have a fun time choosing from the plethora of fancy natural gemstone studded designs available on our website.  Having a pair of stylish drop earrings will have your back for most days. This little piece of earrings can give your outfit the much necessary flip. Interestingly, drop earrings are available in a variety of designs – small drop earrings, big and sleek drop earrings, designer gemstone studded earrings, enamel coloured earrings, etc. So why just stop at one?

You can also go for either tiny stud or hoop earrings as they help you respond in a very relaxed way to your phone calls and create a very subtle look. Take a little effort to jazz up your look with these stunning drop and stud earrings with solid stones in an adorable overlapping pattern when you pick a light coloured top with a matching pencil skirt! Stud earrings are still sure to add the much-needed dose of glamour to every ensemble with the combination of a single white gem. To complete your look, team it up with a matching purse.

Remember to pick a hue that fits best for your skin tone and face shape when wearing any type of fine jewellery. There are simply as many types of styling jewellery to match your different personalities. Just as each personality is unique, your jewellery should also be unique to match that beautiful personality. Make sure to have all these pieces in your jewellery box as they will keep you covered for most of your dresses and occasions. You can head over to our collection and shop silver jewellery online for yourself today!