Womens Sterling Silver Earrings | Pink Butterfly Wings Stud Earrings | Tropical | TALISMAN
Rs. 2,299.00 Rs. 2,700.00
Positioned as if ready to take flight, these Pink Butterfly Stud Earrings are handpainted with Italian Enamels. Made with Sterling Silver to give you the silver shine that will make you fly! CATEGORY: Earrings MATERIAL: 925 Sterling Silver STONES: NA  COLOR: Silver, Pink  WEIGHT: Approx. 5 GMs ARTICLE NUMBER: ER0247
Positioned as if ready to take flight, these Pink Butterfly Stud Earrings are handpainted with Italian Enamels. Made with Sterling...
Make Me Colourful Drop Earrings | Cheap Earrings Online | Earrings | TALISMAN
Rs. 2,299.00
The Make Me Colourful Drop Earrings create a luminous glow with its intricate detailing, perfect to wear for a modern twist on a classic design. CATEGORY: Hoops & Tassels MATERIAL: 925 Sterling Silver STONES: NA COLOR: Silver, Red, Pink WEIGHT: Approx. 5.5 GM ARTICLE NUMBER: ER0301
The Make Me Colourful Drop Earrings create a luminous glow with its intricate detailing, perfect to wear for a modern...

Earrings – Elegant Earrings for the Perfect Look

Earrings are one of the most versatile pieces of jewellery when it comes to ornaments. No matter what you wear or whatever the occasion is, your look is incomplete without earrings. Earrings are one of the most important elements of dressing up, it can make or break your look. Every pair of earrings have some story to tell, whether you wear something ethnic like a saree or go for a more modern aesthetics, earrings make up for the perfect look. Our latest collection of earrings are must-haves, with a blend of both traditional styles that sings to the ethnic loving heart to the trendy essentials for the fashion minded, TALISMAN is your one stop solution for buying silver earrings online. Silver stud earrings though small in size but mighty in their bearings have the power to elevate your outfit and glam up your look. No matter how simple your outfit is, earrings have the ability to complete your look and make you shine brighter and look like a diva. With TALISMAN earrings online shopping has become much easier, as you can simply choose from our hand finished designer and unique pieces that have been hand picked specially keeping your needs in mind. Hurry shop for silver earrings that will steal your heart and get you all the attention and make you the belle of any ball.

Discover our Collection of Earrings Online

If you are someone who loves to follow the fad and love all things fashionable then your perfect place to buy earrings online is TALISMAN. We keep adding new pieces and new styles that are trending across the globe so that you can stay up to date with all fashion trends. We have made it a priority to keep our earrings online shopping game strong so that our customers always have a plethora of options to choose from. We have earrings for all ages of women, whether you’re on the run looking something for office, or looking for something to feel more confident in your own skin and being comfortable, our earrings are perfect for all ages of young girls and women. If you are fond of earrings that are minimal yet fancy and capture the look of your outfit, you should go with our stud earrings. But if you are someone who loves to look glam and need something shiny for an outdoorsy look then you should check out our drop earrings. You should only buy earrings online when you are fully satisfied if it goes with your style. If you are someone who loves being chic and boho and always stay in sync with the latest trends then you should shop our collection of bohemian earrings. If you are looking for earrings for women then you must have a look at our dreamy earrings which are fabulous and fancy but at the same time very well suited to meet all your needs with ease.

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Earrings are the most basic type of jewellery that every woman owns and most women have an overflowing collection of earrings as they are one of the most versatile pieces of jewellery. Our earrings are available in various sizes starting from petite studs to long drop and oversized designs that are perfect for any festival or a special occasion. You can shop for silver stud earrings in case you want to carry a more subtle look for office or don’t want too much attention to your look. But if you are someone who loves the spotlight and likes to be the center of attention then TALISMAN is your one stop solution for shopping silver earrings, we provide you with a plethora of colours, materials and massive number of designs so you can have a different look every day. With earrings crafted in 925 sterling silver, you have an option to choose from a wide range of gemstone studded jewellery or shop earrings studded with American diamonds, beads, pearls or glass crystals. With such great earring options at your disposal, you can plan your outfit according to your earrings, be it a wedding, any party, or a festival, if you are planning a vacation or even your everyday essentials, you can pick and choose different styles from TALISMAN. Buy fashionable earrings online so you can match them with your outfits and create a new ensemble every-day.

Statement Style Earrings for Every Occasion

At TALISMAN, we have created a collection of the most versatile earrings that are designed for you to get the glam and vogue look that you have dreamt of or see on celebrities. You can browse through new designs of silver earrings online for girls and women on TALISMAN and select the best ones to wear for any type of outfit be it ethnic or any modern style. While you are looking to buy silver earrings online you can filter your options at TALISMAN and choose for earrings depending on their colour, material or even your desired price range. Earrings have the power to elevate your overall look and aesthetics, but choosing earrings according to your face shape is a must. If you have a round face, you should always opt for earrings that are long, drop dangler shape that highlight your face structure but at the same time doesn’t enhance it. If you have a square shaped face, you should not go for earrings that are square, instead opt for earrings that have an oval shape so as to enhance your jawline. Someone who has a diamond shaped face, should opt for long danglers or a pretty pair of studs but should definitely avoid diamond shaped earrings. If you have an oval shaped face, you should go for long and drop earrings to as to accentuate your jawline without focusing too much on your face shape. Shop silver earrings online from TALISMAN from the comfort of your house with designer jewellery pieces that are curated specially for you!

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With time rapidly changing jewellery trends, shopping for timeless trends and designs like earrings, necklaces, rings have become easier than ever and we at TALISMAN aim to keep up with the trends by updating our collections with the latest styles every single day, so you have something new to adorn every time. Our designs are not only versatile and beautiful are also very affordable, so you get luxurious designs at easy affordable prices. We stand for value for money and our designs will make you feel the same. We always work towards creating a wonderful shopping experience for you, so that you keep coming back for more styles. You can easily buy earrings online from our website from the comfort of your house and have the best experience with us. You can shop for fashionable earrings and create new stylish and vogue avatars every day. We believe every woman should be a part of the fashion revolution, therefore we offer you a wide variety of jewellery online. Jewellery that’s fashionable yet timeless, trendy but accessible and is perfect for any age group and for every occasion. We have a great collection of earrings that’s work appropriate, or is suited for a wedding or any occasion that you wish to shop for. No matter where you go, if your wear silver earrings from TALISMAN, you will look great and get a lot of attention and ofcourse a lot of compliments. Get the glam and luxurious look when you buy earrings online from TALISMAN.