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Jewelry in India has been popular and trendy for a long time. Indians often invest in jewelry made from Platinum, Gold or Silver. Jewelry in any form complements the beauty of a woman; it adds a tinge of aesthetic essence to the personality. Indian jewelry goes well with traditional, western or professional attire. It is indeed a need for every girl. Nowadays, men too have developed the practice of wearing jewelry like bracelets, chains, rings, bands, etc. As years pass by, jewelry designs and patterns have been setting trademarks with their unique styles. Sterling Silver Jewelry is made as an alloy of Silver with Copper or Nickel. 925 Sterling Silver is 92.5% Silver with rest quantity of alloy.

Talisman is an age-old brand that deals with all silver ornaments. The roots of the brand lie in the company “GEM India Exports”. We have spread our wings across the world with our services like designing, manufacturing, customizing, innovating a wide range of jewelry. We have a team of skilled workforce who are well-versed in their art and know the tricks of the trade. During special occasions, festivities, weddings, the team comes up with innovative ideas, plans, and designs to meet the needs of the customers. Our aim of service lies in the satisfaction of the customer.

Women have been relating Silver to luxury and pomp for a long time. But, now there is a trend of using Sterling Silver Jewelry in other words, 925 Sterling Silver Jewelry.

The following are the seven reasons to start buying Sterling Silver Jewelry in India:

  • Worthy Investment: A woman who is fond of jewelry can invest as it lasts long for the whole life, goes with every garb, does not go off fashion and can be used for many years.
  • Skin- Friendly: Sterling Silver Jewelry is not prone to skin allergies or rashes. It does not harm the sensitive skin, easy to adore even on a normal day.
  • Easily Customizable: 925 Silver Sterling Jewelry for Women is customizable to meet the demands of the customer. It can be customized as an alphabet, symbols, names, chains or a varied range of bands or rings.
  • Versatility: Sterling Silver can be highly versatile. One who is not interested in Gold and wants to buy platinum but does not want to invest a large amount can go with Sterling
  • Silver Jewelry. You can have a customizable collection of your own fascinatingly.
  • Wide range with Innumerable Options and Designs: Silver is highly malleable and soft. It can be made into various ornaments with different styles and patterns. It can blend easily with Gemstones too. Sterling Silver Jewelry can be in any form: Bangles, Pendants, Rings, Bands, Earrings, Bracelets, Anklets, and Chains, etc.
  • Affordability: It is easy jewelry that everyone can afford it and can set a fashion too. It is not expensive. One can have a collection of their own which does not fade and goes well in all seasons of the year.
  • Maintenance Friendly: There are no special ways to maintain it. It does not react to water, moisture, heat, gels or solutions. It is very easy to take care of them in any temperature or climate.

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