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Women are seekers. We are constantly searching for something elegant and special that can take our jewelry wardrobe from average to extraordinary. The moment we spot a beautiful piece of jewelry we fall for the ornament and want to add it immediately to our wardrobe. Time has changed the way we shop, we have shifted from traditional ways of shopping to modern. People have moved from street shopping to online. But, before we buy earrings online, we must keep in mind a few things such as choosing the right pair of earrings that not only match your outfit but also goes well with your personality, style, and the shape of your face. You are unique and thus identifying a few characteristics before buying earrings is crucial.

Earrings draw attention immediately and if you are not wearing the right one, it can spoil the overall look. Master the art of buying silver earrings online from TALISMAN and accessorize your outfit with the right earrings for various occasions.

A pair of earrings are extremely versatile and can go with almost anything. You might leave your house without a bracelet or a necklace but you will always wear a pair of earrings. There are different types of silver earrings online, in different sizes and prices available. All you need is to bring out the fashionista in you and give a modern touch to your regular earrings. In case you are looking for some inspiration, we have got you covered. Read on and we’ll guide you through some amazing ways of wearing earrings.

Before we jump into the real deal, it is essential to determine your face shape.

Oval Shaped Face: It features a wide forehead, as wide as the cheekbones. Hoops, drop earrings, studs almost anything and everything looks pretty on this face shape.

Heart-Shaped Face: This type of face shape features a forehead that’s wider than the cheeks with a narrow chin. You can draw attention to your eyes, jawline by choosing teardrop earrings to help you create a balance.

Square Shaped Face: Those with a square face have a prominent jaw bone drawing attention to your face. In order to create symmetry, you can opt for earrings that are longer. Drop earrings, dangling earrings, and exaggerated shapes work perfectly for this face shape.

Round Shaped Face: As the name says this kind of face is rounder in shape, with wider cheeks. The idea is to add some length to your face by wearing long earrings, it is always better to avoid circles, studs, and hoops.

If you are finding it difficult to figure out the shape of your face, then it could possibly be oval. Whatever the shape of the face is, the key here is to strike a balance on your face by wearing the right pair of earrings.

Now let’s see a few modern approaches one must take in order to wear and buy earrings online.

 Casual day/College wear

It goes without saying studs are the most versatile piece of jewelry one can have, complementing one’s outfit and personality. They come in different eye-catchy design elements too, making it girl’s favorite.


While wearing colored gemstones studs, make sure you don’t end up looking all matching with the color of your attire. Rather pick a minor color in your outfit and pair it up with some studs or a drop earring that’s not too long.

Looking for an alternative to studs? Drop earrings also look extremely casual and are trending. There are several types and designs available at TALISMAN, for you to buy earrings online. Check them out!

For a party night!

While the magic of black never fails to amaze us, you probably must be thinking of complementing your black outfit with a perfect pair of earrings. You can go with large hoops, exquisite drop earrings, and cluster earrings, these will give you the glamorous look for the night.

You can simply buy silver earrings online from our dazzling drop earrings collection that are just too good for a date night or an office party. You can thank us later!

Formal occasions

It is very important to dress up for the occasion. It could be a wedding or a formal business meeting. While there is no such thing as too much when it comes to a wedding, sometimes a statement earring works wonders in such times.

Any Indian traditional dress starts to look like it’s straight out of a movie when paired with such statement silver earrings online. If you are not a big movie fan don’t worry we have something for those formal business meetings too!

Elegant, stylish, and glamorous, these earrings are perfect for formal occasions. Try to keep other elements around less dramatic and noticeable. You can pull off your hair into a pony or a bun for your earrings to be visible. You can also buy earrings online from TALISMAN and explore a world of extremely classy earrings.

The Office wear

We all find Mondays very boring and want weekends to last for some time. But sadly, Mondays hit us hard and we have to face it. While we all have different tips and tricks to make our weekdays exciting, we have come up with the easiest way to motivate you, by wearing the perfect earring on your office attire. You can find a variety of earrings from elegant studs to perfect solitaires, these earrings can take your style game from average to extraordinary.

Don’t miss to buy earrings online from our exotic drop earrings collection. While studs look extremely classy and go well with your business outfit, drop earrings are no less. Drop earrings can bring confidence that will help you to ace that important client meeting.

Lastly, all we have to say is that earrings should be fun and make a statement about who you actually are. How about experiment a bit and see what earring designs work best for you? If you are ready to shop for some silver earrings online, click here.

 Keep shining beautiful one!