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Jewelry has always been a powerful element in styling your outfit and also adds a personal touch. With so many different forms of jewelry available, one may find it hard to incorporate accessories into their daily attire. With so many options of ring online, the tough gets tougher.

Although small in its form, rings are really a mighty ornament helping you to make a style statement. These are not just worn by people across the globe but is everyone’s favorite. These are possessions that hold a lot of sentimental values, rings that are close to your heart could have been passed on from your ancestors to your mother and then to you, or simply a symbol of love from your partner. Rings are special at every occasion of your life.

While most of us have too many rings to wear, we often fall short of fingers while wanting to wear them all at once. To overcome this crisis, a trend came in taking the world by storm called “Stackable Rings”. As the name says stackable rings are rings that can be worn on top of the other creating a stacking effect. The good thing about these is that there are no set rules to wear stackable rings. You have the complete freedom to wear it however you feel like and make it yours.

Like we just mentioned, while there are no rules to wear stackable rings, this could be a real challenge to some of us. In today’s blog post we will find out different ways on how to wear our stackable rings. You surely want to be a part of the trend at the moment and look stunning. Read on..

  1. The Statement ring

Looking to jazz up your evening look while making a style statement? Then you have to hold onto your favorite ring. Most of the time a perfect wedding solitaire, the stunning diamond ring comes to the rescue. These rings are the ones you can swear by, helping you to ace the perfect look you need.

While you stack rings along with your statement ring, make sure you don’t overcrowd the statement ring, as it will not stand out because of the other stacking rings. For the most impressive effect, wear two simple dainty rings and keep the hero in the center. Wondering where to find dainty stackable rings? Your search ends here. TALISMAN has a range of dainty ring online, for you to shop from!


  1. be creARTive

You already know that there are no rules to wear stackable rings, you can be as experimental and as creative as you like, which is great! But, if you want to be creative, then you have to lose the fear of being wrong. You want to carry off a subtle look, go with simple bands or Knuckle midi ring. Want something colorful? Go with vibrant rings that have gemstones. It’s absolutely fine to try out different styles.

While you start to wear rings, don’t forget to add a touch of your personal style. You can go solo on someday, and stack them up on the next. You will soon know what style, type, color, number of rings will complement each other to create just the right blend.


  1. Speak in the language of symbols

You don’t have to spend a bomb to rock this jewelry trend. We are sure, you have something in your existing collection, which can help you to join the trend.

Chakras, floral designs or your colorful gemstones that looks aesthetically great could be a potential stackable ring if paired rightly with other bands.

If you are looking something more and new then there is always the option of shopping online! Like what you saw above in the picture? This evil eye adjustable ring is perfect to bring in positive vibes and keep negativity away. Buy your favorite ring online from our evil eye adjustable ring collection today.

  1. Go Big or Go Home

Most of the time, we think stackable rings have to be minimalist and hence we ditch our big bold rings. The truth is that you can wear both big and smaller rings and stack them up, the way you like it.

You can do this if you want to turn heads for your beautiful, big rings. While you wear these stunners, we suggest you keep your outfit pretty simple and less noisy. A simple dress or a perfect white shirt and blue jeans will help you ace this trend. Try not to wear rings on all fingers, spread it across two to three fingers, if not it will start to look extremely crowded.

  1. Mix, Match, and Create Magic!

This is one of the most important points to remember while wearing stackable rings. Always remember the “3 M’s”. Mix up different colored metals, match them with other metals and outfits, and create magic. Variation becomes a great element when creating a style statement. You would have seen many celebrities, fashionistas flaunting this trend, of not sticking to one single-colored metal.

That’s a simple yet effective tip to use while wearing stackable rings. You can stack white gold rings along with rose gold bands or yellow gold. This looks great and brings more character to your rings as well as to the outfit.

This may take some time to crack exactly what works with what, but you will surely thank us later for giving you this effective tip. Can’t find the perfect stackable ring online? TALISMAN has a solution. Click here to shop for some amazing stackable rings.



As you saw, there are so many ways of wearing stackable rings. The more number of rings the merrier it is. If you like to sport a blingy look, then shiny stackable rings are a must-haves. For a more elegant yet modern look, go with minimalist bands. If you are experiencing difficulties to find the perfect ring online, then head straight to TALISMAN. Your one-stop shop for perfectly curated handcrafted jewelry!