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Trends are like passing clouds they come and go, but one style that's been withstanding the test of time is the Stackable ring. Stackable rings are everyone's favorite across the globe, men or women love to style these rings giving a chic and fashionable look to your attire. Statements rings are the easiest way to take any outfit from standard to sublime. Make your own ring collection by shopping for silver rings online from TALISMAN.

With the right collection of rings, you can curate your everyday look, whether it is your boring, monotonous work wardrobe or a casual top and jean. Wearing several rings on the same finger creates a fashion statement and even if your rings don't fit together, they can still be worn and get a sparkly look.

Although there are no rules for stacking rings, you can wear them the way you like and if you are looking for some ring-piration then we have some super easy tips to help you curate your own gorgeous stack.

1) Keep it simple. Keep it classy.

The perfect closet has many things from a perfect dress to a beautiful saree. But what makes a closet complete is a white t-shirt and a pair of denim jeans. Likewise, when you are starting to build a ring collection it’s always great to start with a classic ring. It could be a classic band, an eternity ring or anything that’s really close to you. Pair it up with something bolder to see the magic that your classy ring creates.

stack rings online

These classic rings can be styled every day and look great with almost everything. They go well with your regular office wear and looks elegant with a stunning evening dress too. Shop them today!

2) Mix it up!

A lot of us believe that your rings have to be matching and are often scared to mix other colored metals. But we at TALISMAN believe in keeping such fears aside and play around with colored metals, choose the same colored metals if you want to play safe. But if you want to get an edgier or fancy look, mixing up metals is something that we strongly recommend.

Pair one superior colored metal ring along with a delicate ring and you are ready to rock! Build your own ring stack by buying a ring online from TALISMAN and unleash the stylist in you!

3) Add some weight and shapes

While you are building a ring collection, be creative. Add little weight to your ring stack by choosing one like this. Do remember to create a visual balance when you are choosing thick bands. You can do so by pairing it with thin bands along with it to strike a perfect balance.

You can also play around with different shapes of rings. By doing so, you can add a bit of uniqueness to your ring stack and get compliments!

4) Pick a Hero

Yes, we are talking about “Statement rings”. These are also known as Cocktail rings. This kind of styling is very personal to one, you can start off by flaunting your engagement ring, a solitaire or a statement ring just like the below from TALISMAN.

The whole idea of wearing this type of ring is to make your ring the center of attention as you build around other stackable rings complementing your look.

Make it look more classy and elegant by not wearing any other rings in the same finger as that of your statement ring. You can definitely stack rings on other fingers, but statement rings look the best when not worn with other stackable rings.

This brings us to the 5th tip.

5) Leave at least one finger bare

We understand your love for rings, but piling on several rings all at once can go from “perfect” to “cluttered” real quick. So, avoid stacking rings on all the fingers to create a decent look. You can try the “odd number” rule. This may sound a little absurd to you, but by following this rule you can create a visual balance. By wearing rings on 3 fingers you can create an aesthetically pleasing look.

One way to achieve this look is to pick your hero (like we mentioned earlier) and place it in the center, and then add even number of other simple stacking rings on either side.

A lot of people forget to accessorize their pinky finger, thinking it may look very childish and may spoil the overall look of the outfit. This is just not the right way of doing so. In fact, we at Talisman strongly recommend styling rings on Pinky finger and thumb as this looks fashionable and sophisticated.

6) Don’t forget the sentimental stones

There is always one accessory that’s very close to your heart and holds many sentimental values. It could be bands with your birthstone, your favorite gemstone or a vintage ring that has been passed from your mother to you. You can wear this anytime and such rings do not need any occasion or a special day to be worn. These not only hold a special place but also adds uniqueness.

TALISMAN values your sentiments and we specialize in curating personalized jewelry as well for yourself and for your loved one.

Keep experimenting with your rings like we said earlier there are no rules to follow while building your perfect ring stack. But if you look at your hand and think "Hey that looks cool" then it is right and you have done a good job. Don’t forget to keep these tips in your mind before stacking to ace the art of wearing stackable rings.

If you are confused and still trying to figure out where to start from then TALISMAN is the place just for you.

At TALISMAN you can shop for pure silver rings online. There are various designs, colors, metals, and styles for you to choose from. All you have to do is stack them up and you are ready to roll!

Happy stacking ladies!!