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Have you ever wondered "I have too many earrings" looking at your earring collection but ended up buying a pair of new ones?

Earrings are a great piece of jewelry and are women's best friend. They have the ability to transform your not-so-good outfit into an appealing party-wear. A perfect pair of silver stud earrings enhance your hairstyle, face and complements the overall look by giving you the flexibility to style for slightly dressy days or glam up for a night party.

We also suggest you to buy drop earrings online, as these are all-rounders. You can opt for something minimalistic, lightweight designs perfect for day outs, office parties, and weekend fun with friends, family, or your bae.  

Drop earrings give you a plethora of designs to choose from, therefore there is something for everyone. They are also called dangle earrings and vice versa.


They are extremely versatile and look so sophisticated that you can easily pair them with any outfit as you like. Many ladies are skeptical wearing colorful, flashy drop earrings, but these could look great if worn them right with spring and summer outfits to get a breezy, colorful look. 

They come in various sizes and can vary in length from just an inch below the earlobe or all the way down to dust the top of your shoulder. Drop earrings can be silver, gold or diamond and TALISMAN has the best silver earrings online. They can also be set with enamel or gemstones depending upon your taste, style, earrings can be customized.

If you think drop earrings are not fun, then you have probably tried them with your favorite top, skirts and jeans. These jewelry pieces look very stylish with ruffled or lace top to ace the casual look.

If street styling is your type, then spice up the look by adding drop earrings or tassel earrings. These are another trend-setter, you would love to pair them with some matching shoes to get ultra-chic look.

The Dangling earrings are similar to drop earrings, they are a little longer than the Drops, and usually come to one’s jawline. They look extremely classy, elegant and one of the best way to decorate your evening dress with these. Dangling earrings are also friendly to your evening parties and bachelorette’s. You can also embed your favorite gemstones, diamonds to your dangling earrings to give your outfits an elegant touch.

While drop earrings give you the option to straddle between day and night looks, stud earrings on the other hand are your everyday go-to’s. They are single unit and do not have any dangling element, usually placed on the earlobe. They are versatile, trendy and go with every outfit. There are various types of stud earrings in gemstones such as ruby, emerald, topaz, sapphire, pearls. These add uniqueness and a touch of color to your look.

TALISMAN uniquely handcrafts statement pieces with genuine enamel and stones of premium quality. Thus, revamp your earring collection and make some space for new ones from TALISMAN!!