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You are here because you want to gift something to the love of your life and what better than gifting her a ring that marks the commitment of your relationship leading to a new beginning. Buying a gift for someone has always been a dainty task. In this digital age, where almost everything is bought on the internet, shopping for a ring is no different. We know how excited you are to buy pure silver rings online which has, in turn, left you perplexed with the number of options available these days. Things can get tricky if you know very little about her choices, likes and dislikes.

To help you out, we have come up with 10 most fascinating rings that you can gift your girlfriend. We are pretty sure you will love each of these rings and would probably end up buying all of them!

 What makes it nicer is that your bae will be super impressed by you, and she can’t say “No” to such delicate ornaments! Every woman is unique and hence you would want to consider a few things other than deciding on the budget alone. You could go for something that is flashy if she likes all things grand or go for a simple design to keep it minimalistic.

Did we mention? At TALISMAN you can customize your rings as well! Your girl might be a fan of customized pure silver rings online if she likes to wear a single piece of jewelry for the whole day. And what better than a ring gifted by you to make it all the more special.

A custom ring may sound like a really expensive option, but it doesn’t have to be expensive at all. Making a custom ring gives you the control to choose the shape, size of the center gemstone, as well as the little details that you would want to add in the ring, that is shared between you both.

We have carefully curated a list of different rings for you to consider. From the ones best suited for the proposal to something offbeat that is simple yet beautiful.

1) Go Classy

First things first, when we think of a ring for your girlfriend, it’s always those shiny, elegant statement rings that cross our minds. It makes more special when you are proposing to her for marriage. This timeless beauty would have been passed from your granny to your mother and now to your future wifey.

Remember to consider the size and shape of the stone before buying. Some people like the stone to be embedded in the ring, some like it to be popping out, some like it circular and some find polygon attractive. Whatever it may be, if you are planning to buy stunning looking pure silver rings online like these, then TALISMAN is where you must head to. We have exclusive statement rings perfect for the occasion.

2) The Pinker the better

Think pink! Does your girlfriend like everything to be girly and pink? Then you must consider this color while selecting a ring for her. Celebrate the fun part of her personality by gifting her this dazzling silver ring, exquisitely designed for modern women for all occasions.

3) Go Colorful, Go Gemstones

Whether your girlfriend’s color is blue, red, purple or green, you can buy a ring for her by opting for colorful gemstones. If she likes 2 or more colors, then you can go with the below ring.

You can choose one color as a focal point while the other can be embedded to enhance the beauty of the ring. Select a setting that can be perfect for her. It can be edgy, modern and perfect. You can shop for pure silver rings online from TALISMAN. We can curate rings in any colored gemstone making them unique and special.

4) Add some fun

Your girl is worth everything. She is independent, adventurous and has a fun side too. Then why should you just stick to the regular rings? Gift her something unique and magical from Disneyland. Not sure where to shop from? Shop here.

Our exclusive collection of pure silver rings from Disney are crafted for the feisty, and free-spirited women!

5) Mind the Metals

Just because rose gold and platinum are trending at the time, it doesn’t mean you should buy only these. The ring that you buy for her will hold a special place in your lives and it’s a special moment. Try different colored metals and identify what suits her the best.

If she does not like the yellow gold-tone, then you can go with silver rings as well. These give a more neutral appearance reflecting the brilliance of the ring. Want to buy some pure silver rings online? Click here!

6) Shapes

The symbol of love – “Hearts”. This shape looks very cute and shows innocence, and it might just make the deal for you. Not just cute, but at TALISMAN the heart-shaped rings look elegant and stunning to rock any cocktail party or a dinner date with your love.

Apart from heart-shaped rings, you can also look for other shapes such as circular, square or triangle.

7) Black it is!

Black is the queen of colors. The color not only looks classy and stylish but is also most women’s favorite. The color is bold and independent. By gifting her this ring, it states that you accept her that way and letting her be what she is!

8) Infinity rings

We know how much your love means to you, it will not justify if you won’t be able to express to the fullest. Don’t worry we have just the right ring for your girlfy. Why don’t you gift her something that will remind her about unconditional love.

Buy this stunning Infinity ring from TALISMAN today!

9) Crown Ring

She’s your queen and queens wear crowns. This is one of the most alluring rings you can buy for your deserving girlfriend.

10) Custom rings

And lastly what’s better than customizing rings for her. You can pick any gemstone, adjust the size, choose the shape, and inscribe anything making it unique and exclusive for her.

We hope you got some inspiration to buy the perfect ring. All you have to do is muster some courage and take your relationship one step ahead. We wish you all the luck. Shop for pure silver rings online with us, gift her and she will love them. At TALISMAN we believe in catering nothing but the best to our clients. Visit us to know more.