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With Valentine’s Day approaching, you must be thinking about the special gift that you would gift to your girlfriend or wife. What would it be? Same old chocolates? Flowers and a card? Why not give her something that she can cherish?

A piece of jewellery is perhaps the best way to show your love. Talisman’s award-winning design team has come up with a range of ornaments that can be worn with any outfit – be it casual or formal. These designs combine the best of Indian aesthetics and western sensibilities. You can choose from stackable rings, long and short earrings, statement rings and neckpieces, and cute little bracelets and charms. With plenty of choices, an easy return policy and affordable price points, Talisman is the best place to buy jewellery online. Here are some ideas on buying the best Valentine gifts online. 

Bring out the Demi Goddess in Her

One of the most fabulous ranges of Talisman is the Iconic Demi range. Studded with colourful, semi-precious stones and crafted with intricate designs the pieces from the Iconic Demi range make for the best Valentine gift. You can go for a beautiful bracelet like the Serene Green bracelet or opt for something more ostentatious like the Regal Peridot Necklace. These pieces are amazingly versatile and can be worn with a wide range of outfits. Pair them up with something ethic to look gorgeous or even better, wear them with a fabulous dress to up your glam quotient. 

Evil Eye Ornaments for Positive Vibes

We all like a bit of positivity in our lives. Unfortunately, with so much negativity all around, it’s hard to keep up the positive spirit. Talisman has an easy solution to this. There’s an entire range of Evil Eye and Hamsa jewellery to choose from. Be it a Daring Evil Eye Blue Necklace or All About Positivity Evil Eye Pendant, these ornaments will surely spread the positive vibes you need. These are also amazingly versatile and come in a range of blue and white designs that are as beautiful as they come.

Personalize Your Love

Nothing screams love more than personalizing your gifts. They demonstrate your love in a way nothing else can. Talisman allows you to personalize your gift of love. All you need to do is to choose a bracelet in either sterling silver or leather. Next up, choose charms, trinkets or small alphabets made of silver. Fill up the rest of the bracelet with filler and your own customized gift for the Valentine is ready. You can sild on the wrists of your beloved and whisper the magic words: Happy Valentine’s Day. These personalized gifts are truly the reflection of the love that you share for your beloved.  

Go Back to the Old World Charm

Nothing beats the beauty of traditional designs and craftsmanship. Talisman has an entire collection inspired by the design and craftsmanship of India. Umrao collection is a one-of-a-kind collection that is studded with semi-precious stones and made up of 925 sterling silver. The collection oozes femininity and old-world charm and makes for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift that you can buy online. The collection contains neckpieces, earrings, and statement rings. If you select the one you like or simply mix and match as per your budget and preference., Our recommendations include Feast Your Eyes Ring, Life of A Party Square Ring, One of a Kind Drop Ring and so on. 

Bring in the Magic of Disney

We are never too old to get in touch with our childhood self. Talisman has a range of Disney-inspired jewellery that would make for a perfect gift on Valentine’s Day. There are Mickey Mouse-inspired rings, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. They can be worn with formal dresses as well as casual ones. Our choices include bestsellers like Talisman Mickey Mouse Charm Necklace, Talisman Colourful Mickey Mouse Silhouette Earrings and so on. These trinkets are sure to bring a smile to your wife or girlfriend’s face and will take her down memory lane. They also make for great gifts for little ones. 

Glam up on Valentine’s Day

What’s Valentine’s Day party without a little bit of glamour thrown in. A party calls for statement pieces like a big ring or a stunning neckpiece. Talisman brings you glam essentials like earrings and neckpieces that are encrusted with semi-precious stones like black onyx and white cubic zirconias. These pieces made up of 925 sterling silver and fitted with huge stones make for a glamorous get-up. Gift your wife or girlfriend a piece and see how she comes to love it. You can choose from drop earrings such as cocktail hour drop earrings or Party Princess Cocktail Rings. There are plenty of other designs to choose from. 

Usher in Tropical Vibes

It may still be winter but not too early to usher in the summer tropical vibes with a Valentine gift. Cast in Italian enamel, made with 925 sterling silver and plated in gold, Talisman’s Tropical Dreams collection come in a range of summer colours, including red, green and sky blue. Choose from pieces like Happy Flower Drop Earrings, Thundering Cloud Adjustable Ring or Sparkling Green Leaf Necklace. These tropical-inspired ornaments will surely bring a lot of warmth even in the coldness of the winter months.

Get lost in Bohemian Dreams

There’s a bit of whimsy in all of us. As a tribute to the bohemian trait in women, Talisman brings a special Bohemian Dream range that is both beautiful and unconventional. This range celebrates modern women who are not afraid to take on challenges and make out-of-the-box choices. The ornaments included in this range make for a great gift and are very versatile as well. Whether you are choosing a BoHo Cluster Pendant or BoHo Tender Ring, you can rest assured that you can’t go wrong with your choice. 

No matter what you choose, Talisman’s wide range of hand-crafted ornaments will surely woo the special someone in your life. This Valentine’s Day, chuck the card and the chocolates and go for a nice piece of jewellery.