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Diwali is the best time for exchanging gifts. But the same old box of mithai and dry fruits has become a passe now. New-age gifts are all about care, thoughtfulness and being unique. So how about gifting your little sister a piece of ornament that she can cherish forever?

If you are living away from family and don’t know where to start or how to go about buying jewellery, then TALISMAN World has got you covered. We are the leading makers of premium-quality jewellery made from 925 sterling silver, encrusted with semi-precious stones, and coated in Italian enamel. TALISMAN has a mind-boggling array of designs that are suited for every occasion. From casual get-togethers to date nights, from office to a day at the beach – there’s something for everyone at TALISMAN. 

If you are worried about the authenticity, delivery and return policy of Diwali gifts online, then TALISMAN has got you covered. All ornaments of TALISMAN come with a guarantee of authenticity, easy return policy and doorstep delivery. This works perfectly if you are staying away from home and still want your little sister to know that she is cared for. 

The great part about TALISMAN is that they not only offer you great value, but they offer you gift ideas as per your budget. There are gifts according to prices, including those under Rs 1499, those under 1999, those under 2499 and those under 2999. This helps you to select the best Diwali gift online as per your budget and convenience.

No matter what the price is, each ornament is special as it is a gift of love.  

So here are some Diwali gifts that would surely cheer her up this festive season.

Bohemian Jewellery for Her

TALISMAN’s Bohemian Dream is an ode to the fierce, independent woman who is not afraid of taking on the world. She is ready to make bold fashion choices and yet retains a bit of tradition within her. Bohemian Dream features a gorgeous array of pendants, rings, earrings, and studs. They are perfect for the festive night but can be a permanent fixture of your wardrobe. You can wear them at any party and turn heads effortlessly. These ornaments combine traditional designs but execute them in a modern, stylish manner that is suited to the taste of the modern woman. Choose from BoHo Feather Pendant or BoHo Amulet Pendant for a stylish look and complete it with BoHo Crown Ring and BoHo Star Gold Tassels to complete the look. These pieces come with a gold finish and are encrusted with semi-precious stones, such as zirconias and are coated with Italian enamel.

An Ode to the Demi Goddess

Our Iconic Demi collection is perfect for the diva that is your little sister. This collection is sleek and unique in design and features a range of semi-precious stones. This collection is perfect for smart office wear and day wear. The sleek and clean lines compliment western outfits. They exude understated refinement and elegance and are truly reflective of the style of the modern woman. Our recommendation includes Regal Amethyst Necklace, Regal Peridot Necklace, Sparkling Stone Drop Earrings, Aqua Trio Bracelet, just to mention a few names. These come with 925 sterling silver and natural gemstones that apart from making you look gorgeous, also gives you positive vibes and energy. 

Stay Positive with Evil Eye Collection

The Evil Eye and Hamsa have long been symbols of warding off the negative vibes. These symbols have been used in middle eastern and south Asian cultures as devices to ward off evil. TALISMAN has transformed them into a wonderful collection of pendants, rings, bracelets, and earrings that make the perfect gift for the Diwali season. These ornaments look gorgeous, and they help you spread positivity. Options include Hamsa Pendant, Fearless Evil Eye Necklace, Protect Me Evil Eye Hook Earrings, Evil Eye TALISMAN Pendant, and suchlike. They can be worn on any formal occasion, but they can also act as your personal charm to spread positivity. 

Glam Essentials for Girls

There are a few staple pieces of jewellery that you can make a permanent part of your wardrobe. You can wear them not only at any party but also for office and day wear. These glamorous essentials can go with any outfit and make you look like million bucks even though they are immensely affordable. TALISMAN has a range of everyday essentials that you can give to your sister for her Diwali. Made from white zirconias and gemstones such as black onyx, guava quartz, mint quartz, and suchlike. Their clean lines, geometric shapes and no-frills, sleek, modern designs are a tribute to the modern woman and her sophisticated taste.

Make a Statement with Layers

The more the merrier. The adage seems certainly true when it comes to jewellery. TALISMAN has a range of ornaments that come in layers and make quite a statement. These statement pieces include stackable rings, trio bracelets etc. that are effortlessly stylish and can be worn with any outfit. They combine multiple pieces of gemstones to create a unique stackable piece. We have Aqua Trio Bracelet that can be teamed up with Demi Lively Bracelet or Demi Red Love Bracelet or stackable rings like Cosmic Bands rings and Colour me Lavender Sterling Silver rings. Great for parties and other formal occasions, these pieces will truly wow your sister this Diwali.

Relive the Old-world Beauty

A thing of beauty is a joy forever. TALISMAN’s award-winning jewellery team has come up with a range of ornaments that combine the age-old craftsmanship and designs of the old world. Inspired by the iconic courtesans of Lucknow, the Umrao collection features a range of necklaces, earrings, rings, and bracelets that would be crowing jewels of any Indian outfit. They also make for great Diwali gifts. Some honourable mentions include Dainty Luminous Royal Ring, Party All Night Necklace, Alluring Soir Ring, Feast Your Eyes Rings, and suchlike. Chose the best option from this mind-boggling array of designs and get prepared to wow your sister.