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Every woman is possessive about jewelry and takes utmost interest and care of them, may it be Platinum, Gold or Silver. Keeping jewelry for several years intact is not as easy as one thinks.  There are many things which need keen attention. When it comes to Sterling Silver Jewelry, you have to be more careful as the items are delicate when compared to Jewelry made of other metals. Preserving Sterling Silver Jewelry is not a burdensome task.

Preserving Sterling Silver Jewelry is not a burdensome task

Talisman World is an extension to ‘Gem India Exports’, an award winning Jewelry Group that has been in the Jewelry industry for more than three decades. They have a skilled team of competent designers, innovative artists, creative jewelers who are well versed in their profession. Our main motto is to provide satisfactory service to customers and build a long lasting and trustworthy bond. We have initiated global presence with our services and retail outlets. We deal with a wide range and variety of Sterling Silver Jewelry like Earrings, Bangles, Bracelets, Pendants, Rings, and Bands. We are one of the top most dealers in Sterling Silver Jewelry Online in India.

Do you know the best ways to take care of Sterling Silver Jewelry?

The following are the guidelines:

  • Keep Water at Bay: For longevity and luster of Sterling Silver Jewelry it is recommended to keep it dry. Routine tasks like washing dishes, bathing, swimming, hot tub baths, Saunas, Gym are to be avoided;
  • Avoid Tarnishing: Do not expose the Jewelry to moisture, sunlight, Perfumes, various lotions, creams and Makeup. Do not keep the jewelry pieces tangled and hooked. Keep each piece of jewelry separate. The best place to keep them is a dark and cool place without direct Sunlight.
  • Proper Storage: Do not keep Sterling Silver Jewelry in open Plastic or wooden boxes, open plastic bags or cases and not even in paper bags. They must be kept in air-tight bags or boxes to save them from moisture deposition. It is an effective measure to place Silica gel packets in the bag or box as they are anti-tarnishing agents. A piece of Chalk can also be kept with Sterling Silver Jewelry because it absorbs dampness and makes it dry.

 Suitable Cleanser:  There are varieties of home-made cleansers like water and baking Soda, Soap and water, White Vinegar and Baking Soda, Olive oil and Lemon Juice etc. Any of these Cleansers can be used to clean Sterling Silver Jewelry. For cleaning, Commercial Chemicals Sprays and lotions must be restricted. Proper Polish after cleansing is effective.

The aforesaid tips can make your Sterling Silver Jewelry look new, lustrous and attractive. They preserve the jewelry items for generations without causing any fade-out appearance. Talisman World works round the clock to provide its customers with the expected, customized pieces of jewelry. Sterling Silver Jewelry Online offers durability and affordability. Feel free to call, contact or visit us online for a variety of products. We never fail to supply the desired models and designs.