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Earrings are possibly the oldest forms of embellishments or adornments that we have cherished as mementos of special moments. From a special pair of earrings being passed down generations to being one of the most gifted jewellery items, there is truly a pair of earring for every occasion. 

However, with time and the advent of online jewellery, earrings are now available in hoops, studs, dangles and other wide variety of styles. The multitude of options available can often lead to confusion as to the selecting the right pair for the right occasion. 

Here, the Talisman team has rounded up some things to consider -

Select the right earrings

“Always wear earrings at the very least”. This is something that we have always heard from our grand moms to our moms. Ever wondered why? To avoid the mistake of not pairing the earring with your outfit, hairstyle, face shape, shade of lipstick and so much more. In order to look spectacular, you must always save the best for the last and choose earrings accordingly. While selecting earrings remember not to overdo it; you cannot wear dazzling earrings to a formal board meeting or a simple stud to an exciting event. Earrings are meant to compliment your outfit, not take the attention entirely towards itself.

Know the types of earrings

Before choosing any earring to match with your outfit, it might be helpful to assess the different options at your disposal. Dangling earrings, studs, and hoops are some of the most common earrings. While stud earrings are handy and can be paired with almost any outfit, hoops are circular and come in different sizes. Drop earrings on the other hand are quite elegant, they are longer and fall just below the ear. You can buy pure silver earrings online from Talisman like this one below. Perfect pick for your dinners, business gatherings or even weddings.


Wear earrings for occasions

While studs can be the best choice for work meetings or daily office wear. Date nights or dinner parties demand for something more graceful and dignified. You can go with tassels or even drop earrings to glam up your look. You can be playful by wearing colorful and funky earrings on casual clothes for day-outs or casual events.

Know your face shape

Different types of earrings have a different influence on the way your face looks. Depending on your face shape, you have to select the right type of earring. Let’s learn what type of earring looks best with various face shapes.


  • Round face: Like the name says, this type of face is circular or round. Thus, you should avoid wearing hoops, circular earrings. These kind of earrings often a round face look rounder. Instead, shop for drop earrings which can help elongate the face. For lighter to neutral skin tones, you can consider buying silver earrings online from Talisman. For darker skin tones, opt for our yellow or rose gold options. 
  • Heart-shaped face: It’s all about striking a right balance. Heart-shaped face has a wider forehead and gets narrower towards the chin. Chandelier or teardrop earrings fills the narrow part giving it a more balanced look.
  • Square face: Hard edges, prominent jaw-line are the features of a square shaped face. Choose round studs or round-edged earrings to give a softer look. Avoid wearing square shaped studs or earrings that have sharp corners.
  • Oval face: An oval-faced shape is one of the most common face types and it compliments any earring type. From simple studs to elegant drop earrings, try out any option and select the one that gives you the best look.

Follow these simple steps before you get ready for any occasion to look spectacular and thank us later!