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The year of 2021 holds many promises, big and small. Fashion and accessories have not been in focus with the passing of 2020 but 2021 holds hope for fashion lovers. We at TALISMAN have two notable jewellery trends this year to share with you. Chunky nonchalant jewellery pieces that you can't miss accompanied by minimalistic and delicate jewellery like stud earrings are the two top trends. These trends make styling easier depending on your taste for flashy big jewellery or smaller femine jewels. To make your year more stylish and easy going, yes, with the mask on here are some simple, classy style tips to seamlessly adorn your metals and stones in a better way not yet known to you. 

Classy with Stud Earrings

    We all love earrings and why not? They highlight the face, the style and accentuate the clothing with ease. They even make your bad hair day look more tolerable. Tame your style with class then just wear small or big stud earrings. Anyone here who doesn't feel that stud earrings actually look much better than the danglers and hoops? Simplicity shouts class and lets the unicorn in you stand out. Choose from TALISMAN’S delicate range of stud earrings.

    Stack em all

      I am sure there are tons of you out there who did not like the first style tip. Yes, there are folks who like more, who like to flaunt it if they have it! Jewellery stacking looks beautiful. It does so when the stacking is done in colour coordinated and in a well structured way. A great combination is to stack bangles and bracelets, minimum 5-6  on one hand with a gorgeous stacking of finger rings on the other hand. Different gold tones stacking look lovely, see options below. With your hands full, simple stud earrings should sit well. Don't go overboard, watch out. 

      Metal Mixing

        When this year has been full of mixed events, dualities and mixed sentiments why not mix jewellery too. Gold and silver stud earrings, brass and copper chunky necklaces and stacked rings with vibrant hues are in vogue. These can all be matched with mono colored or solid clothes. Rose gold is another shade that has taken the jewellery world by storm and seemingly never gone out of trend. What a pretty feminine bracelet from TALISMAN.

        Stop in Time

          Accessorising is addictive. Especially if you have your goal set in terms of the look you want to achieve. After clothing accessories rule the roost to get the look right. In fact, accessories can make or break the look. But in any case, keep taking a stock of your look while adding jewelry on. Getting swayed into the areas of excess is not uncommon. Load on only as much as you can carry. And to keep it safe from being bare off jewelry always keep a classy pair of stud earrings in your wallet. 

          Trend control

            Do you think you can wear everything that appears on the runway? Can you carry it off like that Fashion TV model? The same is the case with jewellery. Perhaps not! Hence, make sure you know what trends might suit your body type, your personality and your look. Not every bangle fits every hand. 

            Sets or no Sets 

              Traditional jewellery came in sets. These days sets don't trend. Differing pieces are matched to achieve the look. However, this year going by the trends it would be safe to ditch the jewellery set. Instead pick either of the sets to wear, the necklace or the stud earrings. This would be a much better way to wear the set your grandmother gave you, juggle around.  

              Power style

                I am sure you have heard of power dressing. Power dressing doesn't come in easy. It comes with a concentrated effort. To achieve the best look and to be dressed to desire and achieve power the look should be well-rounded and stately. As far as jewellery goes power dressing utilizes earring studs to a great extent for the board room look. And this look could seal any deal. Like the one below? 

                Focus based on occasion 

                  Jewellery can be worn pretty much at many places on the human body. It is important that you focus which part of the body you would like to accentuate to support your outfit. We recommend while going to the office focus on your ears with medium sized stud earrings. And, while going to a friend's house or on a casual outing focus on neckpieces, big or small. 

                  Sentimental pieces

                    Utilising sentimental jewellery pieces has been a big trend. This means you ought to wear only the jewellery piece dear to you. Be it, the necklace your mother gave, the earring studs your grandmother gave you, the ring your hubby gave or the bracelet your friends gave.

                    Balance it out

                      Balancing the overall look and feel of the dress is important. And mind you, it isn't very simple to balance styling. You have to choose what you want to focus on,whether you want to wear a dressy outfit or a dressy jewelry. Strike the balance. 

                      Monocolured magic

                        As we mentioned earlier you can opt for a major mix and match in color or you can also opt for a single tone.These days the trending color is gold. The all gold look is trending. Minimalistic small jewellery whether in sets or individual pieces but all in gold could keep you in the style books. Get the Midas look for yourself. 


                          For all you wild souls who know no bounds. Get raw and make the most of your mind's eccentricity. Go all out with jewellery, especially when you are wearing very plain outfits. Wacky style and designs in jewellery are a big thing in the chunky jewelry segment. Try something different to feel new. 

                          Layering Necklaces

                            Layering necklaces isn't a new trend. If you are someone who doesn't mind contrasting and can mix the trends and tweak them a bit here and there then layering necklaces could be your new favourite style trend. You can start with a dainty choker piece at the top, layer in below with a mid sized heavier piece and go light with a long necklace in the end. If you are layering necklaces, be mindful that nothing but stud earrings are allowed on the ears. 


                              Precious stones or the diamonds, whatever be your style can be donned with equal confidence. Many women love going heavy on stone jewellery. It lends a very different appeal to your look, a more rustic appeal. Invest in vibrant stones even better if you're interested in their healing properties. Check which stones suit you and then only wear them. 


                                Pearl are another affordable precious adornment of jewelry these days. Original pearls are slightly more expensive that faux appeals but yes they are definitely cheaper than diamonds. So, all you girls there get a string of pearls to highlight your neckline while wearing a satin dress or a frilly feminine top. Pearl stud earrings too are classic all time hot sellers. Must buy one pair.  

                                Modern designs

                                  2021 is full of new design trends. Hard edged designed stud earrings and broader bangles with curvy edges are now trending. Look out for the difference while picking the new age jewellery. Most modern designs are experimenting to cater to new tastes to broaden the market trends. This has especially been the trend in stud earrings. Earlier hoops and danglers were sold more. 

                                  Choose and check for your skin

                                    While investing in jewelry make sure that you check which metal suits your skin and which does not. Some metals are known to cause allergies and reactions. Hence choose wisely or your style of stud earrings might result in blister sores for a couple of days sabotaging your look book for many more days to come. TALISMAN is very transparent in the metal they use to craft their jewellery. 

                                    Comfort is Style 

                                      This should be mentioned as the first and primary styling tip. No matter what jewellery you wear make sure that it is super comfortable. If not, you might have to remove your stud earrings midway through the movie due to itching or unstack your bangles because your hurting hands can't carry the weight for longer hours. In styling, whether clothes or jewellery comfort is all-essential. Do you like to wear danglers that get enmeshed in your ribbed sweatshirt? Painful!

                                      Nailing the Look 

                                        Would you like to wear temple jewellery like traditional stud earrings with a short skirt? Getting the look right is important. Yes, you could be an experimental diva and try something out of the box but remember that keeping the look suave is important. Experiment in limits, excess calls for absurdity. 

                                        Wear jewellery that you afford 

                                          Jewellery can be affordable or fall in the category of uber luxury not quite affordable by each of us. Style is you and hence your jewellery should look like you own it. This means you should avoid fake copies of big jewellery brands even if they are small stud earrings. It could be a great first copy but remember your style is what you feel and generally carry yourself for. Be yourself and feel your true self. 

                                          These tips are raw, real and worked upon. Do try them and feel how jewellery makes a difference to your style and image. Try our look book for ideas here