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There’s never a better day to express your love to your wife, girlfriend, or partner than Valentine’s Day. But saying, “I love you” with just flowers and chocolates is a passe. You should double up your chances of getting a favourable response from your loved one by gifting her a piece of jewellery. An ornament is a classic gift that shows that you love and care. Not just that, a statement jewellery piece is also a versatile piece that can be worn with a wide range of outfits. Your wife or girlfriend can wear it with a pretty party dress or her office outfit. In either case, she would look stunning.

We understand that you might need some help with choosing the right piece of ornament for your love. TALISMAN’s award-winning team has curated some interesting design ideas that can come in handy for you while choosing a gift. 

All of TALISMAN’s designs are crafted in 925 sterling silver and come with a certificate of authenticity. Here are 10 exciting Valentine Day jewellery gifts that you may consider.

Statement Rings: Nothing is more personal and intimate than a statement ring. A statement ring is usually a large piece of ring adorned with a chunky stone. Statement rings go back to the 19th century when European women used to wear them at parties. The tradition has continued till today and women can often be found wearing chunky statement rings. If you are thinking of gifting a ring to your girlfriend, then some of our recommendations for buying jewellery gift for girlfriend includes BoHo Crown Ring, Shimmering Red Vintage Ring, One-of-a-Kind Cocktail Ring, etc. 

Stackable Rings: Two is better than one. At TALISMAN, we believe in mixing up things. That’s why we have created unique stackable designs that combine two rings or bracelets to give a unique edge. Stackable rings are trendy, smart, and extremely versatile. There are a plethora of designs to choose from – We have Fluttering Red Butterfly Adjustable Ring, Twin Butterfly Wings Open Ring, Cosmic Band Ring, Infinite Love Adjustable Ring, and many others. Gift them to your wife or girlfriend and see her face lit up. These rings can be worn with any outfit, and they make for a great gift as well. 

Drop Earrings: Another great Valentine gift idea is a drop earring. If your girlfriend has a long slender neck, she would look beautiful in drop earrings. TALISMAN has a range of designs made in 925 sterling silver encrusted with semi-precious stones. From traditional to the modern, from formal to more casual, the list is endless. Buy her an Evil Eye Earring for a positive spirit or go BoHo Chandelier earring for a chicer look. 

Stud earrings: Equally alluring are stud earrings that may be small but pack in quite a punch. Stud earrings are perfect for casual and day wear and look great with any outfit. They also make for the best Valentine Day gifts for girls with shorter necks. Go for something playful like the Pretty Panda Earring or something classier like the Purple Moon earrings. 

Bolo Bracelets: Bracelets are an eternal symbol of style and personality. TALISMAN has a range of bracelets that are sleek, sophisticated, and elegant in design. They make for the best jewellery gift for a girlfriend for Valentine’s Day. Take her out for a nice dinner and show your love with a Bolo Bracelet. Some of our recommendations include Four Clover Leaf Symbol Bracelet, Guiding Star Symbol Bracelet, Evil Eye Symbol Bracelet, just to name a few.

Bangles: Like bracelets, bangles are a great way to add value to your entire outfit. TALISMAN can create customized bangles for your loved ones that come in a range of quirky and fun styles and colours. Go for a He Loves Me Enamel bangle to drop the hint to your loved one or Hello, Vacay Enamel Bangle that she can wear to her dream beach destination. 

Pendants: Pendants are the pièce de resistance of any outfit. Even a small simple pendant can change the entire look of the outfit and give it the lift it needs. A pendant can be an extremely versatile piece of ornament that can be paired up with any dress. A small, simple pendant looks great with any outfit. A larger, chunkier piece is perfect for an evening dress. For a positive vibe, go for Daring Evil Eye Blue Necklace while Luscious Luxe Drop Necklace is best with partywear.

Charms: Spread a little bit of magic this Valentine’s Day by gifting your girlfriend a designer charm. TALISMAN’s charms come in two designs – dangle charms and bead charms. Dangle charms are little pieces that have dangles hanging from them. They are irresistibly cute and make for a great gift. On the other hand, you can also go for bead charms that you can customize by adding alphabets of your name or gold-plated beads. We recommend that you go for multiple beads to make a perfect bracelet for your loved one.

Personalized Bracelets: Another great girl jewellery gift idea is a personalized bracelet. All you need to do is to choose a bracelet of your choice and string with beads and alphabets that you deem fit. These are extremely versatile pieces that can be a perfect accompaniment to day wear or even a nice cocktail dress. Quirky, fun, and immensely beautiful, these pieces indeed make the best Valentine’s Day gift.

Set and Bundles: Wow your girlfriend with one of the best Valentine gifts – gorgeous sets and bundles from TALISMAN. These sets consist of a pair of earrings, a ring, and a pendant to complete the look. You can choose from something classic and elegant like Mystical Land Set or something quirkier like a Happy Flower Set. These sets and bundles make for the best gift on any occasion but more so as a jewellery gift for girlfriend. 

This Valentine’s Day, buy jewellery gifts for girlfriend from TALISMAN World’s exclusive range and show your love effortlessly.