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From Greeks to the Turks, the concept of evil eye has been prevalent in many cultures. In essence, it means a malevolent gaze that is usually cast upon a person who has no knowledge of its effect. However, from charms to amulets, there are scores of ways to ward off the evil eye as suggested by traditions and cultures. But what if we give a stylish and bejeweled spin on this age-old tradition of casting off the evil eye? Imagine turning heads and protecting against the evil eye at the same time. But not through boring charms and amulets, rather through show-stopping neckpieces, bracelets, rings, and charms. With Talisman’s Evil Eye Jewelry collection, you can now not only protect against bad omen but also give an elegant and stylish spin to this age-old tradition. Made of sterling silver and encrusted with semi-precious stones, these evil eye jewelry pieces will surely make a statement — be it at a party or in an office set-up. We have rounded up as many as 10 ways to embrace the evil eye jewelry this season:

1. Brace Yourself

A sleek bracelet is a perfect fashion statement that goes well with both traditional and western clothes. Talisman’s Evil Eye Collection brings to the fore two of the most popular evil eye symbols of Eastern cultures – the Hamsa (a palm-shaped amulet popular in the Middle East) and the Nazar (an eye-shaped charm made up of white and blue concentric circles). They symbolize power, strength, and resilience. Made of sterling silver, American diamonds, and enamel, both Hamsa and Evil Eye bracelets have an understated elegance that perfectly complements your unique personal style.

2. Two to Tango

What if you can combine the power of both Hamsa and the traditional evil eye with the Evil Eye Hamsa Twin Charm Bracelet? This uniquely handcrafted wonder is made from 925 sterling silver that comes with platinum plating to prevent tarnish. Certified for authenticity and purity, this piece of jewelry is a must-have for your wardrobe this season. Team it up with something casual like a top and denims or go uber-chic by pairing it up with a smart cocktail number.

3. Adorn Your Neckline

If there is any single piece of jewelry that signifies the true essence of womanhood, it is a necklace. Talisman brings you a range of unique neckpieces that pay homage to your effortless style. Choose from the Daring Evil Eye Blue Necklace or the Fearless Evil Eye Necklace. Made from sterling silver and encrusted with white cubic zirconia, purple synthetic, lavender synthetic and blue cubic zirconia, these stunning neckpieces come with the characteristic evil-eye pendant that makes quite a statement even when one is wearing the simplest of the clothes.

4. Two is better than One

Why settle for one when you can have two. Evil Eye Hamsa Twin Charm Necklace gives you double protection as it combines the power of both Hamsa and the Evil Eye. Made with sterling silver and adorned with blue and white zirconia this ornament is sure to attract good vibes and harmony.

5. Be All Ears

An earring can be a statement piece that can add both style and glamour to your look. You can also mix and match your earrings with any outfit you desire. From regular office wear to an evening dress, a pair of earrings can be teamed up with any dress. Talisman offers a range of earrings starting from Hamsa studs to Evil Eye drop and hook earrings. Mix with matching pendants and neckpieces and see how heads turn around you. These earrings, as is the case with other Talisman creations, are made of sterling silver and come studded with gems, such as Topaz and blue and white zirconia stones.

6. Say I Do to Rings

A piece of ornament that is hardly given attention is the ring. Rings do not always have to be ritual pieces associated with marriage. They can also be fine jewelry pieces that can round up your look – whether it is for day wear or for the night. Talisman offers a range of rings that can fit into your look quite effortlessly. There are Fiji Evil Eye Rings or the Evil Eye Crown Rings to choose from.

7. Adjust it to your size!

Keeping with the theme of rings, might we suggest Talisman’s adjustable rings that can fit into any finger. These rings come with a golden finish and are encrusted with white zirconia. You can choose to pair them up with a matching necklace or gift them to your loved ones. They not only invite positive energy but also ward off malevolent vibes.

8. Pretty Pendants

Perhaps the highlight of any neckpiece is a pendant. A pretty pendant is an absolute statement piece that can brighten up the simplest of costumes. They are also very versatile and can be worn in both an office set-up or an informal Friday night gathering. Be it the sleek and stunning Evil Eye Talisman pendant or the gorgeous Boho Hamsa pendant, you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to flashing a gorgeous piece of ornament round your neck.

9. Pop of colors

May we suggest adding a dash of color to your wardrobe by opting for one of Talisman’s special range of Evil Eye necklaces that come in a variety of colored stones. From coral red garnet to purple Amethyst, the range of hues is simply staggering and would give you ample excuse to change your outfits every other day.

10. Small is beautiful!

If you are not in a mood to put on long danglers or earrings, you may go for these small intricately crafted statement stud earrings by Talisman. They are available in both Hamsa and Evil Eye varieties and can notch up your glam quotient many times over. Perfect for a late night out with close friends or even an important office presentation, these stud earrings are truly a girl’s best friend.