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A small piece of jewelry can elevate your workwear instantly. However, having too many choices can also turn dressing up into something appalling. Moderation is the key, more so, when we are talking about a professional environment.

Many tend to go overboard with accessorizing and a few also avoid wearing jewelry to work altogether. Whereas, a little insight and knowledge on coordinating your jewelry with your workwear is all you need to sail through this.

Let’s get started.

Do’s and Don’ts of Work Wear Jewelry

Before we delve any further, let’s first understand a few do’s and don’ts that can help you pick the right pieces and wear them the correct way.

Do mix and match

Don't refrain from experimenting with your jewelry pieces. Having versatility in jewelry can add an extra edge to your outfit and bring out other elements. Pick out one focal piece and experiment with colored accents and different metals.

Do coordinate with your outfit

Your outfit and the jewelry that you choose must come together in the end. The key is to balance it out so that you avoid looking too busy in certain areas and empty in others. For example, if you are wearing a collared shirt, opt for studs.

Do consider the seasons

Keeping the jewelry, as the outfits, in tune with the seasons adds to the charm. While rose gold and delicate pearl jewelry are fit for winter, you can choose floral motifs and colored enamel for spring. For summer, you can bring out those light-weighted gold and diamond pieces.

Don’t overkill

The only thing that’s worse than not wearing any jewelry is blinding sparkle. Restraint is the keyword to use here. Be it adding glitter to your attire or wearing a few extra pieces – don’t overkill with either.

Don’t go plain Jane

If overkilling with too much sparkle is a strict no-no, under-embellishment can be bland and take away the look and feel from your smart-looking and well-thought workwear. It is advisable to either invest in statement pieces or layer your jewelry to add a dose of something interesting.

Don’t wear clinking jewelry

One thing that would annoy anyone in a professional setting is the sound of jangling bangles and dangling earrings. It is ideal to stay away from those distracting pieces and rather go for jewel pieces that do not make a sound.

Don’t wear anything impractical

Avoid wearing anything that distracts you from your work. It could be some intricate detailing in your bracelets that might entwine with your shirt’s sleeve or a ring that hampers you while writing or typing. It’s a good idea to keep them at bay.

How to Coordinate Jewelry with your Outfit

Now that you are aware of a few simple and easy to follow do’s and don’t for workwear jewelry, let’s understand the art of coordinating jewelry with an outfit.

Match the jewelry with the occasion

Considering the kind of organization you work at, the culture and your role are crucial before selecting jewelry pieces. While you can wear something intricate on a special occasion, it is best to keep workwear jewelry to a minimum.

Match busy patterns with simple jewelry

Wearing a loud piece with a busy print can look gaudy and out of place. Pick solid bracelets and earrings instead of flashy accessories with overelaborate or busy prints, and fine jewelry or a statement piece with solid colored outfits.

Highlight the face

The face is the first thing people notice apart from what you are wearing. Before you pick a pair of statement earrings, take into account the shape of your face as well and check if they suit you. For example, drop earrings look great on a heart-shaped face, whereas triangular earrings go well with oval faces. Always try the jewelry before buying.

Choose jewelry that compliments your skin tone

Another thing to consider is your skin tone and the metal of the jewelry piece you choose. The safest option here is to pick something in silver as that goes with most natural tones. Gold brings out the best if you have darker hair and matte skin.

If you have a cool skin tone (with hints of pink, red or blue), pick something with gems that are red, purple and blue. You can also pick something in white gold to match your cool skin tone.

Warmer skin tones (leaning towards peachy, yellow or golden tones) pair well with gemstones in yellow, orange and green, in addition to yellow metals.

You can never go wrong with diamonds and pearls

If you are unsure of how to coordinate jewelry with your outfit, opt-in for a pair of diamonds or pearls. While the classic diamond acts as a prism under the light and shows off all the colors that make up its composition, the pearl goes naturally well with all sea colors.

If nothing else works – choose earrings or a finger ring

If you are confused about neckpieces and bracelets, opt for a pair of earrings and match it with a finger-ring. Statement studs always give a classy and polished look. Even better, choose something in simple gold or silver with diamonds or pearls.

For a finger-ring, you can either wear one statement piece on your index or middle finger or pick one or two simpler bands. A diamond set in a simple band not only looks elegant but goes well with every outfit.

One golden rule that will never let you down is to take off one thing before leaving the house to balance it all out. Invest in a few, but classy pieces that are a standout, and you’ll never be short of compliments.