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Drop earrings come in so many designs, colors, and shapes, thus this leaves us perplexed on how to style these with your everyday outfit. We are pretty sure you have a whole collection of such earrings and of course nobody said “No” to shopping for some more. You can shop for some stunning silver earrings online from TALISMAN. Drop earrings can add a perfect finishing touch to any outfit. It is important that you choose earrings that not only go with your outfit but also looks attractive on your face.

We are happy to share with you 10 ways to style your drop earrings. Continue reading..

1) Choose earrings that compliment your face.

The shape of your face matters to draw attention to your earrings and complement the overall look. The right kind of decoration on the ear can make a whole world of difference in your appearance and confidence levels.

Here are some common face shapes and a few recommendations

  • Round face: These type of faces are circular in shape and have wide cheekbones. If you have a round face then we suggest you to avoid button type earrings, ball shaped earrings or stud earrings that give a more circular look. Instead, choose drop earrings with geometric shapes like the one shown below to flatter your face.

  • Square face: They are typically characterized by wide chin with sharp angles on the face. Moderate them with long drop earrings or round hoops to soften the angles of your face. Avoid rectangular or square shaped earrings.

  • Heart shaped face: These are similar to inverted triangles with a pointed chin. Enhance the look by complimenting with Chandelier style of earring. By doing so you can add a balance to the lower part of the face, creating a symmetry.

2) Keep it apt!

Before selecting your favorite pair of trinket do address the elephant in the room, the “Where”! Get an answer to your “Where am I going today”? Question.

This will help you to choose the right pair of earrings for the occasion. If you are heading to a board meeting then keep it classy and elegant. A classic stud will help you stay confident and ace the presentation. For any special occasion like a wedding or night party pick your ever stylish and modern bling-earrings. Dangling cluster earrings, tassel earrings, shoulder length drop earrings, heavy hoops and chandelier earrings are perfect for shimmering nights.

3) Play with Colors

Refresh your old plain outfits by giving a pop of color with the help of colorful drop earrings from TALISMAN. Match them with your outfit or make the colorful drop earrings the center of attraction to let them stand on its own. Most ladies are skeptical before choosing and wearing something colorful, but we advise you to keep away all hesitations and just go for it!

4) Go casual with drop earrings.

Drop earrings are versatile, they not only look amazing with your party dress but they also look extremely sophisticated and stylish when paired with a classy jean and top. In addition, you can wear drop earrings to brighten up your winter clothes.

5) Drop earrings to ace the professional look.

If you are a woman spending most of your time in board rooms and in a professional attire, but still loves to keep elegance and style game on point, then these drop earrings can instantly help you achieve that. Drop earrings come in various sizes and shapes, the variety of these earrings help you find the perfect pair for work. The focus is to keep your look dignified and sophisticated by going with something that’s subtle yet fashionable.

6)  Accessorize street style look with drop earrings.

If you are more of a street-styler, you can add drop earrings to look ultra-cool. Tassel earring is the best choice depending on your outfit. If you are a person who likes Bohemian look then Tassel earrings are a great addition to your collection.

You can have variety of Tassel earrings to choose from, a black tassel earring can definitely up your style quotient and look super stylish.

7) Statement drop earrings for an extraordinary style.

You don’t need big funky earrings to get attention, a classy statement drop earrings will do the magic. These rings look extremely dignified and sophisticated even when paired with a simple top and pants. These kind of earrings are versatile and most ladies prefer to wear them with a formal outfit, but it all depends on your personal choice.


8) Delicate drop earrings

If you like to make a more feminine look then invest on some delicate pieces that almost go with every outfit and uplifts the attire. These are trending as they look ultra-modern and stylish when paired with ripped jeans, off-shoulder top. These minimalist inspired earrings are so easy to carry off and can instantly style your outfits with no effort. In addition, you can also wear stackable rings to simply highlight your jewelry.

9) Geometric drop earrings for a new “angle”

Never liked geometry in school? Well that’s alright we are pretty sure you would love the new trend. Yes, geometric earrings have a personality of its own. They can be worn with any outfit, it could be basic or for any special event. These earrings look extremely stylish and trendy. Whether it is circular, triangular or any polygonal shaped, these earrings bring a fresh look and they can also help you revamp your old clothes.

10) Don’t forget to add a personal touch to it.

While we have given you many ways to style your drop earrings we can’t emphasize enough to this point. Adding a personal touch to your drop earrings can only get better. At TALISMAN we have a dedicated team of craftsmen who are willing to you curate your own style. Each statement piece is made with genuine stones and is handcrafted in sterling silver.

We hope you liked these styling ways and found it helpful. Visit our website TALISMAN to know more.

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