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Gifting, especially to your friends and family, can be tricky. First up, families and friends are notorious for being judgmental and critical. Furthermore, many of them have specific choices. Some like light jewelry while others go for heavy and glamorous.

Whether it is a Diwali gift for your little sister or something special for your mom, bejeweled pieces from TALISMAN’s world make for the best jewelry gifts.

From exquisite rings to pretty pendants, from stylish studs to eye-catching bangles – there's plenty to choose from in TALISMAN’s collection. This festive season, pick a piece that suits your budget and preference and gift your loved ones something that they can cherish for the rest of their lives.

1. Stunning Rings

A ring can be a symbol of eternal love between lovers, a statement piece to showcase your personality or the perfect gift to show how much you care. Choose from TALISMAN World's dual range of stackable rings and statement rings. Reasonably priced, these rings are exquisitely crafted with sterling silver, Italian enamel and natural stone. These versatile pieces can adorn any hand and perk up any dress. From ethnic Indian wear to flashy western outfits, these rings can match any dress and add another dimension to the overall get-up.

2. Exquisite earrings

Studs, danglers and drops — earrings come in a staggering range and you will be spoilt for choice if you are asked to select one. Earrings can add a touch of glamour without appearing to be too flashy. TALISMAN has a range of exquisite creations when it comes to earrings. The best part about their range is that some of their earrings come with the Evil Eye design that is supposed to protect you from malefic influences.

3. Bracelets & Bangles

Bracelets and bangles come in a variety of designs and can be the perfect jewelry gift idea for your friends and family. TALISMAN's exquisite range of bracelets and bangles are sleek, sophisticated and the perfect complement to either office wear or party wear. These pieces can also sometimes be playful with just a hint of bohemian attitude. All in all, these bracelets and bangles are sure to woo even the most critical of your relatives.

4. Pendants

A pendant may be a trinket, however, it can be the soul of a neckpiece. You can turn any head with just a statement piece that can both bring out your personality and make you stand out in a crowd. A pendant can also go with a range of western and ethnic dresses and these are effortlessly versatile. Choose from TALISMAN's stunning range of pendants that you can wear with any chain. For a night out with friends, you can wear Party All Night Necklace, while for office wear, you can go with the Fearless Evil Eye Necklace.

5. Layers

Any jewelry design looks great when paired with complementary or contrasting designs. To achieve this layered bejeweled look, TALISMAN world has introduced a range of special sets that combine both the Evil Eye design and the Hamza design. By doing so not only have they ensured that you get double protection but that you look extra glamorous.

6. Bohemian touch

Go bohemian with TALISMAN world's special range of bohemian pieces. Quirky, cool and filled with oodles of style, these designs can be found in pieces like BoHo Roya Star-Ring or BoHo Clover Ring. Made of silver, these jewelry pieces are encrusted with colorful stones that can add a splash of color to your overall look and can save you from looking like a drab.

7. Disney Princess

Disney characters are not just for children but also adults. After all, there is a little girl in all of us. TALISMAN world's exquisite Disney range is a sight for sore eyes. There are pretty pendants, cute rings and earrings. They make for the best jewelry gift for the little ones in the family. However, if you are not adult enough to part with these awfully cute Disney-inspired bracelets, pendants and rings, you are allowed to have them to yourselves!

8. Design your own

The best gifts are often personalized. They show that you care about the people to whom you are gifting. Perhaps the most thoughtful and the best jewelry gift is a personalized piece with the initials of your loved one's name. TALISMAN can create custom-made bracelets with a range of silver initials that cover all the English alphabets. You can create a custom-made bracelet with your name, nickname or something fun and wacky.

9. Rakhi gifts

The bond between a brother and a sister is eternal. Celebrate this special bond with your sibling by gifting him a cool rakhi band. These silver pieces come with cool designs — from Mere Bhaiya Silver Rakhi to the more Swagwala Bhai. There are also lucky charms to choose from. You can gift them to a friend or even a colleague at work.

10. Charms

Charms come in a variety of forms — from Chakra Charms to Silver Charms that come in the shape of initials. These can be kept inside bags for good luck or can be worn with bracelets around wrists. Either way, they make for the best jewelry gift and can impress even the most critical of your friends and family members.