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From fashionable danglers to pretty studs, from oversized hoops to ethnic jhumkas — earrings come in a mind-boggling range of styles, shapes, and sizes. They can lighten up any look without being too flashy. On the other hand, earrings are also an extremely versatile piece of ornament that can be worn with any piece of clothing. 

From denim to formal wear, from sarees to evening dresses, earrings lend a fashionable touch, thereby enhancing the overall look and taking the glam quotient several notches higher. 

Here, we look at 10 fabulous drop earring styles that you can’t afford to miss in 2021. You can now buy earrings online from Talisman World, which is well-known for producing exquisitely crafted jewelry.   

What are drop earrings?

Drop earrings are all the rage now. They are perfect for those who have shorter necks and are unable to carry off a big hoop earring or a dangler. On the other hand, studs, which are usually too small to command any attention, might not be able to lend the desired oomph that you might be looking for. Here are some of the stylish benefits of donning this jewelry:

Versatile choice: From job interviews to date nights with that special someone, drop earrings are versatile and effortlessly glamorous. Lying stylishly somewhere between shoulder-grazing hoops and danglers and the teeny-tiny studs, drop earrings are perfect for all sorts of occasions.

Style galore: From dainty little feather drops to uber-chic stone-encrusted drops, these earrings come in a wide range of styles that can glam up any dress you wear. From stylish jeans to office suits, drop earrings are the perfect partner to your dress.

Colors and choice: From stone-studded pieces to gold-plated numbers — the choice is endless when it comes to drop earrings. Talisman has a range of drop earrings that can be paired with any outfit. Out on a Friday night dinner with besties? Why not try the Party Princess Drops? On the other hand, if turning heads is what you are after, you might try out Talisman’s exquisite silver drops studded with semi-precious gemstones.

Now you can buy 925 Sterling silver earrings online with Talisman, known for its fabulous range of earrings, bracelets, rings and neckpieces. 

10 fabulous drop earring styles

Here are the top choices when it comes to adorning your ears with drops:

  1. Boho Clover Drops: Bring out the bohemian spirit in you with Talisman’s clover drop earrings. Handcrafted in sterling silver, these statement pieces come with white zirconia and a blue enamel coating. They are perfect for a date night out in the town or even a formal setting such as an office space. This bohemian-inspired pair comes in other varieties as well. From ruby red clover studs to Boho Moon Gold Tassels – there are a plethora of earrings to choose from.
  2. Boho Feather Drops: Give expression to your winged fantasy with these delectable pairs of feather drop earrings. Encrusted with white and red zirconia and coated in Italian enamel, these earrings combine the traditional with the modern. They resemble a pair of radiant bird feathers and can brighten up even the dullest of dresses. 
  3. Evil Eye Drop Earrings: The myth of the evil eye persists in several near-eastern cultures. Talisman’s Evil Eye Drop Earring is a little dainty piece of ornament that is made up of sterling silver and is studded with white cubic zirconia and white topaz. This pretty little earring set bears the design of the evil eye to ward off any malevolent spirit. But whether or not they are truly effective in warding off the evil spirit, they are sure to turn heads.
  4. Celebration Night Drop Earrings: Whether it is a graduation party with friends or the occasion of getting your first job, a celebration is a must. What better way to celebrate than adorning a pair of stone-encrusted earrings? Talisman’s Celebration Night Drop Earrings packs a punch with exquisitely crafted Guava Quartz gemstones. These pink stones are stunning to behold and perfectly match any outfit — be it a traditional dress or a glamorous western outfit. The same pair comes in other varieties as well. There are Party Princess Drop Earrings and the sleek Belle of the Ball Drop Earrings. 
  5. Feast Your Eyes Drop Earrings: Elegance gets a new name with Feast Your Eyes Earrings. Made with white zirconia and semi-precious black onyx stones, this elegantly designed pair is a feast for sore eyes. When paired with evening gowns and cocktail dresses, this pair makes for a great fashion accessory.
  6. Sparkling Stone Drop Earrings: Embrace regal grandeur with Talisman’s Sparkling Stone Drop Earrings. Made with natural gemstone and sterling silver, this piece is inspired by the geometric patterns found on monuments and buildings of the yesteryears. However, regal sensibility gets a new modern twist in this pair, making it perfect for today’s women who can effortlessly stride between the old and the new.
  7. Entwined Heart Drop Earrings: Perfect as a Valentine’s Day gift, these Entwined Heart Drop Earrings are also great for office wear. Small and dainty-looking, these earrings can be teamed up with formal wear and can notch up your style quotient a few times.
  8. Sunnyside Drop Earrings: Talisman’s Sunnyside Drop Earrings ooze sophistication and simplicity. Made with sterling silver, these minimalist earrings are for those who think less is more. Team these up with a pair of smart trousers or skirt and instantly turn up your style volume.
  9. Shades That Make Waves: Talisman’s Ombre collection mixes two colors to create a unique range of earrings that are not just resplendent in their hues but are also uniquely stylish. These are available in the shades of verdant green, luscious maroon and, of course, royal blue and truly justify the names given to them. 
Rocky Road Drop Earrings: A part of Talisman’s White Topaz Collection, these earrings are inspired by the magnitude, beauty and versatility of the earth itself. Sleek and elegant looking, these ornaments are sure to make the perfect fashion statement.